Chapter 64 – The Demon’s Head is never threatened by anyone

Using his super vision, Clark searched for the warriors and ninjas that David mentioned in Gotham City at a speed several times faster than sound.

He was afraid of missing anyone in every block and alley.

Under the influence of his bio-field, the citizens on the streets of Gotham were completely unaware of someone running through them at a speed that should have shattered all the glass and severely injured pedestrians.

After searching tirelessly for more than ten minutes, Clark finally found his target at the train station and quickly appeared behind the crowd.

Next to the platform, there was a group of nearly a hundred people, wearing gas masks on their faces and carrying samurai swords on their backs. They were dressed like samurais and exuded a cold and emotionless aura that made people instinctively want to stay away.

With their eerie attire, the people at the station were scared and avoided them.

Even when the train arrived, no one dared to get on with them.

The middle-aged man in front was wearing a suit and exuded a leader’s aura in his every move. He elegantly leaned on a cane and stepped onto the train.

Behind him were silent attendants resembling ancient monarchs, carrying a huge box-shaped machine onto the train.

“This person should be Rao that David mentioned!”

Clark quickly dialed his brother’s phone number.

“The plan to destroy the city?”

He clenched his fist.

In the Batcave, Bruce mixed the collected powder into the water and evaporated it. The bats in the glass box screamed in fear, which bred anger and drove them to attack each other like mad.

Blood splattered and flesh flew. In less than half a minute, the bats were barely alive.

Bruce clenched his fist with an unpleasant expression. Following the steps he guessed about the enemy’s plan, he had figured out the purpose of the League of Shadows.

“To make Gotham fall and be destroyed in fear, chaos, and self-destruction, accompanied by blood and wailing.”

Just a few bats killing each other in fear was so brutal.

“If it’s the millions of people in Gotham…”

Bruce couldn’t imagine that scene. If not stopped, hell would descend upon Earth.

But there was only one lost microwave generator, and the range of the attack was limited. It was impossible to replicate too many in a short time, and the members of the League of Assassins would also be attacked after the chaos.

“Unless the members of the League of Assassins carry the microwave generator quickly through the entire city… and then enjoy their achievements in some place.”

He contemplated the specific steps of the enemy’s plan.

In the meeting room.

“We found them. They are at the high-orbit tram station north of the city.”

After receiving the call, David disappeared from the spot in an instant.

The train station was not far from Wayne Manor, and David arrived at the tram station Clark mentioned in just a few seconds.


“No matter what harmful plan you have for the citizens.”

Just as Clark jumped up and broke the tram tracks made of steel.

“Now, you can’t go anywhere.”

He landed on the ground and clapped his hands with a serious expression.

Although he didn’t know the purpose of these people boarding the train, he was sure that he had to stop whatever evil they intended to do.

“Who are you?”

Just as they boarded the train, an annoying voice came from the front, and everyone looked up to find that the tracks had been destroyed.

Rao’s face showed a chilling coldness, giving people an involuntary shiver, as if he had the power of life and death. Being a demon who had lived for more than seven centuries, he possessed an extraordinary aura accumulated over nearly a thousand years.

The sound of metal rubbing against metal, and the samurais slowly drew their swords, their cold and fierce eyes locked onto the two.


“Someone’s killing!”

The citizens watching by the platform screamed and turned to run in fear.

It was obvious that this group of people was not just cosplaying as samurais.

Glancing at the terrified crowd, David’s body disappeared from the spot like it was made of high-density alloy and crashed into the train like a cannonball.


In the blink of an eye.

The paper-thin train wall was torn open, glass shards flew like knives inside the train.

David suddenly appeared in the train, his body seemed to be made of steel, and the dozen or so people around him were blown away.

“Where is the Lazarus Pit? Rao!”

Seeing this scene, Rao’s pupils contracted, and a hint of shock appeared on his face.


The samurais, seemingly fearless, roared and swung their swords at David. But David, with an indifferent expression, didn’t even look at them. He stomped his foot.

A mighty energy shockwave swept through the interior of the train, and the samurais were thrown in all directions, smashing the train’s glass and flying outside, severely injured and coughing up blood.

Some of them, like lifeless corpses, immediately got up, raised their swords, and attacked again.

“If you don’t want to get hurt, you better stay put.”

Clark stood at the door of the train, knocking down one person after another.

“How do you know that name!”

With dozens of subordinates severely injured, Rao didn’t even blink his eyes. He stared at David intently, drew a sword from his cane, and with a flick, the sword tip attacked David’s neck like a venomous snake. The sword move was swift and cold, like a white lightning.


“Answer my question.”

“When it comes to martial arts, you might be one of the strongest people on this planet.”

The moment the sword touched David’s skin, the alloy longsword was shattered by a powerful energy, and the sword handle slipped from Rao’s hand. The palm of Rao’s hand holding the sword cracked and turned red. Before he could react, David flashed, grabbed his neck, and lifted him up, his voice extremely cold.

“But in front of me, you’re just a bug that has lived a little longer and is showing off its fangs!”

The Lazarus Pit gave Rao strength and speed beyond that of an ordinary person, but in front of David, he was no different from an ordinary person.

“The Demon’s Head is never threatened by anyone.”

Life and death were hanging by a thread, and although Rao was shocked by the incredible power possessed by the young man in front of him, he understood that this young man could easily snap his neck with a slight movement. However, he showed no fear and coldly smiled.

“Is that so?”

David narrowed his eyes, knowing that this old man couldn’t be seen with the eyes of an ordinary person.Living for a long time often makes one cold-blooded, especially after soaking in the Lazarus Pit for centuries. Rao’s sanity had long been eroded. Life and death in front of him could hardly stir any emotional fluctuations.

“What should we do now, David? He seems not to fear death.”

Even the warriors who had undergone brutal training could not withstand Clark’s punches. One by one, they were knocked unconscious by him. Clark, who had been paying attention to this side, rushed into the tram, looking at Rao, whose face showed no trace of fear, with a sense of urgency. He lowered his voice and said.

For some reason, he felt that this man was not pretending not to fear death. His own life and death did not seem that important to him, like a devout fanatic?

“I know your past, Rao.”

David casually let go of Rao, whose face was flushed red from being choked.

Looking at Rao, who was touching his painful neck, David’s voice was indifferent, as if devoid of any emotion.

“You once studied alchemy, mastered medicine, and traveled all over the world.

You once had a passion for this world, until you discovered the Lazarus Pit, and the person you saved turned around and killed your wife.”

Hundreds of years ago, Rao accidentally traveled to Arabia and discovered the Lazarus Pit. He was fascinated by it and devoted himself to studying its effects. He met his lifelong love, a woman named Sora, in the local area.

At that time, the prince who ruled the nearby kingdom was terminally ill and sought his help because of his medical skills.

Unable to cure the prince with his medical skills, he used the Lazarus Pit. The dying prince came back to life, but the prince, who was not a good person to begin with, killed Sora in his darkened state.

The king naturally would not convict his beloved son, but instead arrested Rao, tortured him by locking him up with his wife’s corpse.

“Betrayed, lost your loved ones, you changed after that.”

“How do you know about this past?”

Mentioning the painful past, Rao’s face turned ugly and he growled.

This was something that happened over seven hundred years ago. The people who followed him at that time were long dead. There should be no one in the world who knew about this.

After that, Rao managed to escape, traveled around learning martial arts and swordsmanship, recruited followers, and later returned to that place, destroyed the small country, slaughtered the residents from top to bottom, established the Assassin’s League, and vowed to eradicate the corrupt countries, cities, and humans in the world.

“Losing a loved one doesn’t feel good, does it?”

“Shut up!”

The painful memories churned in his mind, and the always calm Rao was full of anger, swinging his fist at David.

But David slapped him back to his original place, he fell to the ground with blood oozing from the corner of his mouth, looking down at him, revealing his true purpose.

“I not only know these, but I also know that you have a beloved daughter, Talia.

You love her more than anything in the world!”

Hearing his daughter’s name, Rao’s face changed, and for the first time in front of the two of them, a look of panic appeared in his eyes.

“Tell me where the Lazarus Pit is, or you will experience the pain of losing a loved one again.”

Once again, he picked him up with one hand, brought him closer, and a terrifying chill emanated from David’s eyes, enough to make one’s soul tremble and freeze.

“No matter where she hides, I will definitely find her and let her die in pain.”

Rao was cold-blooded enough to plan the death of millions without blinking an eye, but he loved his daughter.

In the comics, because his daughter loved Batman, he hoped that Batman and his daughter would take over the Assassin’s League together. He had many times had the upper hand but showed mercy to Batman.


Clark was taken aback, a little scared by his brother’s appearance.

But his brother was probably just pretending to be like this to save their father, right? David was just a bit cold in his dealings, not to the point of involving innocent people.

David had no intention of venting his anger on innocent people.

But as Rao’s daughter and a high-ranking member of the Assassin’s League, Talia was by no means innocent. The blood on her hands was unimaginable to ordinary people.

“I promise you that not a single bone of your daughter will be left.”

He raised his palm and fired an energy cannon towards the bottom of the station, burning a bowl-sized hole in the bottom of the carriage.

Iron melted, earth and stone turned into lava, extending a dozen meters deep into the ground, a dark hole. Rao’s face changed dramatically, boiling heat swept over him, as if mixed with the smell of sulfur from hell.

David threatened with utmost coldness, word by word.

“Even if you have the Lazarus Pit, you will be powerless, just like your wife Sora who once died in front of you.”

(End of Chapter)

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