Chapter 70 – I want to become a goddess

“Aegon, Aegon…”

Aegon refused the male school teacher who swarmed around her, requesting a date. She wore sunglasses and drove a beautiful red Mustang out of the school gate. Even when the teacher was rejected, he didn’t give up and chased after her with two concert tickets.

Completely ignoring him, she drove onto the streets of the town, her orange hair blowing in the wind.

She drove with one hand on the steering wheel, a hint of disdain in her eyes.

“I came back to this town not to date a group of high school teachers who can’t even afford a single-family villa.”

There was only one man in the whole town who caught her eye – Lex Luthor, the heir to a billionaire.

Aegon’s eyes burned with excitement as she drove towards Luthor Manor.

“I hope this Lex Luthor can bring me some surprises. I wonder what priceless treasures he has in his collection.”

She couldn’t wait any longer and stepped on the accelerator.

Luthor sat behind his desk, his face slightly grim as he pondered.

Marshal had been promoted to captain out of turn, but before noon, something terrible happened to him. A dissatisfied and jealous team member exposed embarrassing photos of him, drunk and hugging a dirty toilet.

“Marshal, who cares so much about his reputation, is still unaware that he has become the laughingstock of others.”

“Is it a coincidence, or is there a price to pay?”

Luthor wasn’t a considerate boss to his subordinates. He only cared whether this was an accidental case or… whether everyone who made a wish with a wish stone would suffer misfortune.

He crossed his hands under his chin, his eyes dark.


The study door was opened.

“Who are you?”

A hot woman in a pink miniskirt walked in, ignoring Luthor as she looked around his new residence, and commented dissatisfiedly.

“The decor style is too old-fashioned. Although this is a castle, I didn’t expect the study of a playboy second-generation rich man to be decorated like this.”

“Who are you? Marshal, I pay you a high salary of over a hundred thousand every month, not to let random people come in.”

His thoughts were interrupted, and Luthor’s cold gaze turned to the several bodyguards outside the door, signaling them to take action.

No matter what means this woman, who dressed like a bar dancer, used to deceive them into coming in, they should immediately escort her out.

“Boss, we advise you to be polite to Miss Aegon!”

Marshal and the others looked at Aegon with deep affection, as if she were the goddess of love and beauty descending to earth, the embodiment of all the beauty in the world. When they heard Luthor’s words, they were deeply displeased. How could Luthor be so rude to the goddess!

“It seems like you don’t like me?”

Aegon sat on the solid wood desk with her hot body, lowered her beautiful face, and looked at Luthor sitting in the chair with a playful smile in her eyes.

“Madam, I want to remind you that being sexy and promiscuous are different.”

The bodyguards’ reaction made him furrow his brows. He turned his head to look at the woman in front of him, a trace of disgust flashing across Luthor’s face as he coldly laughed.

“Is that so?”

Aegon laughed nonchalantly.

“You misunderstood. I can make men die for me with just a wave of my hand. I don’t need to sell my looks.”

She seductively smiled like a succubus, blowing out a scent from her mouth.

The scent was a bit too strong, like cheap cream, sickeningly sweet and making people want to stay away.

Dazed by the scent, Luthor shook his head and looked at the woman in front of him again. From head to toe, she was perfect and a masterpiece of God. His mouth felt dry.


His cold and hard heart wavered. He opened his mouth to apologize for his previous ungentlemanly tone, but he instinctively felt that something was not quite right and furrowed his brows.

“But… I’m willing to make an exception for you.”

Aegon’s eyes flickered with a hint of a smile as she calmly said, leaning down to kiss Luthor’s lips.

Luthor wanted to dodge, but soon he began to enjoy the softness of her lips. With the exchange of sweet saliva, he opened his eyes again, filled with deep affection, as if the woman in front of him was everything to him.

“Miss, may I know your name?”

His heart burning, he no longer resembled Lex Luthor. He elegantly and gentlemanly held Aegon’s hand and gave her a passionate kiss.

“I don’t want to be with a woman whose name I don’t even know, even in my dreams.”

“Of course.”

Seeing that she had captured Luthor with her abilities, at least for a while, Aegon smiled lightly.

“But before that, to prove your sincerity, can you show me your most precious treasure?”

“Close the door, all of you go out.”

Luthor ordered the bodyguards to leave, but they didn’t listen until Aegon spoke, and then they left.

After closing the door, he carefully took out the wish stone from the small safe in his office desk.

“What is this?”

“A statue made of a whole yellow gemstone?”

Aegon exclaimed, looking at the yellow gemstone that was bigger than a palm.

But why did the crystal seem a bit cloudy?

“No, its material is just yellow crystal, but this is my treasure. It can grant your wishes.”

Luthor closed the curtains, looking mysterious as he caressed the treasure in his hand, lowering his voice as if afraid of being heard and having his treasure snatched away.


Looking at the yellow crystal stone with a dusty base, Aegon looked at Luthor and her expression froze.

“You… are you joking?”

Trying to show her sense of humor.

“No, it’s real.”

Luthor’s expression was extremely serious.

Summer arrived, and the weather became hot. Martha sat in front of the electric fan, calculating bills, feeling a bit lethargic from the heat.

“Darling, do you want a bottle of cold soda?”

After working hard in the hot farm outside for the whole morning, Jonathan still looked refreshed and full of energy. He took off his gloves and came back from outside, opened the refrigerator, and threw a playful glance at his wife.

“I don’t understand.”Martha wiped the sweat off her face, looking puzzled.

“Our cows outside are all lying on the ground from the heat, how are you not affected at all?”

“Perhaps it’s because of that thing?”

Jonathan smiled and handed his wife a bottle of cold water. Martha reluctantly took it and pressed it against her forehead, planning to use the strange liquid metal left by her son in the afternoon.

She hesitated about immortality, unsure if she could bear seeing her friends pass away one by one. But the fact that she didn’t fear the heat and had endless energy in the summer really tempted her.

“Hey, we’re back.”

David opened the door and greeted his parents.

Martha glanced at her two sons, who were also full of energy. She asked them the usual questions and prepared to make lunch.

“David, Clark, how was school today?”

“Everything was fine except for the fire in biology class.”

David took out a bottle of cold soda from the fridge and drank a sip, feeling the refreshing coldness.

“Fire? What happened?”

The couple immediately became attentive upon hearing about the fire.

“You should ask Clark about it.”

At first, he didn’t connect the small fire with Clark, but later he realized something was off and asked Clark, only to find out that he was the one who caused it.

Clark was gradually awakening one of the Kryptonian’s signature abilities – heat vision.

“What does that have to do with your brother?” They didn’t quite understand.

“That fire might have been caused by me.”

Clark scratched his head, finding it difficult to explain.

“My eyes started to heat up, and then a small flame burst out from where I was staring.”

“Staring? Is there a reason for that?”

It sounded dangerous, and the couple wanted to find out the reason behind Clark’s ability.

“The new teacher, Aegon, should consider herself lucky. Clark moved his gaze away and didn’t keep staring at her.”

David teased.

“Otherwise, the classmates might have been traumatized, and the school would have to find another biology teacher.”

“A female biology teacher?”

“Uh, yes…”

Clark mumbled, covering his mouth, glaring at his brother who had just sold him out.

The couple exchanged glances, not knowing what to say about this issue.

“Don’t stare at me like that.”

David pretended to be scared and joked.

“Don’t forget that you’re different from others. Your eyes can kill!”

The parents quickly stood in front of David, waving their hands anxiously. “Clark, control your emotions.”

“Don’t worry, Mom and Dad. Aegon is not here now.”

David laughed, and his parents forgot about his abilities again.

“It’s different now. I’ve found a little trick to control my abilities.”

Not long ago, he easily controlled his newly emerged super hearing. Clark was very confident about this and emphasized it angrily.

However, for some reasons, he hadn’t told anyone in the family about this.


“Well, it was inspired by you.”

Seeing his brother raise an eyebrow, Clark felt a bit discouraged, unable to deny his brother’s contribution and credit.

“As long as I don’t resist the newly emerged abilities and treat them as troubles or proof of being strange. When I focus on controlling them, I find it much easier than I imagined.”

“It sounds like a good thing?”

Jonathan and Martha felt that their eldest son seemed a bit different, as if some mental shackles had been removed, and it seemed worth celebrating.

“Let’s have a big meal for lunch.” Mother Martha suggested with a smile.

At the dining table, they had a sumptuous lunch.

Sweet roasted pumpkin, pine nut catfish with a combination of meat and vegetables, and large pieces of beef stewed with potatoes…

As the family was eating, a news report suddenly appeared on the TV, and the host’s expression became serious.

“This is the Metropolis Midday News. Yesterday, the bank vault in the Smallville town of Metropolis was mysteriously robbed. No traces of thieves breaking in or digging tunnels were found at the scene. A large amount of precious jewelry and gold bars stored in the vault disappeared without a trace. Now let’s watch our reporter’s interview with Officer Bob…”

The three of them paused their meal, paying attention to this strange news related to their town.

On the TV, Officer Bob, familiar to the residents of the town, led the reporter and cameraman to observe the scene, offering confusing analysis. In the end, they didn’t come up with many useful conclusions.

There was only one unreliable conclusion: based on the footprints found at the scene, the thief gang that committed this shocking crime seemed to be intangible, passing through walls and appearing in the vault out of thin air, taking the jewelry and gold bars, and then disappearing through the walls.

“Could it be someone with abilities?”

The family speculated.

However, since no one was injured in the theft case, they didn’t pay too much attention to it.

After finishing their meal, Clark went outside to practice, starting from scarecrows and wooden stakes to the trough for feeding cows.

Indeed, he easily controlled his heat vision, melting stones and even controlling the new ability to continuously heat the plastic trough without melting it.

Seeing Clark using his abilities as naturally as a person breathing or a fish swimming, David raised an eyebrow, feeling surprised.

“It seems like Mom won’t have to struggle to heat up milk every morning anymore.”

Normally, it shouldn’t be so easy for Superman to master his abilities during his growth process. Did something change?

“You can do it too, right?”

Clark smiled after making sure that he could control his abilities without accidentally hurting others.

He had seen David shoot energy rays from his eyes, evaporating the Lazarus Pit.

“By the way, where did you get all that strange knowledge?”

Thinking of things like the Lazarus Pit and the Godspeed Factor, Clark looked curious.

“Didn’t I already tell you once?”

“From a magician’s diary you accidentally found in Gotham?”

Clark remembered the reason his brother explained to their parents, and he looked puzzled as he rubbed his chin.

“But are there really magicians in this world?”

“If there can be aliens in the world, why can’t there be magicians?”

David glanced at him and asked back, leaving Clark speechless.His parents, Jonathan and Martha, easily accepted his reason. After all, something that could cure all diseases and bring the dead back to life sounded very magical.


“You’re saying this stone can really grant wishes?”

Despite the hammering and chiseling, the stone remained unscathed. Aegon shook her hand, which was aching from the impact, her eyes burning with desire as if she was looking at the greatest treasure in the world, caressing the stone as if it were a lover’s face.

She couldn’t believe that such a miraculous item existed, like the magic lamp in Aladdin’s fairy tale.

“How do I make a wish, by rubbing it with my hand?” Aegon asked impatiently.

“No, just hold it and make a wish. But I haven’t figured out its limitations yet.” Luthor, who had gained abilities and fallen deeply in love with Aegon, honestly shared his discovery with a smile.


He wanted to mention that there might be side effects.

“We’ll know once we try.”

But Aegon, who only saw Luthor as a slave and was burning with desire, couldn’t wait another second.

Just think, with this thing, what couldn’t she have?

“Put this stone in front of anyone, and it would be hard for them to stay calm, even the president would go crazy for it.”

“I want to become a true goddess, just like Aphrodite in Greek mythology!”

Aegon held the stone and immediately made an excited wish to become the goddess of love and beauty.

After she made her wish, the air was silent, as if nothing had happened. There was no dazzling holy light, no angels playing sacred music, and the stone didn’t even glow or tremble.

But the next second, she felt some changes in her body.


“Clark, I remember warning you to stay away from Lana.”

After school in the evening, at the farm gate, getting off the school bus.

After waving goodbye to Chloe and Pete, David and Clark were about to go home when a cold, angry voice rang out. A figure slowly emerged from the shadows under the street lamp, blocking their way.

“But it seems you didn’t listen to me at all!”

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