Chapter 88 – Six demons and regret

The steel fortress poured with cement.

A long-haired man with obvious Egyptian features, holding a cup of red wine, overlooking his base where soldiers were patrolling.

In just one year, Ismail’s life was completely different from before, and now he has become the actual controller of his homeland, Kandak, from a small warlord.

All of this was thanks to one person, but he was not happy at all, frowning.

Footsteps came from behind, an old man with a domineering face but a hint of age, tall in stature, walking slowly with a gentleman’s cane.

Facing the warlord who controlled a country in his base, he seemed to be walking like a monarch in his palace.

“Are you worried about your country?”

“Your Majesty.”

Ismail heard the voice and turned around calmly, slightly surprised on his face.

“Aren’t you supposed to be at the celebration banquet in Kewick, celebrating the victory in the war against Kantek and occupying thousands of square kilometers of land?”

The man in front of him was the most powerful supporter behind the Kewick warlord, and Kewick and Kandak were evenly matched.

“I don’t like your human banquets.”

The old man sneered.

“Between the clinking of glasses, there are all kinds of calculations, filth, darkness, and violence hidden in your heart, but you pretend to be gentle and polite on the surface. That kind of hypocrisy and weakness disgusts me.”

“For Your Majesty, who has attended the banquet of the gods of Olympus, our human banquet is naturally not worth your attention.”

Ismail bowed his head, and the open shirt revealed a hideous scarlet scar, a corner of a pentagram pattern.


Hearing the familiar words, the old man sneered, his eyes filled with mockery.

“Your Majesty, I don’t know where you found the crown of my ancestors.”

Ismail hesitated for a moment, then brought up another matter.

“I have been searching for it but have not found it.”

“You don’t need to know. That place is of no benefit to you.”

Ares glanced at him.

Originally, he had casually incited a war between two countries, and this small country sandwiched between the Middle East and Egypt had given him a surprise.

When he found this mortal as usual to support a small warlord, he unexpectedly smelled magic and demon in his bloodline.

“Is it because Black Adam is sealed there?”

A hint of hatred appeared in Ismail’s eyes as he clenched his fist.

“Over a thousand years ago, my ancestor King Acton ruled this kingdom. If it weren’t for Black Adam, I would have long controlled this kingdom that belongs to our family.”

His ancestor had created a crown through which he made a covenant with the six demons of hell. Their family should have permanently ruled this kingdom, but everything was destroyed by Black Adam.

“Don’t think that by obtaining the covenant of the six demons, you can defeat the mortal chosen by those annoying wizards.”

Ares looked disdainful, with a hint of warning.

“You have the power of the six demons of hell, and he has the power of the six gods of Egypt. How can demons compare to gods? Even if it’s just a mortal who has partially mastered the power of the deity, it’s the same.”

He didn’t care that Ismail, whom he had supported, regarded Kandak as his own property. He had no interest in ruling a mortal’s kingdom.

He was only interested in war, whether it was Kandak or Kewick, it was just a toy to provide him with entertainment.

The two countries were like lions and tigers in the arena, and they also allowed him to absorb the power and reminisce about his former strength.

“You are right, Your Majesty.”

Feeling the dissatisfaction of the ancient deity in front of him, Ismail trembled and bowed his head.

He knew that the God of War was afraid that if Black Adam was released, he would first destroy his own power, then repel Kewick, and the war between the two countries would not start, ruining his interest.

“In a while, I will let your Kandak win once.”

“Thank you for your generosity, Your Majesty.”

Under the bright moonlight, the sea shimmered like scattered silver, and the sound of the waves was soothing and quiet.

But this night was destined to be sleepless for many Amazons.

In the palace overlooking the sea, Hippolyta’s brows were filled with worry, and she had her people bring two long-hidden divine artifacts. First, a dark golden shield was brought in.

“This round shield is called the Shield of Divine Power.”

Diana took the heavy shield, her eyes shining slightly, and her hand brushed over the front of the shield, where the classical patterns shone like the sun.

It was a beautiful shield, magnificent yet dignified.

“Although it did not come from the hands of the god of fire, it is made of the same material as your guardian silver bracelet, both made of divine metal.”

Hippolyta introduced it to her daughter.

“It is indestructible and can protect you from attacks by the gods.”

The weapons of the gods were all made of divine metal, and this shield could definitely be called a divine artifact.

During the day, Hippolyta proposed to David that if he could achieve an extraordinary feat and kill the God of War Ares, the Amazon tribe would worship David as their king, just like they worshipped the gods.

She then suggested that her daughter Diana accompany David.

“After the god is killed, the body of the god will dissipate into the world, not to be desecrated by mortals. My daughter, the princess of the Amazons, will help you and serve as a witness to your killing of the God of War.”

When a god is killed, the body dissipates, leaving no evidence behind.

It must be verified by the princess herself for the Amazon tribe to believe.

“My Diana…”Under the moonlight, Hippolyta gazed at her daughter with a complex expression.

Her daughter had never left the island since birth, living a carefree life without any involvement in conflicts or real battles.

“The first time you leave the island, you will face the evil and terror of Ares.”

And she would also be traveling with a powerful and ambitious companion, as a mother, she wished she could take her place, but unfortunately, she did not have that strength.

“Don’t worry.

Pray for me, mother.”

Touching the shield in her hand, Diana showed no fear, her fighting spirit high. Under the moonlight, she looked like a white jade sculpture of a female god of war, full of heroic spirit.

“I will return to Themyscira with honor!”

Thinking about facing the powerful God of War from the myths, and possibly being involved in the act of killing a god, her whole body boiled with excitement.

“I hope this shield can protect you.”

Facing her innocent daughter, Hippolyta sighed inwardly and solemnly brought out a beautiful divine sword.

“This…this is…”

Diana had seen this sword before. The Amazon tribe had even built a high tower vault specifically to protect it. It was the most precious collection of the Amazon tribe, and no one was allowed to approach it.

She had never seen this divine sword up close like this before, and couldn’t help but reach out to touch the cold, hard blade.

“It is called the Sword of the God of Fire.”

Two evil dragons held the blade, engraved with ancient mysterious patterns. The thin blade could cut through hair and iron like mud.


Diana’s eyes flickered as she thought of the man who was currently sleeping in their tribe’s palace.

Despite their best efforts, she and her people had not been able to inflict any harm on him. She wondered if this divine sword could break through his defenses.

“It can help you slay Ares.”

“Isn’t slaying Ares the test for that man named David?”

Taking the sword, Diana waved it a few times, and the thin, sharp blade cut through the air, emitting a low, whistling sound.

She heard her mother’s words and looked at her with confusion.

At the end of the day in the great hall, that man had arrogantly given his name, as if the Amazon tribe was already in his pocket, leaving the Amazon people unsettled.

Leaving behind the last divine artifact, Hippolyta dismissed the others.

“Diana, only another deity can kill a god!”

Even if the so-called killing was just driving the god away from this world, only another deity could do it.

“Is that outsider destined to fail?”

Diana frowned.


Hippolyta said that it was an impossible task.

“So when this invader who dared to conquer us, the Amazons, exhausts a part of Ares’s power and is killed by Ares.

My daughter, the princess of the Amazons, it will be your task to slay the God of War.”


But mother, didn’t you just say that only another deity can kill a god?”

Diana pointed at herself, full of doubt, feeling a little dizzy from her mother’s words.

“Diana, this is actually your mission… This sword is a gift from Zeus to our Amazon tribe. It also has another name, ‘Godslayer.’”

Hippolyta hesitated for a moment after saying this, as if she had stumbled, but her eyes flashed a few seconds later, and her words became fluent again.


“This sword is an exception.

Zeus gave it to us to be used by the strongest warrior of the Amazon tribe to slay the evil God of War.”

Having stayed in the Amazon palace for a night, David felt somewhat surprised.

He had let Wonder Woman go, but the Amazon tribe did not gather again to try to attack him while he slept.

“Is it because they are too proud to do so, or because they are confident they will win?”

Under the bright morning sun, David smiled.

As Diana was sent off by her people, appearing on the coast of the island with a completely new look, he raised an eyebrow.

Diana was dressed in battle attire, wearing a war crown, boots, carrying a sword on her back, and holding a shield in her hand, looking like a female god of war ready to ride into battle.

It made people unable to help but look at her, their hearts captured by her heroic spirit and beauty.

“Divine shield, Sword of the God of Fire, and the Winged Sandals of Hermes…

In just one night, she has gained three more divine artifacts.”

David paid slight attention to the Sword of the God of Fire.

This was a divine artifact that could cut through subatomic levels, with immense power that even Kryptonians’ physical defenses could not ignore. Diana had used it to sever the arm of Doomsday.

On the beach, Diana saw a man who looked casual and handsome, like the legendary sun god Apollo, under the bright sunlight, and felt a bit complicated.

Her mother had already told her everything. This man in front of her thought he had a chance to conquer the Amazon tribe, but he didn’t know that he was already destined to lose.


Diana looked back at her mother and her people, who were looking at her with hopeful eyes.

Everything in front of her felt strangely familiar.

Like an ancient epic or myth that had been passed down through the ages.”The despicable king set forth a challenge he believed the great hero could never complete, a perilous ordeal that not even a phrase like ‘a narrow escape from death’ could adequately describe. It was akin to the trials of Hercules and his twelve labors, Jason and the Golden Fleece, Perseus and Medusa…

All were convinced that the hero could neither accomplish the task nor return alive, yet the story often ends with…”

After a moment of ominous déjà vu, Diana hesitated and glanced at David again, feeling a pang of pity and reluctance for the man who sought to conquer her people.

“Not enough, this time the outcome might be different.”

This man was still unaware that he had fallen into a trap, oblivious to the fate that had been sealed.

“As a human, he is destined to be unable to slay a god.”

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