Chapter 87 – Kill the Father’s firstborn son

Diana had heard of Hercules since she was a child.

One of the most powerful offspring of the god-king Zeus and a mortal, he was a famous hero in the mortal world, but she had never heard of the Twelve Labors.

“Your mother didn’t tell you, which is normal. After all, one of the Twelve Labors was to obtain her magic girdle,” David chuckled.

“Mother didn’t need to tell her daughter about the embarrassing failure, and…”

“And what?” Hippolyta looked at the young man in the hall with a playful look, feeling a sudden shock in her heart, a hint of panic in her eyes.

Does he know something else? It’s impossible, only the gods know about that.

Faced with Diana’s questioning, David smiled lightly and did not answer.

If Hippolyta told Diana this myth, Diana would definitely ask how Hercules defeated her mother. Some details would be embarrassing.

“Diana is the daughter of Zeus and Hippolyta, while Hercules is the son of Zeus. But Hercules once ‘captured’ Hippolyta, although that was before Zeus.”

Diana would eventually learn about her own origins, and then the perfect image of her mother in her heart would probably be shattered.

“But when you think about it, it’s not that surprising for the Greek gods’ behavior,” David sighed.

Hercules is a good example. He is the son of Zeus and Alcmene, the granddaughter of Perseus, and therefore the great-granddaughter of Zeus. As for her, she is the wife of Amphitryon, the king of Thebes, which is not much compared to that.

“The Twelve Labors, such as stripping the Nemean Lion’s invulnerable skin, killing the nine-headed serpent Hydra with its deadly venom, capturing the hind of Ceryneia on Mount Erymanthos, capturing the Erymanthian Boar with immense strength… and finally bringing back the three-headed dog Cerberus from the underworld.”

David casually mentioned the Twelve Labors that Hercules had undergone, and the more Diana listened, the more surprised she became. She heard the names of the terrifying monsters from the myths she had heard since she was a child.

These trials would probably be difficult for the deities, especially the last one. After all, the three-headed dog Cerberus is the pet of the lord of the underworld, Hades. She couldn’t imagine how Hercules managed to do it.

Diana looked at her mother with a look of shock and suspicion, finally understanding why her mother had changed her tone.

“What could be a more difficult achievement than the Twelve Labors?”

“Outsider, you don’t need to complete so many trials. Just do one thing, and we will proclaim you as our king,” Hippolyta declared loudly.

“That is—kill the God of War, Ares, who still roams the world!”

The hall was as silent as if a thunder had exploded. The brave and skilled Amazonian warriors shuddered when they heard this name, and couldn’t help but feel some fear.

For a moment, the hall was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop, as if everyone was afraid that the queen’s calling out his name would attract the evil gaze of Ares the next second.

“Ares, the one who killed all the gods, including the father of the gods, Zeus!” Diana’s heart trembled and she couldn’t help but speak out.

The Amazons believed and respected the powerful gods of Mount Olympus, the almighty god-king Zeus, the sea god Poseidon, the sun god Apollo… All the powerful deities were slaughtered by one person thousands of years ago.

That person was Ares, the firstborn son of the god-king Zeus and the goddess Hera.

“Ares is the god of war, rebellion, slaughter, and chaos. He is a symbol of power and authority, bloodthirsty and violent, the embodiment of human disaster…” Diana recited the terrifying rumors she had heard since she was a child about the firstborn son of the god-king.

“If I make Ares disappear from this world, will the Amazon tribe submit to me?”

As if she didn’t see the fearful reaction of everyone in the hall, as if she had never heard of the fame of Ares, David spoke his name as if it were an ordinary name.

In his mouth, killing the god of war seemed like a common thing.

It was almost the same as what David had guessed.

All the strong men and monsters that the Amazon tribe had encountered had all died, leaving only Ares. What else could be used as a trial?

“Killing Ares…”

Gods cannot be killed, they can only disappear, that is, be forgotten and no longer believed in, in order to die.

“If I can ‘kill’ Ares, he will return to Mount Olympus, the realm of the gods, and he will probably be immediately imprisoned by the gods he has killed.”

“At that time, he, with his proud character, will probably forever resent the mortal who killed him while imprisoned.”

David’s eyes lit up faintly.

It was as if there was a deity constantly providing him with emotional points. Even if Hippolyta didn’t mention this, he was already planning to do it.

And now, there was also the “legitimate” conquest of the last piece of the puzzle of the Amazon tribe in front of him.

“Two birds with one stone…” His expression was neither sad nor happy, leaving people unable to discern his emotions.

“…You know many secrets that mortals shouldn’t know, but haven’t you heard of the terror of Ares?”Hearing David switch his phrasing, Hippolyta, who had been a queen for thousands of years, merely showed a slight change in expression, without any embarrassment, and asked with a mix of surprise and suspicion.

“Strength and weakness, terror or not, are always relative.”

“Ares might be as terrifying as death itself to you, but not to me.”

David chuckled lightly, exuding a powerful confidence that did not regard the mythological father of the gods’ eldest son as a formidable threat, causing Diana to glance sideways.

Although her mother had never told her about the Twelve Labors of Heracles, she had shared other Greek mythological stories of heroes with her since she was a child.

Diana, who grew up listening to those stories, had always admired the heroes who faced challenges as daunting as ascending to the heavens, never shying away from any hardship or difficulty, and aspired to be like them, never fearing any peril or obstacle.

The man before her was handsome and strong, possessing the confidence to take on and complete any challenge, much like the heroes she admired in her childhood.

Diana, bound by the Lasso of Truth, had a slight flicker in her eyes.

“Amazons despise lies!”

Looking at David speaking confidently, Hippolyta paused for a moment, then declared emphatically.

“Stranger, an Amazon’s promise is kept until death!”

She responded to David’s skepticism.

As she finished speaking, the Amazonian Warriors also showed a resolute expression.

The Amazon tribe had once been deceived and nearly reduced to slavery, so they loathed deception, a tradition that had persisted from ancient times.

“Lying represents cowardice, represents despicability, it is the most shameful thing in the world!”

“Very well.”

A hint of satisfaction appeared on David’s face as he spoke slowly.

“I hope you will keep your promise when the time comes, otherwise it would be too boring to only receive an empty island.”

Hearing his warning, a cold gaze swept over, and the hearts of Hippolyta and the Amazons in the hall tightened.

His current strength was still a certain distance from that of the father of the gods, Zeus.

But thousands of years ago, Ares had managed to kill Zeus by relying on his divine role—the God of War.

When wars occurred among mortals, Ares’s power would increase, and being on the battlefield would give him an additional boost.

“In ancient times, Darkseid led the armies of Apokolips to invade Earth, and the war touched humans, gods, Green Lanterns, Atlanteans…

Ares’s strength surged to an unimaginable level.”

Even Zeus, the father of the gods, had handed him the axe during that war. Ares put on his helmet leisurely and took the axe from Zeus’s hand, looking every bit the main force of the war.

David’s eyes were deep as he looked towards the distant sky outside the great hall.

“He nearly split Darkseid in two with a single axe blow, even though the Lord of Darkness was only eight years old at the time, it was still earth-shattering.”

At that time, Ares’s power far surpassed that of the other gods, and it was very likely that he took advantage of the war’s end, when his surged power had not fully subsided, to turn and attack his father, mother, and numerous siblings, sending them back to the realm of the gods to be reborn, leaving him as the only Greek god on Earth.

His war achievements were undeniably glorious.

“But that is all in the past.”

He shook his head silently.

In today’s era, wars on Earth are rare, and not only is he no longer at his peak, but he is probably not even as strong as he was in normal times during the ancient era.

As for Ares’s location, it was not hard to guess.

David’s eyes focused in a certain direction.

His gaze seemed to penetrate a thousand miles, seeing the eldest son of the father of the gods walking among the corpses on the battlefield, listening to the roar of gunfire as if enjoying the most beautiful concerto in the world, intoxicated by the scent of blood.

“The God of War naturally stays where the war is!”

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