Category: Sky Abyss

A hundred years ago, Chen Qingyuan entered a forbidden zone called Sky Abyss, where his soul lamp extinguished, and everyone believed he had died. Today, although Chen Qingyuan has emerged alive from the forbidden zone, his cultivation has been completely crippled, and his spiritual roots are shattered. Faced with the remorse of lost love and the oppression of various sects, how should Chen Qingyuan proceed?

“Chen Qingyuan, I’ll give you two choices: one, marry me; two…”

Inside Sky Abyss, there lives a girl in a red dress, with eyes like stars and a gentle voice.

“I choose the second option.”

Before the girl in the red dress could finish speaking, Chen Qingyuan decisively made his choice.

(Main character with a dark belly + no system + humor + traditional fantasy + weak synopsis)

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