Chapter 79 – Do not do things that make you regret

“Are you kidding or did you dial the wrong number?”

Father Jonathan couldn’t believe the call that came in.

“What?… Thank you.”

Martha flipped the pancakes in the pan and turned to ask, “What’s wrong?”

Putting down the phone, Jonathan frowned.

“The credit card company called to confirm the amount we spent.”

A series of bills, and their family’s credit card was used a lot this morning.

“But it’s obvious…”

As he spoke, he prepared to take out the credit card, but found that the credit card in his wallet was missing.

“Jonathan, when did we install a satellite dish in the warehouse too?”

Looking out through the window, Martha suddenly noticed a brand new satellite dish installed on the wall outside the second floor of the warehouse, and was stunned.

Jonathan looked over and met his wife’s gaze, looking puzzled.

The couple walked into the warehouse and saw something unfamiliar in front of them.

“When did our warehouse for storing farm machinery and tools turn into a game room?”

A voice of doubt came from behind, coincidentally what the couple wanted to say.


The two turned to look.

David, who had just returned from Washington, stood at the door of the warehouse, with his hands in his jacket pockets, looking puzzled.

The warehouse was filled with various video game consoles, trendy rock-style clothes hung from the ceiling, and several beautiful electric guitars hung on the wall.

“It looks like a little paradise that a boy who loves games and rock music has been dreaming of.”

“Boom boom boom!”

The explosive sound of the game came from above.

It was still early for Clark’s birthday, and even if it was his birthday, his parents wouldn’t indulge him like this, David raised an eyebrow.

“Did we… win the lottery?”

Thinking of a new way to get emotional points, but not wanting to disappear from home for no reason, he planned to wait until after the exam, take a long vacation, and then go look for Paradise Island. After all, it would only take about a week.

“I really hope so.”

Glancing upstairs, Jonathan’s face showed a flash of doubt and anger, guessing what was going on.

The three of them walked up the stairs to the attic.

Dressed differently from before, Clark, wearing a black leather jacket, had a strong rebellious and unruly look on his face as he stared at the game on the screen, with the ear-piercing sound of the fighting characters coming from inside.

“Die, die, let’s see how long you can last!”

He frantically pressed the game controller in his hand.

The couple felt a bit strange and angry seeing Clark so excited and completely immersed in the violent game world.

“Clark, what’s going on in our house? How did we end up with so much stuff!”

“Eddie’s store in Metropolis, open 24 hours, low prices and discounts.”

As his parents approached and questioned why the warehouse had turned into this, Clark still stared at the screen of the game, not looking back.

“Are you saying… you used our credit card to buy all this stuff?”

Jonathan stared.

Mother Martha couldn’t believe that their eldest son, who was always shy and loved to read, would do such a thing, stealing their money to buy these things without saying a word.

“Clark, did you steal our money?”

Martha, who rarely got angry, also couldn’t help but look stern.

David’s eyes were full of surprise, was Clark going through a rebellious phase? At the end of adolescence?

“Clark, are you listening to your mother?”

Seeing his eldest son still playing video games, not even turning his head, Jonathan angrily turned off the deafening sound system.

“Annoying, you guys are so annoying!”

With the explosive accompaniment gone, the fighting in the game instantly became boring, and Clark’s eyebrows showed impatience as he threw down the game controller and stood up.

“There’s so much work to do on the farm, why aren’t you guys doing it?”

“What did you say, Clark?”

Hearing words that didn’t sound like they would come from Clark’s mouth, David frowned.

A rebellious phase shouldn’t be this deserving of a beating, like a shapeshifter like Tina?

“Clark, we never taught you to talk to your parents like this!”

The son’s attitude and reaction were completely unexpected, and Martha, with a heavy heart, couldn’t believe how unfamiliar her eldest son had become.

Could it be that their eldest son was an alien, with super strength, super speed, and super vision, so he would also have a super rebellious phase?

“Don’t use that tone with me, you’re not my real parents anyway.”

Facing the couple who had raised him with difficulty, Clark sneered, saying even more heartbreaking words.

“You’re just a couple who happened to find me in the cornfield.”

As soon as these words fell, the warehouse fell silent.

Martha felt as if she had been hit by a heavy hammer, unable to believe what she was hearing, and stepped back, her eyes turning red, while Jonathan’s face turned ugly with shock, calling out the full name of his eldest son!

“Clark Kent!”

“Don’t wait for the end of the holiday, go to school with a bruised and swollen face.

Apologize to your parents right now, Clark!”

Hearing Clark reveal his unknown special background, David no longer doubted the person in front of him was Clark, his voice turned cold, as if it contained no emotion.

“Right now, immediately!”

Clark, in a strange state, noticed a ring with a ‘ruby’ set in it on his hand.Unlike the glowing green Kryptonite, this color, combined with Clark’s drastic change in demeanor, made David’s face shift slightly as he remembered something.

“Who do you think you are?”

Clark, as if harboring long-held resentment, retorted angrily.

“I’ve been displeased with you for a long time.

You should know who’s the older brother and who’s the younger in this family, right?”

He glared at David, resentful of the many times he had been embarrassed, never obedient, daring to repeatedly make him lose face!

【Clark’s Anger +112…】

“Take off the ring on your hand, Clark.”

Clark became extremely emotional, and David was more certain of his guess, speaking sternly, “You’ve become unrecognizable now, don’t let the ring control you, don’t make me take action.”

It was Red Kryptonite, the only thing that could cause such a drastic change in Superman’s personality was Kryptonite.

“There are many types of Kryptonite, besides the green Kryptonite that weakens Kryptonians, the blue Kryptonite that temporarily removes Kryptonian powers, the gold Kryptonite that permanently removes Kryptonian powers, and the black Kryptonite that splits a Kryptonian into good and evil…”

Among them was Red Kryptonite, which would cause Superman to abandon morality, his negative emotions to surge, and gradually become evil.

David could no longer view Clark with the same eyes as before, now that his temperament had changed so drastically.

Out of respect for their parents’ presence, he didn’t immediately take action, but made a discreet hand gesture signaling his parents to leave first.

“The ring?”

Jonathan and Martha realized something might have happened, knowing their younger son was concerned for their safety. With worry in their eyes, they looked at their abnormal older son, not wanting to trouble their younger son, and retreated downstairs.

“How could there be Red Kryptonite in this small town?”

David frowned, staring at Clark and the Red Kryptonite ring on his hand.

The most common Kryptonite for Kryptonians was actually green Kryptonite, other types of Kryptonite rarely appeared in the comics, and their formation was different from green Kryptonite.

Red Kryptonite required green Kryptonite to pass through a special cosmic cloud to form, and he had never found Red Kryptonite in the town before, almost forgetting this setting.

“Are you scared, David?”

Seeing David move his feet, blocking him with concern as if facing a fierce beast, Clark laughed loudly.

“So what if you take action, pulling out a meteorite ring to make me powerless and kneel on the ground?”

He turned and pulled out a stone from behind him.

A gray rock base, on which seemed to grow a cluster of yellow crystals.

“Do you see what this is?”

A cold and triumphant look appeared in Clark’s eyes.

“The Wish Stone?”

David’s face darkened.

“It seems that in addition to stealing mom and dad’s credit card, you’ve stolen other things!”

He had only locked the Wish Stone simply in the bedside drawer.

Having seen Aegon’s body, Clark seemed to be resisting the Wish Stone, and David had not been on guard against him.

“What do you want to do?”

“What do I want to do?

Of course, to erase my only weakness.”

Gripping the stone tightly, Clark laughed wildly, excitement flashing in his eyes.

He was not yet perfect enough!

“Thank goodness for this stone.”


“Don’t do something you’ll regret, Clark!”

David, enraged, raised his hand and fired a power cannon, trying to knock the Wish Stone away.

Making a wish to the Wish Stone came with a price, and no one could say for sure what price the Wish Stone would take.

But Clark had always been faster than David, especially after releasing his mental restraints, he could exert strength unlike before, and in the blink of an eye, he disappeared from the spot, reaching downstairs.

“My dear brother, speed has never been your strong suit, have you forgotten?”

From the attic railing, David looked down and shook his head with a cold smile at Clark, who was full of defiance, and loudly made his wish.

“I wish for all the meteorites that weaken me to disappear!”

Crack crack crack!

Dark clouds swept across the sky, suddenly turning gloomy, with lightning snakes darting about.

Around the world, in different places, green Kryptonite disappeared all at once, and the box under David’s bed filled with Kryptonite was also empty.

“From today on, there’s nothing that can restrain me!”

His eyes peered beneath the town, no longer seeing those annoying green stones.

In the midst of the howling wind, Clark laughed uproariously, pocketing the Wish Stone, and looked at David with wild arrogance, clenching his fist until it cracked.

“Now let me teach you a lesson, and show you how a proper, obedient younger brother should behave!”

In the distance, the parents watched this scene from behind the house, shocked and worried.

“You’re too willful, Clark!”

Seeing the wish had been made, David’s expression changed, and he narrowed his eyes.

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