Chapter 78 – Obtain a new path for emotional points

As Clark and David rushed back to school, their classmates had already lost their memories of being charmed and controlled. They only remembered an unbelievably beautiful woman walking into the classroom, claiming to be the new teacher, Aegon.

At the Luthor Manor, sitting behind his desk, Lex Luthor shook his head to clear his mind. It felt like a piece of his brain had been taken out, leaving a strange blank space.

“What did I forget?” he wondered.

All he could recall was a stunning woman barging into his office.

And then…what happened next?

Lex’s face turned pale as he quickly crouched down to open the safe.


As expected, his worst fear had come true – the wish stone that could grant people’s desires was gone!

“Was it that woman?!”

“No, that’s not it…”

Furrowing his brow, Lex’s brain seemed to be sharper than before, with scientific knowledge about memory and flashes of inspiration about experiments coming to mind…

“Exoskeleton mechs, new energy sources…”

It seemed like his wishes had been granted, but when did he make those wishes?

Lex furrowed his brow, struggling to remember any fragments.

“What on earth happened?”

After Aegon left the people she had charmed, they would lose their memories of her. With her ability, she had ensnared countless men over the years, deceiving them into giving up everything they had. If not for this, she would have been discovered and hunted down long ago.

This ability, however, had inadvertently helped David and Clark.

As for the collective memory loss of all the students in the class, it was nothing out of the ordinary in this town where strange occurrences were frequent. After the police confirmed that there were no nerve-affecting drugs in the classroom, everyone went back to school as usual the next day.

Summer was approaching, marking the end of their high school years.

As they were about to enter college and go their separate ways, the students cherished their relationships with each other even more and were reluctant to leave their beloved high school campus.

Some astute individuals saw a business opportunity and began selling memorabilia on campus.

“David, don’t you want to buy a graduation ring to commemorate the end of your high school life?” a classmate asked.

On the way home from school, in the school corridor, Clark asked David, “You’ve been lost in thought a lot these days. Is it because you’re feeling sentimental about graduation?”

However, his younger brother didn’t seem to be the type to be sentimental and nostalgic.

“Are you talking about spending tens or even hundreds of dollars on a ring that costs only a few dollars to make?”

His thoughts were interrupted as David shook his head.

“No, the only commemorative effect of such behavior is that you’ll regret it in a few years and want to slap your foolish self.”


Chloe awkwardly put her hand down, wearing a brass ring engraved with the name of Smallville High School. She had wanted to ask everyone if the ring looked good.

“Clark, don’t mind him. As long as we think it’s worth it.”

Pete’s enthusiasm was not dampened at all, and he dragged Clark to the booth selling commemorative rings at school. After picking out a wooden ring, Clark also made his choice, spending his usual pocket money on a ring that seemed to be set with a ruby.

However, Clark knew that this ring couldn’t possibly have a real ruby.

“It might be plastic, or a synthetic gemstone?”

But it didn’t matter. Clark looked at the inscription of Smallville High School on the inside of the ring and put it on happily.

The moment he put on the ring, Clark felt a strange sensation rising in his heart.

It was like an ice cube suddenly pressed against his back, causing his whole body to shiver. His eyes widened, excitement rising in his heart, and yet it felt like…

Clark thought of some unpleasant things, things that would make people indulge in emotions and excitement.

“How is it?” Pete asked if the ring fit well.

“I’ve never felt better than I do now.”

There was a feeling of all restraints being released, and an inexplicable excitement filled his heart. His brain had never been so active, and a smile crept onto Clark’s face.

“Never before!”

There was a glint of something different in his eyes.

“David was right. After growing up, sometimes you think your past self was so foolish, and you even want to slap yourself.”

Now he felt that his past self was so foolish.

Despite having exceptional talent, he hadn’t made the most of it, and he could have lived a life a thousand times better than the one he had now.

“I told you it wouldn’t be wrong.”

Pete looked at the ring on his hand with great joy.

Suddenly, Clark realized that the ring looked exquisite on the booth but wasn’t so easily noticeable when worn on his hand.

With an excited glint in his eyes, Clark looked at his younger brother not far away, his gaze flickering for a moment before he put away his smile.

During the rare holiday, even though exams were approaching, David and Clark didn’t see it as a problem. It was a time for relaxation for them.

Not interested in asking about Clark’s plans, David went to meet Lana as usual.

“Although Whitney’s ‘mysterious disappearance’ made Lana a little concerned, it didn’t affect the deepening of Clark and Lana’s relationship.”

Ever since seeing Aegon, David had been wanting to see how big of a ripple effect he had caused.

One morning during the holiday, he hurried to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington.

He remembered that Wonder Woman had been working there since the end of World War I, hiding among the crowd as an ordinary person.

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.

A grand hall paved with smooth marble.

“Diana Prince? I’m sorry, after double-checking, we don’t have anyone by that name working in the department responsible for artifact identification and restoration at the museum.”

After inquiring at the front desk, David looked surprised and walked out of the museum.He inquired around Washington again, but there was no sign of the mysterious woman who wielded a rope that radiated golden light to save the masses from crime.

“Did the ripples I caused seem a bit too large?”

Could it be that Wonder Woman hasn’t left Paradise Island yet?

“Paradise Island…”

At the fountain square, watching the doves fly across the sky, David looked into the distance and murmured softly.

These past few days, he had been pondering one thing: aside from special characters like Batman, it seemed that only those with Transcendent powers could provide him with emotional points.

“It’s just that there are too few such people.”

Even in the small town, there weren’t many with abilities; to date, he hadn’t encountered more than ten, and the emotional points provided by all of them combined couldn’t compare to one-tenth of Clark’s.

“Most of the time, I rely on Clark to enhance the template fusion.”

Now, with Clark’s strength having increased, he could sometimes provide David with sixty to seventy emotional points.

“But, what if it were a large race of Transcendents…”

A glint appeared in David’s eyes.

The day before yesterday, I promised a minimum of six thousand characters, but I forgot that tomorrow is the Dragon Boat Festival. I need to go to bed early today because I have to visit my sick grandfather’s house for the festival tomorrow. I’ll have to take a small leave today, and I’ll make up for the owed word count after the festival is over.

Lastly, I wish everyone a healthy and peaceful Dragon Boat Festival. (〃’▽’〃)

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