Chapter 82 – The Paradise Island lives up to its name

David is going to travel.

His parents and Clark were not particularly surprised.

During the summer vacation, many people chose to travel during this holiday to relax and better prepare for college life.

To celebrate the end of David and Clark’s high school career, their mother Martha enthusiastically prepared a sumptuous dinner and invited relatives and friends to come over. Pete, Chloe, and Kara were all at the dinner table.

To celebrate, Jonathan moved a long-unused dining table out of the warehouse.

After a celebratory dinner, everyone was happy.

The couple sent away their relatives and friends, while David and Clark sent away their classmates.

The moonlight sprinkled a bright and soft light, covering everything with a layer of silver.

In the familiar attic of the warehouse, in front of the telescope, Clark looked melancholic.

“Is Lana not coming today?” David walked up the stairs with his hands in his pockets.

Today, Clark didn’t invite Lana, and she didn’t show up at the dinner table.

“She… is preparing to go to Paris, France to study at the university.”

Clark, leaning on a red and white cane, shook his head with a hint of loneliness.

Life is always full of many unsatisfactory things, often contrary to one’s wishes.

He had a crush on Lana for several years, and just when he had the chance to be together, it happened to be the time to part ways for college.

“Since we are destined to be apart, I think it’s better not to disturb her. It will only add to the regret.”

Their relationship had not reached the stage of a long-distance relationship.

When they were immersed in ambiguity before, Clark also unrealistically fantasized about going to the same university as his crush. However, Gotham was too close to the small town, and Paris was too far away.

“It’s in line with my impression of Lana.”

David nodded.

She became the cheerleading captain shortly after starting high school. Lana has a strong career ambition and is dating the captain of the football team, attracting attention. She pursues what most people pursue and won’t stop her well-planned life for a budding and unrequited love.

As for Clark, a young man who has never left the state, he couldn’t bring himself to leave his parents and move to a foreign country for Lana.

“The ambiguity between the two is doomed to come to nothing.”

“There will be many opportunities in college.”

He comforted softly.

Clark, wearing sunglasses, shook his head with bitterness, indicating that he didn’t have much confidence in himself.

When his eyes were good, he was just a nobody at school and not very popular with girls. Now that he’s blind, it’s even less likely.

“Some people are good at finding gold in the gravel.”

David chuckled.

Thinking of Chloe talking about her cousin at the dinner table, who, at a young age, was already a formal reporter at the Daily Planet, resilient and beautiful. She had written several popular reports, won the Rookie Reporter Award, and her name was Louise Lane.

This time, Clark should start to get in touch with his future wife in Metropolis.


Clark was surprised that his younger brother would evaluate him like that, scratching his face.

“I… apart from having some innate talents as an alien, it seems like I don’t have anything remarkable.”

He was puzzled. He had handled things less well than his brother many times, even making his brother run around for him, like with Avery and Rickman.

That day, Clark had already learned that his supposedly perfect handling of the Rickman incident had actually left behind clues that almost exposed his identity. If it weren’t for his brother, he might have been exposed already.

This greatly frustrated him.

“Don’t underestimate your precious potential, such as your kindness.”

Not everyone can have the ability to destroy the world, yet make people feel a moment of peace in times of danger, as if they had seen hope itself, David said.

This was something he couldn’t do.


Clark’s face showed confusion, hesitating and biting his lip.

“After my personality was changed by the red meteorite, the things I said were not groundless.”

They were all thoughts he had had, such as not wanting his parents to interfere too much, and feeling that David didn’t seem like a brother at all. It’s just that those emotions were all brought up from the depths of his heart and magnified countless times.

“There’s no need to hold yourself to the standards of a saint.

You are a son of humanity.”

Seeing Clark seemingly lost in confusion and doubt, David frowned.

He was worried about being able to have emotions like a normal person, and he understood that it wasn’t easy.

“Have you ever thought about why I was sent to Earth?

Will I have some bad mission to fulfill?”

Clark’s brow furrowed, his voice tinged with unease.

He had caused so much destruction on the farm that day.

How many people would have been injured if that battle had taken place in the town?

Kara said he was the Segei who would destroy the world as prophesied, and after scaring his parents a few days ago, Mrs. Cadmus had another interpretation.

“In the future, will David be the side of justice?

And I am the one who causes fear and panic.”

As long as the red meteorite that arrived on Earth with him, he would directly transform into a qualified destructive machine.

With everything combined, Clark involuntarily clenched his fists nervously.

“You’re overthinking it.

It seems that being blind allows you to see nothing, giving you more time to overthink.”

David couldn’t tell Clark that he was just a refugee baby from another planet, with no mission at all. He raised an eyebrow, patted Clark on the shoulder, left a suggestion, and turned to leave.

“Don’t worry about these things, get some sun.

Your eyes might still recover.”

“I’m going to bed early. I’m leaving for the trip tomorrow.”

“By the way, where do you want to go for this trip?”

Clark turned back to ask his brother as he headed downstairs.

It probably wasn’t to Gotham again. That dark place, he felt it was best to avoid.”I’m not sure either, probably going to take a look around London.”

“Near London.

Is there a tourist holy land there?” Clark wondered.

“A place that’s said to be like paradise.”


Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

Above the coast of a small island.

The azure sea water washed over the white sandy beach, and the fierce sea breeze brought with it the faint briny scent unique to the sea.

On the chaotic black rocky shore, a young man with a strong, slender body dressed in casual beachwear as if on vacation, looked up at the sky filled with dark clouds, while a thick fog rose from the sea surface, obstructing the view.

“It took two days, but I finally found it.”

“After Steve Trevor’s plane was shot down and he landed on Paradise Island, he and Wonder Woman Diana took a medieval boat from the island and reached London overnight, which means Paradise Island is near the waters of London.”

David spent some time searching the Atlantic and North Sea areas near London.

“Just a few minutes ago, the sky here was clear and sunny, but as I approached at several times the speed of sound, the weather here changed abruptly as if sensing something.”

Boom boom!

The wind howled furiously, and the fog instantly enveloped the sea, disorienting anyone and making it impossible to tell west from east. Lightning snakes danced in the dark clouds, instilling fear in the hearts of those who saw them.

If it were someone arriving by boat, they would have sensed the storm coming and hurried away.

But this only confirmed to David that Paradise Island was nearby.

“Zeus, the god of thunder, is also the god of the sky…”

Paradise Island is protected by Zeus, the king of the Olympian gods, with a magical protective barrier around it that hides it from view, thus safeguarding Hippolyta, his lover, and her Amazon people who live on the island.

David, dressed for vacation, left the temporary refuge of the small island, his skin emitting a purple glow as he ran across the sea, turning into a streak of purple lightning. With his incredible speed, the sea beneath his feet was as solid as flat ground, allowing him to race across it.


“What’s outside the island?”

Waves lapped in succession, and Diana sat bored on the cliff, swinging her slender legs over the edge.

She had pondered this question countless times. Her mother had described the outside world to her, a world belonging to humans, with women, where the women were not as strong as the Amazon women, and there were also men.

Paradise Island was picturesque, with an exceptionally blue sky, like a pure blue crystal inverted, and air so fresh that every breeze was free of any impurities. Lush, primitive jungles could be seen all over the island.

There were also majestic ancient temples with classical architecture scattered among the hills.

Even the most beautiful painting would become tiresome after a few thousand years, just as there was not a single place on the island that the Amazon princess was not familiar with, bringing no sense of novelty.

“This is the pure land bestowed upon the Amazons by Zeus, free from the invasion of the God of War, Ares.”

Diana longed to leave the island to see for herself.

But her mother, also the queen of the Amazons, Hippolyta, had repeatedly emphasized that she was not to go out, nor were any Amazons to leave the island, lest they attract the evil gaze of Ares.

Thousands of years had left no mark on Diana; her skin was smooth as satin, her features delicate yet heroic, and her curly black hair like ebony, accentuating her noble grace.

Because of her isolation and lack of worldly experience, Diana’s eyes, like those reflected in a mirror lake, still retained a touch of girlish innocence. Out of boredom, she tossed a pebble far into the sea.


The stone flew a hundred meters before falling into the water.


A figure, swift as lightning, turned and crossed hundreds of meters of sea, leaving behind a trail of white waves, and appeared on the pristine beach, stopping to look around with interest.

“Paradise Island truly lives up to its name.”

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