Chapter 61 – Lazarus Pit

“The Owl Court, which secretly rules over Gotham, created the immortal ‘Claws’ using the magical metal Amber Gold as their minions.”

David’s eyes flickered.

However, although Amber Gold can revive people, increase their strength and agility, and grant them immortality, it takes too long to take effect.

It requires implanting Amber Gold into the body, allowing it to fuse with the blood and cells over the years, while keeping the body frozen, before finally resurrecting the person.

“The process is too slow, so this can be considered as a last resort.

Another method – the Lazarus Pit!”

He picked up the pale and unconscious Avery, preparing to return to the small town first to check on his father’s condition, as he was worried.

“Although I will return to Gotham later, I can travel between the two cities in just a few minutes at full speed.”

For ordinary people, it would take several hours to drive between the two cities, but for him, it was not much farther than going to the supermarket in town.

Boom boom boom!

Leaving the hotel, David broke through the sound barrier, moving faster than the fastest reconnaissance aircraft on Earth, and arrived at the small town hospital in less than three minutes.

He left Avery on the rooftop and found his father’s ward.



The door to the ward opened, and seeing his son who hadn’t been seen for a few days, Martha, who was holding her husband’s rough hand and had tears in her eyes, couldn’t control her emotions and called out with a trembling voice.


David frowned and hugged his mother as his father lay unconscious on the hospital bed.

His father, who was always optimistic, strong like a bull, was lying on the hospital bed with pale lips, his high fever causing his consciousness to blur, which was heartbreaking.

“Child, have I told you about the first time I met your father?”

The hospital had just detected that Jonathan had been poisoned by an unknown toxin, and his body was being destroyed. It was estimated that his life would be in danger within a day.

Martha wiped her tears and touched her husband’s face, her voice filled with sadness.

“At that time, he was taking finance classes at Metropolis University. He was sitting by the fountain, wearing jeans and biting an apple.

I asked him for his notes, and he didn’t know that I actually took notes.”

“That was the first time we met. I thought about marrying him, but I never thought about what our last meeting would be like…”

“It will be fine, Mom.

I already have a way to cure Dad!”

Listening to his mother’s heart-wrenching memories, David gently patted her shoulder and couldn’t help but interrupt.

He looked back at Clark, his eyes filled with confusion. He had told him to comfort Mom, so why was she still so sad?

Kara was also in the room, and Clark’s expression was downcast and helpless.

His younger brother didn’t tell him anything, he only said he had a way, but couldn’t say what it was. It was really hard to believe.

“Is there really a way, son?”

Martha wiped her tears weakly and turned around, her voice trembling.

“There is a spring called the Lazarus Pit in this world. The water it produces can heal injuries, preserve youth, and even bring the dead back to life.”

In the room, David looked at his unconscious father on the hospital bed and said in a deep voice.

[From Kara’s confusion +0.11, joy +0.10…]

Seeing Kara’s joy after he mentioned the solution, instead of nervousness or any other emotions, it seemed that she wasn’t the one who poisoned him. He had been suspicious and misunderstood her. David’s mind flashed with this thought.

“Lazarus? I remember that it’s a character from the Gospel of John in the Bible. He was critically ill and died, but was resurrected through Jesus’ prayer.”

When Clark heard his brother’s exaggerated description of the spring, he opened his mouth and felt that it was a bit far-fetched.

Was it really something his brother made up to comfort them?

Martha, who was heartbroken, also had some doubts.

“There are many miraculous things in this world that go beyond human knowledge, but they are not illusions.”

David implied, believing that his mother, Clark, and Kara in the room all understood what he meant.

“It was named the Lazarus Pit because someone discovered its ability to heal all injuries and bring the dead back to life.”

However, there was one thing he didn’t mention. The water from the Lazarus Pit had side effects.

If used excessively, it would deepen a person’s dark side.

“So, we must find the spring water and bring it back before the toxin causes significant harm to the body, or at least before Dad passes away.”

A cold and stern look flashed in David’s eyes.

Using the spring water to bring the dead back to life would definitely have an impact, but using it slightly to remove toxins from the body would be fine.

“Kara, thank you for this.”

Looking at Kara, who had rushed to the hospital to help investigate the cause of Jonathan’s accident, David fell silent and said.

“Please stay here with my mother. Clark and I will be back before dark.”

Although he still didn’t believe in any prophecies, Kara did want to help their family this time.

“Clark, come with me.”

After saying that, he pulled Clark along and took Avery from the rooftop, leaving the hospital and heading to the outskirts power plant.”We’ll probably need your speed to save father this time.”

The Lazarus Pit is not in this country.

“My speed?”

The scenery blurred before his eyes, and Clark, who was brought into the power plant, swayed his head uncomfortably.

Forget about speed, he couldn’t do anything before. It was his brother who found a way to save their father. He would even be willing to give up his powers permanently if needed.

“What happened to him?”

He turned his head and saw Avery, who was thrown on the ground, pale and unconscious. He couldn’t help but wonder if his brother had beaten someone into a vegetative state again.

“He passed out from wearing the Kryptonite ring for too long.”

David had Clark hold Avery’s hand, then he directly broke off a power cable and stuffed it into Clark’s hand.


Clark was squatting down to check on Avery. Instinctively, he caught the object his brother handed to him. When he turned his head, he realized it was a high-voltage cable emitting sparks.


His eyes widened. He had lost his powers now.

Before he could throw away the cable, the high-voltage current passed through him and Avery. The Kryptonite ring Avery was wearing glowed brightly, and the visible high-voltage current turned green.


His muscles convulsed as the current filled his body. After a scream, Clark opened his eyes. He felt everything return, his body filled with strength again. He threw away the cable in his hand, looked at his powerful palm, and a look of surprise appeared on his face.

If it were before, he would be happy to regain his powers, but not this excited. It was just that his brother said that saving their father’s life required his powers.

“Weren’t you a bit reckless just now?”

Although he had regained his powers, Clark couldn’t help but question his brother’s actions.

“Believe in yourself, you have great potential.”

David took off the Kryptonite ring and pocketed it. He wasn’t too surprised that things had gone smoothly, and patted Clark on the shoulder.

Superman could almost be called the son of DC. As long as it wasn’t too outrageous, anything goes. At most, they would throw the body into the sun for a while.

Clark wanted to say something but stopped.

It was a good thing that his brother believed in him, but for some reason, he felt inexplicably nervous.

He felt that his brother shouldn’t trust him so much.

“Ah! My heart, my heart hurts…”

Suddenly, Avery woke up. He didn’t understand why the Kent brothers were standing in front of him. The severe pain in his heart, like being roasted and about to explode, prevented him from thinking.

“Avery, what’s wrong?”

Clark quickly asked.

But Avery couldn’t answer. His blood accelerated like an uncontrollable wave. Veins bulged on his forehead, and he suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood, fell to the ground, and stopped breathing.


“Don’t look at me, I didn’t do anything.”

Seeing Avery suddenly drop dead, David frowned.

Perhaps this was the price of obtaining the power of a god?

“Maybe a tiny bit of energy still remained in his body.

Without your physique, he couldn’t handle that energy.”

Clark’s powers allowed Avery’s cells to absorb the sun’s energy, but without a strong physique, this energy was a death sentence.

“Never mind him for now.

We’re going to Gotham now.”

“Gotham?” Mentioning something more urgent related to their unconscious father, Clark quickly turned his head, no longer dwelling on this issue.

His brother had just been to Gotham.

“There’s someone there who should be able to tell us the exact location of the Lazarus Pit.”

David looked in the direction of Gotham.

(End of Chapter)

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