Chapter 72 – Meteorite Ink Formula

Aegon made a wish to become a goddess like Aphrodite.

She felt her body becoming stronger and more transcendent, gradually becoming like a true deity.

But along with that, her appearance and skin became increasingly ugly and rough, and her voice became hoarse during this process.

“Wait, this isn’t right.”

Unable to accept her proud appearance and body turning into this, Aegon anxiously wanted to wish to return to her original appearance.

But she suddenly remembered that something was wrong, looking at the wish stone in her hand with an unpleasant expression.

She wished to become a goddess, and it should not have resulted in this appearance.

Could it be, as Luthor said after she made the wish, that using this magical stone to make a wish might come with a certain price?

“And the price I paid for my wish is losing my beauty!”

Aegon couldn’t accept it and touched her face.

If she wished to restore her appearance and body, would she lose something else… like emotions, lifespan, or eyesight?

This would be endless and she couldn’t make another wish.


I want you to wish for me to have the beauty and body of a goddess…”

Aegon’s eyes changed and she pointed at Luthor.

Even though her appearance became ugly, her charm was stronger, more than a hundred times stronger than before, like a true goddess of love and beauty that could make all living beings fall in love.

She smiled smugly, wanting Luthor to bear the price of the wish.

“Dear Miss Aegon, although this request is a bit presumptuous, may I also make a wish for myself.”

Luthor’s eyes were infatuated, as if he had forgotten that this wish stone with infinite power originally belonged to him, in response to Aegon’s request.

“What do you want to wish for?”

Aegon became alert.

Not that she doubted Luthor’s ability to resist control, but that he dared to make a request to her.

Love can make people blind, but it won’t make them thoughtless puppets. The other party will still consider themselves, as long as it doesn’t involve her.

“I’m standing in front of him, and he’s still thinking about himself. I can’t believe this guy would be so selfish when he’s normal!”

Her eyes turned, and a hint of strangeness appeared on her face.

“It’s a wish I’ve had in mind for a long time.”

A desire was evident in Luthor’s eyes.

“I want to have a brain with the world’s strongest scientific talent.”

For the one he loved, he openly expressed his thoughts.

“Is that all?”

Aegon was stunned. She was afraid that Luthor would use the wish stone to directly have her heart or something similar.

“Why don’t you wish for endless wealth, or to become the president of the United States or even the Earth?”

This wish is good for ordinary people, but in her opinion, it’s not a big deal for Lex Luthor, the heir to a billionaire, to have such a wish.

“As long as you have money and power, even the most powerful scientist will work for you.”

“No, dear.”

Luthor smiled leisurely.

“No matter how good others are, they are not mine.

All of humanity today, from the ancient apes that came down from the trees to the rulers of this planet today, don’t have to worry about the wind and sun, the shortage of prey, just press a button to talk to people on the other side of the world, cross the ocean in less than an hour, explore the moon and the deep sea to your heart’s content, all thanks to the gifts brought by technology.”

“If you want it, I’ll give it to you.”

Aegon didn’t care about this:”But aren’t you afraid of the price of the wish?”

“As long as you are by my side, dear.”

Taking the wish stone, Luthor made a gentlemanly gesture:”I’m not afraid of losing anything.”

Aegon was soothed by him, even though she could make anyone fall in love with her temporarily with just a kiss, but a person who doesn’t understand romance won’t become sweet-talking because they love someone else.

She rewarded him with a kiss, and handed him the wish stone.

“And… we can let other people make wishes for me.”

Receiving the wish stone, Luthor’s face flashed with cunning, and his tone changed.

With so many people available, why should he bear the price?


At dusk, in a scrapyard on the outskirts of a small town, discarded cars were stacked together like garbage.

Following the information he got at the bar, David slowly made his way here.

“Who are you, get out of here!”

At the entrance of a two-story shack guarding the scrapyard, a few people were drinking beer and playing cards, looking comfortable and at ease. When they saw a stranger approaching, they put down their cards and stood up, looking wary.

“What’s your business here?”

The leader, of medium build with strong limbs, had a headscarf with flame patterns, and was dressed in a black studded leather jacket, exuding a rock vibe, with an unfriendly tone.

“Are you the ones who robbed the bank with Whitney?”

David looked at the men after casually tossing a photo of Whitney.

“What are you talking about?”

One of them’s face changed, trying to play dumb:”Robbing a bank?”

But the middle-aged man leading them’s face darkened, and he pushed the other guy aside, his eyes filled with hostility.

“Who told you about this? Was it Whitney?!”

Several people behind him secretly picked up weapons, like stools and baseball bats, while he secretly reached for the gun behind his back.

Seemingly unaware of the men’s movements, David glanced at the green tattoo on the arm of one of the men in a denim vest, speaking coldly.

“Who came up with the idea of mixing meteorite solution with tattoo ink?”

Knowing these things wasn’t enough; he also needed to know which brand of tattoo ink was used and if there were any other ingredients.

That’s why he came here.

Seeing his cold gaze, one of the men with long hair and covered in tattoos took a step back, feeling that this young man had an indescribable power, just standing there without doing anything, like an immovable mountain, making him want to submit.

“You know too much!”

“Get him!”

Upon hearing the words “meteorite solution” and “ink,” the leader waved his hand, his expression like that of a fierce wolf.

“I want to ask him how he knows about this.”

Except for the long-haired tattooed man, several people armed with various weapons pounced on him like wolves and tigers.David had no intention of letting anyone here leave today; his eyes emitted energy rays.


The scorching ray swept across abruptly.

He had only intended to thin the air around these people with heat.


But unexpectedly, two of them were sliced as if by a guillotine, like a hot knife through butter. They looked down at their waists, where a red line appeared on their bodies, then looked up in disbelief at David.

Their upper bodies slid off at the waist and fell to the ground, blood quickly spreading.

The unexpectedly bloody scene made David frown.

There were two among them without abilities.

“Were they not trusted, and thus not given the tattoos?”


Witnessing the horrific scene, the gang leader, in shock, fired his gun, but a brass bullet fell at David’s feet, not even piercing his clothes.

Bang bang bang, several more shots were fired, all in vain.

“What… what kind of monster are you?”

The remaining two were still unharmed. Instinctively touching themselves and witnessing this terrifying and bizarre scene, they were shaken to the core, their legs going weak, barely able to walk.

“Go on, what are you afraid of?

He can’t hurt you.”

The leader urged his accomplices urgently, but his face could not hide his panic and fear.

Could bullets not even harm him? Was this some kind of robot made of steel?

“Spare me, please, I beg you!”

A large pool of blood spread on the ground, the glaring crimson flowing to their feet. The two men’s legs went weak, their courage shattered, and they knelt down to beg for mercy.

“Boss, you know, our abilities have a time limit.

This guy is a monster!”

One of them begged while turning his head, crying in terror.

“Damn it!”

The gang leader activated his ability, his face showing ferocity as he ran towards David.

“Whether you’re human or a robot, you won’t leave here alive today!”

He raised his hands, attempting to reach into David’s head to kill him.

Whether it was a human or a robot, once the brain or control chip was destroyed, they would be unable to move.

He had a beautiful plan.

But David would not give him the chance. His eyes emitted thick energy rays, sweeping around.

Hiss hiss!

Until the walls of the small house beside the trembling long-haired man were cut open, the steel and concrete as if made of paper, nearly slicing him in two.

The high temperature steamed and burned oxygen, and the gang leader, gasping for breath, didn’t get far before he choked, his face turning red as he knelt to the ground.

The other two pleading men also collapsed powerlessly.

“Spare… spare my life.”

Indifferently walking among them, their faces twisted in pain, David approached the long-haired man who had not taken action and stood at the back.

“So you’re the one who thought of merging the meteorite solution with tattoo ink.”

“Yes… yes.”

Laurent’s face turned pale, trembling with fear, his teeth chattering.

“I’m just a tattoo artist from the town, don’t… don’t kill me…”

After some questioning, David understood the whole story.

This tattoo artist named Laurent, after accidentally discovering the luminescent ability of the meteorite, had a brilliant idea to grind the meteorite with water and mix it with tattoo ink, hoping to give people glow-in-the-dark tattoos…

He hadn’t considered whether it was toxic. After trying it on himself and a couple of friends, they found it granted them the ability to phase.

“And then, with your newfound abilities, you boldly conceived the idea of robbing the bank’s vault?”

“Yes… yes.”

“What did that guy mean when he said the abilities have a time limit?”

David glanced at the now purple-faced corpse.

“I don’t know…”

Laurent was not a scientist. He had only found that their bodies seemed to develop a resistance to the meteorite ink, and the abilities slowly faded. At first, they could phase for half a day at a time, but later, the duration of using the ability became shorter and shorter, until it was just a few minutes, and then it disappeared completely.

In just a few days, some of them had completely lost their abilities, and further tattooing was useless.

“So you had to absorb fresh blood, like Whitney, to commit crimes with you, transporting jewels?”

David raised an eyebrow.

He had wondered why anyone would casually recruit people and share such a miraculous ability.

“What’s the formula?”

“Spare… spare my life.”

“Don’t make me ask twice.” David’s eyes lit up with a deep purple glow, and the heat enveloped them.

As if feeling the rolling lava of hell, Laurent, looking at the tragic corpses behind David, trembled as he revealed the brand of tattoo ink he used.

“Very well…”

David turned and left, walking out of the junkyard.

As the terrifying young man left, the long-haired tattoo man showed a relieved smile, having survived the ordeal, but an energy ray pierced his heart.

With precise energy control, the body fell straight down, burning up.

The tattoo artist was the first to gain abilities, and his had long since disappeared.

Then a few more rays destroyed the bodies, setting the entire junkyard ablaze.

Against the backdrop of the roaring fire, David left with a calm expression.

He now had to go home and try this formula.

The long-haired tattoo man had said that even without tattooing, just drawing the pattern, the solution would penetrate the skin and take effect, though it was easily rubbed off.

“I wonder if this solution will be of any use to me.”

David’s gaze flickered.

Although his defenses were already strong enough, he didn’t really need this ability, but it could be kept as a better-than-nothing measure.

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