Chapter 83 – Arrogant!

After passing through an invisible curtain, David finally found Paradise Island.

“The scenery here is truly like paradise.”

Especially after passing through the gloomy weather, raging storms, and rough seas outside, the contrast inside was unbelievable – clear blue skies and calm seas as far as the eye could see.

Chirp chirp!

The wind gently blew, and seagulls gracefully flew across the sky, chirping.

The stark contrast made it seem like the previous experience was just an illusion, as if he had crossed into another world – a paradise.

“A man?”

The casual Diana blinked in confusion and stood up from the cliff.

Doubting if she was seeing things, she saw an outsider entering Paradise Island.


Diana, wearing a golden battle dress and a starry crown, jumped down from the high cliff, landing on the beach like a bullet, using her slender and well-proportioned legs to absorb the impact and land gracefully.

“You’re a man?”

She looked at David with curiosity and excitement, as if she had seen a completely new and strange creature.

“Short hair, no bulge in the chest, an Adam’s apple, strong features – he looks exactly like the men in the paintings.”

After thousands of years of monotonous life, a bit of novelty finally entered her world.

[Diana’s curiosity +85, joy +81…]

“Of course, I’m a man.”

Wearing a headpiece, battle dress, and a golden rope around his waist, David raised an eyebrow in surprise and smiled.

He hadn’t expected that the first Amazonian he would encounter on Paradise Island would be Wonder Woman.

He had considered the possibility that Wonder Woman had already left the island and encountered other experiences caused by the ripple in time he had created.

“Is this very strange?”

“No, there are many men, but I’ve never seen a man before. There are no men on Paradise Island.”

Diana looked at David with amazement.

“How did you get in?”

“Is it because, as my mother sometimes worries when she looks outside at night, the divine power of King Zeus has been weakening for thousands of years, and the magical barrier may not protect Paradise Island for much longer?”

As she examined David from head to toe, her eyes repeatedly focused on his Adam’s apple and face, murmuring excitedly.

“Men seem to be even more handsome than the ones in the paintings. But why don’t you have a beard?”

Diana looked puzzled, as it was different from what she had seen in the paintings.

“Because I’m not old enough.”

Being asked why he didn’t have a beard easily reminded David of eunuchs in the palace, and he spoke to the innocent-looking Wonder Woman with a hint of impatience.

“How old are you? Three thousand years old?”

Diana curiously mentioned an age that seemed young to her.

The Amazons were an immortal race, and everyone here lived longer than Rao.

“He has been soaking in the Lazarus Pit for years, paying the price of a twisted personality to gain immortality. Everyone here has it.”

An unusual glint flashed in David’s eyes.

Especially for Diana, the offspring of King Zeus and the Amazon queen, a lifespan that was almost endless was nothing at all.

“An immortal race, how wonderful.”

He smiled slightly.

As long as he could capture the Amazons, the people on the island would always provide him with the emotional points he needed, and there would be no end.

“Wait, are you strong enough to run on the sea?”

The man’s eyes seemed a bit wicked, and for some reason, Diana suddenly felt a chill down her spine. She stepped back, assuming a fighting stance like a startled leopard.

“My mother has been worried about the weakening of the magical barrier, and Ares has found us. Are you Ares?”

Her innocent mind found a reasonable explanation.

David looked at Diana’s untainted innocence and fell silent for a moment.

“Diana, stay away from him!”

The sound of galloping hooves approached, and a queen with a remaining charm and majestic aura rode a warhorse, leading hundreds of Amazonian warriors.

She sensed that the magical barrier had been breached, and someone had entered Paradise Island.

And the reaction of the magical barrier was intense, indicating that it was not an accidental mortal who had entered.

Hippolyta arrived with a part of her army at the wide cliff, only a few meters away from her daughter and the outsider. Her face changed dramatically, and she shouted.

“Archers, prepare!”

The valiant Amazonian warriors raised their bows, their muscles showing graceful and powerful lines, and with the sound of taut bowstrings, arrows with a cold glint were aimed at David on the beach.

The dust kicked up by the hooves and the stern-faced female warriors continued to arrive.

“Outsider, state your identity!”

Hippolyta drew her sword, glared angrily, and shouted at David from a distance.

Since it wasn’t a mortal, the possibility of an unexpected arrival here was too small.

It must not be Ares, the vanguard of the search for Paradise Island.

Swish swish!

Two arrows shot at David’s feet, full of warning. He raised an eyebrow, unaffected, as if he saw two small twigs stuck in the ground.

[Hippolyta’s vigilance +10.1, hostility +5.1…

Antiope’s vigilance +6.5… Clytemnestra’s vigilance +2.2…]

A series of emotional points refreshed, rushing over like a waterfall, and David could hardly keep up.The emotional points that these Amazons could provide easily surpassed what Clark could offer in the same amount of time when he was intensely emotional.

“It seems I’ve come to the right place, Paradise Island.”

Not all the Amazons were here.


Diana flicked her Lasso of Truth from her waist, tearing through the air and lashing fiercely towards David, intending to first help her mother and her people subdue the outsider.

“Is this the Lasso of Truth?”

David reached out his hand, catching the rope with lightning speed. The golden Lasso of Truth coiled around his arm as he examined it with a hint of curiosity, his eyes sparkling.

The Lasso of Truth was said to be crafted by the skilled blacksmith god Hephaestus from the girdle of the Earth goddess Gaia, indestructible and unbreakable.

“It is said that not even the mighty Hercules could tear it apart, and those ensnared by it can only speak the truth.”

Diana had intended to wrap the Lasso of Truth around David’s waist and bind his hands, but she never expected that the lasso she threw would be caught. Shock appeared on her beautiful and valiant face.

“Since my childhood passed, no one on the island has been able to match my speed, not even my mother.”

“Outsider, who are you?”

Seeing David in contact with the Lasso of Truth, the brave and wise queen who had ruled the Amazons for thousands of years seized the opportunity to shout and press for answers.

“What is your purpose here!”

Diana pulled with both hands, attempting to drag David over and subdue him at her feet, but unexpectedly, she couldn’t move him at all.

The Lasso of Truth was like it was looped around a towering mountain.

A strange sensation filled his entire body, urging him to speak his true heart’s words, hard to resist.

“My identity? You need not know this…”

Diana increased her strength, and David glanced at the rope before casually throwing it aside, his gaze shooting towards Hippolyta on the cliff as if he didn’t see the hundreds of fierce Amazonian Warriors with bows drawn, and he chuckled.

The Lasso of Truth, one of the artifacts in the possession of Wonder Woman in the comics, Superman’s so-called indestructible physical defense had been broken many times, but the Lasso of Truth had almost never failed.

He did not doubt the rope’s ability.

Seeing David free from the lasso, Hippolyta’s eyes sharpened, thinking it was no longer possible to get any useful information.

But David’s next words changed her expression instantly, and the Amazonian Warriors glared at him with fury.

“…You only need to know that I have come to conquer the Amazons.”

Standing on the beach, David slowly spoke, directly stating the purpose of his visit.

As soon as his words fell, the air became deathly still. The next moment, the emotional points surged even faster, like an uncontrollable flood rushing down, the hostility of thousands of enraged Amazons surged like a tide!


Kill him!”

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