Chapter 71 – Whitney’s ability

Whitney coldly blocked David and Clark’s way.

“Whitney, what do you want?”

Being stopped at the doorstep, Clark looked wary and suspicious.

“It’s obvious. In the war revolving around Lana, he can’t beat you, so he plans to use other methods.”

David didn’t understand Clark’s character, which was shy and honest, and he hardly understood romance. Whitney, on the other hand, was a typical handsome blond guy who didn’t lose much in appearance and had a previous emotional foundation. It was quite a failure that he couldn’t compete with Clark.

“Clark, I warned you. Today’s events are not my fault.”

Whitney clenched his fists, making cracking sounds, and his expression turned cold and hard, as if he were a beast about to launch an attack.

“What gives you the courage, Whitney, to appear in front of my house in this manner?”

Ignoring his attacking posture, David looked Whitney up and down, his tone filled with confusion.

Whitney had been easily defeated by David in the past when they were at the bar with a few other football players. After that, Whitney couldn’t deny that he felt a bit fearful of David, but that was in the past.

“I admit that you can fight, but now you can’t even touch a hair on me.”

Whitney sneered and rolled up his sleeves, revealing the fluorescent tattoo that was hidden under his clothes.

After joining that team, this tattoo gave him power, abilities that ordinary people didn’t have.

“Whitney, even if you beat me up, it won’t change anything.”

Under the radiation unique to the meteorite, Clark’s Kryptonian superpowers quickly dissipated. His legs weakened, and he felt uncomfortable, trying to persuade Whitney.

“This is the kind of solution that Lana doesn’t like.”

“I’ll beat you first, then we’ll talk.”

Clark’s words were like adding fuel to the fire. Jealousy flashed in Whitney’s eyes as he threw a punch at Clark, who seemed to be in a daze.

David stepped in, trying to block the punch that was barely a tickle for Clark.

“Let me show you my power. Let me show you how I discipline your disobedient brother in front of you!”

Whitney, with his fist raised, sneered contemptuously. His body became like a phantom, passing directly through Clark and throwing a punch at his head.


David frowned and turned around. Whitney’s swift movement seemed to slow down tenfold in his eyes, like a silent movie.

He disappeared from his original position in a flash, taking Clark with him, blinking and appearing twenty or thirty meters away.

Whitney’s punch, which was supposed to be a sure hit, missed. The two brothers disappeared from sight, like ghosts, and appeared in the distance.

His expression changed, David took a deep breath, suspecting that he might be hallucinating.

“How…how did you do that?”

“Whitney, what about your body?…”

Away from the tattoo containing Kryptonite, Clark regained some strength and was surprised by the scene where Whitney passed through him like a ghost.

“Are you okay, David?” He quickly turned to ask David, who had been passed through.

“I’m fine.”

David briefly replied and looked at the stunned Whitney with raised eyebrows.

It wasn’t surprising that Whitney also gained abilities from the meteorite.

“Other people in the town can gain abilities from the meteorite. How could Clark, the rival of this DC child, be left out and not be involved in fate? And Whitney’s abilities seem to have a unique advantage!”

“Do you also have superpowers? Do you also have a tattoo?”

Clark, weakened, was completely ignored by Whitney, who was shocked and angry, as he stared at David.

Remembering how he and his teammates were defeated by this kid with special abilities, Whitney felt humiliated in front of everyone.

“I finally understand how you defeated us back then!”

Whitney believed that there was some tattoo that gave him his abilities.

“Don’t think of me as one of you freaks with meteorite powers.”

David glanced at the tattoo on Whitney’s wrist, his eyes slightly moved.

How many people had been tattooed? Could it be that a bunch of powered individuals had emerged in the town?

“When I beat you, let’s see if you can still maintain that superior attitude!”

Whitney charged towards David like an angry bull.


David kicked a stone on the ground.

The stone on the road shot out like a bullet, but it passed through Whitney’s body without causing any harm. Whitney sneered and continued to charge.

“It’s useless. You can’t hurt me at all!”

“Is it the ability to control precisely that allows the stones to pass through? Or is there no need to control at all?”

With a flick of his eyelid, David appeared behind Whitney, swinging his hand down like a knife.

Whitney couldn’t possibly react to the speed David used, and the result was like striking a projection, weak and ineffective.


A sharp sound.

Only after David finished his strike did Whitney realize, belatedly, that David was behind him. He stared angrily and threw a punch, but it missed.

David effortlessly flashed several tens of meters away, calmly observing him.

Whitney felt like a monkey being toyed with, growling in anger.

“It’s no use dodging around. What’s the point if you can’t stand your ground?”

But David completely ignored him.

“It’s not an ability that needs to be constantly adjusted and maintained. It’s passive,” he pondered.

Whitney had gained abilities, although they weren’t as fast and powerful as previous power users, they were still not to be underestimated compared to ordinary people.”But in terms of defense, he is unparalleled!”

He can turn into a phantom, pass through any solid object, and be immune to physical attacks!

Even Superman would have a hard time dealing with him.

David’s eyes narrowed.

“Whitney, calm down.”

Seeing that David’s speed far surpassed his own, Whitney threw a punch at Clark. But Clark wouldn’t just stand there and let him hit him. Especially with the Kryptonite emitting from his arm, he stepped back several meters.

“You have abilities too?

Of course, you are brothers!”

Shocked that Clark also displayed ghostly speed, Whitney looked at one and then the other. Faced with the two brothers who couldn’t be touched, he glared and shouted in anger.

“If you have the ability, don’t hide and fight me like a man.”

Just now, he said that David couldn’t even touch a hair on him, but now he looked like a clown, even more embarrassed.

“I won’t hide. What can you do?”

David had a suspicion about his abilities, his expression unchanged as he appeared in front of Whitney in a flash.


Whitney punched David hard in the chest. With his extraordinary strength of nearly eight or nine hundred pounds, it didn’t even tickle, but it felt like hitting a steel plate. He held his painful hand and stepped back, saying, “Why is your body so hard, my hand!”

Ignoring Whitney’s groan, David frowned and looked at his palm.

“I thought Whitney’s ability would at least restore his palms to solid when he physically attacked.”

When his chest was hit by an attack that was neither painful nor itchy for a millisecond, he didn’t expect that when he swung his hand to grab, he grabbed nothing.

But his speed was too fast, and Whitney didn’t notice at all.

“Even when attacking others, his body is still a phantom?”

He can hit others, but others can’t hit him. His body is in a state of superimposition between solid and phantom?

“Your abilities are pretty good, but unfortunately your strength and speed are too weak.”

Looking up, David exclaimed slightly in surprise.

With this kind of ability, one would be almost invincible. But anyone with a bit of super strength and speed, even Clark after fully growing up, would be quite tricky to deal with.

“If I hadn’t held back just now, you would be lying on the ground in agony, instead of having the strength to mock me here.”

Under the burning pain, Whitney covered his bruised hand and gritted his teeth.

He shouldn’t have held back. He should have given this arrogant guy a lifelong lesson!

“Oh? How are you going to deal with me?”

David asked, curious to hear his answer.

Unlike Clark, he didn’t have a weakness to Kryptonite. Faced with Whitney, he could only stand far away and not dare to approach.

“I will pass through your flesh and punch your heart directly!”

Whitney didn’t believe that a punch on the fragile organs and intestines would leave David so calm and mocking.

“You will kneel on the ground and know what hellish pain feels like!”

He said, throwing another punch.

“Is that all?”

David thought he had some other ability and easily dodged.

With his physical strength, even if his fragile internal organs were hit by a missile, there would be no problem. But he wasn’t interested in standing still and being attacked by Whitney, who had figured out his abilities.

“Go home, Whitney.”

Clark approached, holding David and standing between the two of them, his expression serious as he tried to persuade Whitney to go home.

“This ends here. You were just impulsive for a moment, don’t go down the path of crime.”

He understood his brother’s personality well. David could still ignore the previous attacks, but the punch that was about to hit his internal organs definitely touched a nerve.

“You’re too late.”

Whitney remembered this, a hint of angry laughter appearing on his face.

“Do you know how I got this tattoo?”

“What do you mean?” Clark’s expression changed. Did Whitney use this ability to do something bad?

“The bank robbery, was it you and others?”

David remembered the strange bank heist reported in the news at noon.

There was no damage to the vault door or the floor, but the jewelry and gold bars were gone.

“I was almost able to change Lana’s mind, but it was all because of you!”

Ignoring their questions, Whitney threw another punch at Clark.

In just a few days of extra training with the football team, Clark took Lana away from him. When he went to find Lana again, she politely said she didn’t want him to keep bothering her.

“She doesn’t want others to misunderstand that we are still together.

Tell me who that other person is, Clark!”

But as the two of them moved dozens of steps away, feeling humiliated and played with, Whitney clenched his fists, his eyes filled with anger.

It was obvious who it was. After that, he went to the bar to get drunk and accidentally met a group of people.

Some of them had seen his baseball game and thought he was a strong and promising candidate, so they brought him into the team.

“Just mix a little tattoo ink with meteorite solution, and you can gain the ability to become intangible. You can enter and exit bank vaults without a trace.

But I didn’t expect that me and the others easily fooled the police. Now I just want to teach you a simple lesson, but I can’t even do that.”

As he vented his overwhelming resentment, a hint of ferocity gradually appeared in Whitney’s eyes.

“Clark, David, I wonder if your parents have this ability!”

He thought of a way to force the two of them to come closer to him.

“That’s enough, stop it.”Watching Whitney walk towards the farmhouse, Clark’s face was stricken with shock. In a flash, he blocked the other’s path and exclaimed, “You’ve changed, Whitney! You’re not like yourself anymore!”

He couldn’t understand.

Even though he had always been rivals with Whitney, the Whitney of the past was merely arrogant, rude, and vain, but he would never do something like this.

“Envy is one of humanity’s original sins, and it’s hard to overcome…”

David, uninterested in how Whitney had become this way, only heard that he intended to harm his parents. His voice turned icy, and a purple gleam lit up in his eyes, “But becoming bad is very simple!”


A purple energy ray shot through Whitney’s legs and exploded at his feet.

Like a missile strike, the earth erupted, and a deep pit over two meters tall suddenly appeared. Whitney was unharmed, but the ground beneath him gave way, and he fell down.

“You can actually shoot lasers from your eyes like a robot. David, you’ve really opened my eyes.”

David flashed to the edge of the pit, and Whitney stood up from the bottom, his eyelids twitching uncontrollably with shock as he looked up to meet David’s gaze.

“But do you think that will stop me?”

Clenching his fists, Whitney proudly used his overlapping physical form to walk through the earth, stepping up as if crossing a riverbed,

“The power that can bring down skyscrapers doesn’t harm you in the slightest. Your ability to overlap reality and illusion is quite fascinating.”

Watching this scene, David’s face remained impassive as he slowly said.

“But I wonder if you’ve noticed that you’re still breathing.”

Breathing is a natural act that many people subconsciously overlook, but he hadn’t.

Whitney’s human nature hadn’t changed much; he couldn’t fly, couldn’t negate gravity, and most fatally—he needed to breathe!


Whitney’s stride halted, and looking at David’s expressionless face, a sense of foreboding struck him, though he sneered.

“So what? Can you suffocate me by locking me in a box?”

“What can possibly contain me?”

He paused, his tone mocking, and lunged to thrust his hands into David’s chest to grasp his heart, but as expected, he missed again.

“Or are you going to suck all the air out of my lungs in one breath?”

Everyone needs to breathe; it’s hardly a weakness.

“I don’t have that kind of power.”

David teleported a few meters away, controlling cosmic energy to emit high-temperature rays around him.



The intense heat caused the air within dozens of meters to become thin and steamy. Whitney had just ‘walked out’ of the ground and couldn’t take two steps before he found it difficult to breathe, collapsing to the ground. He clutched his throat like he was poisoned, his face turning red with suffocation.

“But I have other methods to achieve the same effect.” He paused, then continued indifferently.

“I… I can’t breathe, save… save me!”

Crawling on the ground in a pitiful attempt to leave the thin air, Whitney’s face turned purple with desperation and fear of death flooding over him. He trembled involuntarily, reaching out to the two men with his hands.


Clark, almost accustomed to his brother’s ruthless methods, hurriedly tried to run forward to help Whitney, who was close to suffocating.

But as he approached Whitney, the Kryptonite solution tattoo repelled him back to being a mere human, even weaker, and he began to faint from lack of oxygen.

After a few seconds, David turned and carried the unconscious Clark away. As for Whitney, on the brink of death, David glanced at the tattoo on his wrist and indifferently withdrew his gaze.

“Overlapping reality and illusion, tattoos…”

“I… I don’t want to die.”

As darkness enveloped him, Whitney’s consciousness blurred under the agony of suffocation, and the last thing he saw was David’s cold countenance.

He suddenly regretted deeply, wishing he hadn’t come to teach the brothers a lesson, but it was already too late.


His hand, extended in a plea for mercy and help, fell powerlessly to the ground, and Whitney gradually stopped breathing.

“Why, why has it come to this!”

The bright mirror was furiously smashed to the ground, the copper antique mirror shattering the floor and sinking deep into the earth, disappearing from sight.

Behind the desk, Aegon screamed like a shrew, her voice hoarse and grating to the extreme.

Even now, with her immense strength, incredible speed, and a body tougher than steel, immune to bullets, with assault rifles seeming like toys in front of her, like a true Deity, she couldn’t make up for what she had lost.

“This is just not right!”

In the study, decorated in an old and elegant style, Luthor’s eyes held a love deeper than the ocean, standing by like a devoted servant, as if even now, if Aegon asked him to cut out his own heart, he wouldn’t hesitate.

Even though Aegon’s current appearance was hideously ugly, her body bloated, her skin rough as sandpaper, and her voice as unpleasant as a vulture’s screech, like a monster that could stop a child’s cries.

She clutched the stone tightly in her hand, her gaze fierce.

“Is this the wish that the Wish Stone granted me?

No, I cannot accept this, I must make another wish!”

“Wait, something’s not right.”

Aegon suddenly thought of something.

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