Category: I, the Younger Brother of Superman, Obtained the Thanos Template

Batman: “You can’t deny that your brother, Superman, brought about Zod. The two of them battled and nearly destroyed half of Metropolis. Countless people perished in that disaster—do you want to take a look at the list of casualties that could drown a person?”

David: “He was adopted.”

The Flash: “Why don’t you step up like your brother and lead the heroes on the front lines to protect the world?”

David: “I don’t possess the same kind of power as he does.”

Wonder Woman: “Are you saying that when Superman was punched by Doomsday, you would’ve gone up there and given Darkseid a round of military combat?”

Transcending into the DC world, David finds himself becoming the newborn son of Superman’s foster parents, gaining the Thanos template at birth. Moreover, by influencing the emotions of plot characters, he can accelerate the fusion of templates and unlock new ones?

The Hephaestus template—loaded. The template of a million stellar sentinels—loaded! The template of the divine Celestial Arbiter Arithm—complete Phoenix Force template, Golden Planet Devourer template…

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