Chapter 80 – I am invincible!

Behind the house, Jonathan and Martha hid, their two sons on the verge of drawing their swords, the atmosphere tense. The couple looked worried, holding each other’s hands tightly.

“Clark used that evil stone,” David said.

He had warned that it was no different from making a deal with the devil. What are we going to do?”

Martha’s eyes filled with panic.

David and Clark had told them about the wish stone.

A group of classmates collectively lost a memory, and the parents couldn’t possibly not know about it.

“Is the ring that affects Clark’s behavior caused by that stone?” Jonathan gritted his teeth, trying to make a guess based on the limited information.

The stone that could grant people’s wishes sounded absurd, but after their son said he had found a magician’s diary and personally experienced the magical metal that could revive and rejuvenate, it didn’t seem so far-fetched.

After David’s explanation, the couple easily accepted it.

“Enough, don’t talk to me in that tone. I’m the older brother!”

Clark was furious, showing a different, fierce demeanor, and his terrifying power erupted, cracking the ground and punching David.

“Even though you’re not yourself right now, your annoying appearance still makes me want to teach you a lesson, Clark!”

David’s eyes narrowed, and his entire body erupted with cosmic energy, releasing a terrifying oppressive force like a raging sea.

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With the surge in energy, the speed of his energy amplification also increased, reaching nearly ten times the speed of sound.

“But Clark is obviously faster now!”

David couldn’t capture the trajectory of Clark’s fist, only vaguely seeing him coming at a rapid speed, like a missile, causing the air to solidify under the pressure of his speed.

In a flash of lightning, he threw a punch, and a violent cosmic energy roared out from his fist, forming a stream of energy high enough to melt steel.

“If you can’t keep up with the speed, then expand the radius of the attack!”


The terrifying high temperature, enough to evaporate steel, rushed towards David. Clark sneered, disappearing in front of the purple stream, reappearing in another direction, punching the air and fiercely hitting David in the face.

“You’re underestimating me too much now!”

The Clark whose personality had been altered by the red kryptonite had also changed his way of fighting, no longer being straightforward and threatening.


The shockwave rolled out, and the fierce wind swept hundreds of meters, causing the earth to tremble under the terrifying power.

Jonathan and Martha hid behind the house tens of meters away, unable to open their eyes, their faces pale as they covered their mouths, their hearts in their throats.

“Is that so?”

The terrifying kinetic energy, comparable to a thousand tons of explosives, was completely absorbed, and David stood still, not moving, compressing the cosmic energy impact with his other fist.


As if a huge wave crashed, Clark was suddenly blasted out, flying back hundreds of meters, struggling to stand up, with a bright red and intensely painful chest.

“You talk too much. Are you trying to show off to me?”

David’s face was cold, continuously releasing energy beams, while Clark’s figure flashed around him, frantically dodging.

Although most of the time Clark hit David, he became more and more anxious.

Clark realized that his attacks couldn’t shake David at all.

And even though David could only hit him a few times out of a dozen, it caused him pain and injury.

“No, you’re just a native of a backward planet that can’t even travel through space. How could you possibly compare to me?”

Clark roared, his eyes filled with intense resentment and anger.

He needed power.

His emotions intensified, and he angrily swung his fist, and the power bursting from his body grew stronger.

Feeling the increasingly violent kinetic energy he absorbed, David frowned. Although he was far from being injured, it was not a good trend.

“Can you feel it? I used to be too weak, always worried about this power, about my identity.”

Each punch was stronger than the last, and a fiery, arrogant laugh appeared in Clark’s eyes.

“But I’m not who I used to be. The potential of my body far exceeds your imagination.”

He crazily threw punches, and the power on his fists seemed to erupt like a volcano, possessing unimaginable strength.

If David hadn’t absorbed all the kinetic energy so well, the surrounding earth would have been shattered, and the tremors could be felt for miles around.

Even so, the fierce wind caused by their punches made several houses in the farm sway like grass in the wind.

“Oh my God…”

Jonathan had to grab his wife and retreat far away, behind a hill.The two of them watched their sons spar, their faces filled with shock.

The explosion of white energy waves and the deafening thud sounded as if two monsters were fighting to the death.

Their speed was so fast that only flickering afterimages could be seen. Rays that missed their target melted the ground into a pool of magma, resembling a battle between two deities.

Jonathan looked around worriedly, thankful that it was all happening on his own farm. Otherwise, it would have been seen by others long ago. But if the commotion continued, it might attract the attention of nearby people.


David tried several times to grab Clark’s hand, aiming to melt away the red Kryptonite with an energy ray.

But his own speed was indeed a bit slower, and Clark seemed to know that once he took off the ring, he would revert to his original, weaker self, so he was deliberately on guard and evasive.

The loud noise the two were making had been going on for a while, and if the fight continued, even the house and barn might collapse. David shouted angrily, no longer holding back against Clark.

“After all, even if you get hurt, you can recover!”

David’s eyes emitted rays, and his hands released a barrage of energy blasts, like a dense artillery fire, greatly increasing the pressure on Clark. His dodging became more difficult, and the paths for counterattack were gradually blocked, leaving only one in front of him.

But just as Clark was getting the worst of it, David’s energy blasts became weaker, like a faucet running out of water.

“Not enough, David, you haven’t recognized your own identity!”

The two’s brief exchange of heat rays suddenly became evenly matched. Clark sneered coldly, realizing something, and charged with a punch.

That’s right, how could this guy’s powerful energy emission ability be unlimited!

“Your energy can’t support your wastefulness!”

Clark forcefully dispersed an incoming, even weaker energy blast with a punch and closed in on David, raising his fist high.

“Without those annoying energy blasts, with your sluggish speed, how can you fight me!”

His eyes flickered with a red glow, as David’s unrestrained energy release finally drained his own reserves.



“My energy comes from the sun above.

As long as the sun doesn’t set, I am invincible!”

Clark, confident of his victory, caught the fist without concern.

He laughed wildly, his mouth twisted in a ferocious grin, as he exerted all his strength to release heat vision. His eyes, bright as red-hot iron balls, made the surrounding blood vessels clearly visible.


David’s eyes also emitted purple rays in response.

Hiss, hiss, hiss!

Red and purple, the terrifying energies collided and annihilated each other violently.

The purple rays were receding.

Just as Clark was about to overpower David in this one aspect where he was stronger, a sudden intense purple light burst before his eyes, like scalding hot water shooting into his eyeballs.


Suddenly, the rays emitted from David’s eyes intensified several-fold, like a raging torrent overwhelming a small flame, blasting directly into Clark’s eyes.

He covered his eyes in excruciating pain, retreating in agony.

“My eyes.”

“You despicable fiend!”

Clark shouted in utter disarray.

“A thief who has long since turned evil, who disguised himself for a day just to steal from me, has the nerve to call me despicable?”

David’s face was impassive as he once again fired a ray at the ring on Clark’s finger.

A precise hit.

The ring that Clark had bought and worn for a day, set with red Kryptonite, was melted and evaporated, disappearing from his hand.


Feeling a burning sensation on his hand, Clark reached out to grasp something, but it was already too late.

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