Chapter 73 – Wayne Hospital in the small town

On the way home, David casually bought tattoo ink at the department store.

Passing by the street corner, he caught a bottle thrown up and was surprised to see the newly renovated small town hospital on the other street.

Accompanied by construction noise, the small town hospital was being renovated by workers working overtime.

The entrance had a brand new gold-plated sign, Wayne Enterprises – Smoville Hospital.

“Wayne Enterprises?”

Seeing the words that shouldn’t be there, David raised an eyebrow.

The long-standing giant Wayne Enterprises in Gotham was planning to expand its business layout to Metropolis, and coincidentally chose the inconspicuous small town of Smoville?

He didn’t think that was possible.


When David and Clark went to Gotham, they tried to hide their identities as much as possible to avoid the scrutiny of Batman, who liked to plan things in his dark lair. They focused on the small town and the farm to minimize unnecessary trouble.

But unfortunately, someone in this small town had already caused trouble in Gotham without hiding their identity.

“Bruce Wayne probably followed Avery’s trail to the small town.”

“With Batman’s suspicious nature, he always likes to think the worst first…”

On the street corner, David stood still, expressionless, holding the ink bottle in his hand.

The strange occurrences in the small town probably had already attracted the attention of that bat.

“David, did you kill Whitney?”

Falling into a coma and sleeping until dawn, Clark woke up and didn’t see his brother. When David came back, he immediately blocked David at the warehouse door and asked.

“That’s just how I do things, Clark.”

David’s eyes showed no emotion, thinking that Clark should have been used to it.

“Don’t forget who caused this.”

Clark’s face froze with anger and urgency, this was all because of him.

“Whitney probably just wanted to scare us, not really hurt Mom and Dad.”

He still didn’t believe that Whitney would actually kill someone. At first, Whitney clearly just came to teach him a lesson, but lost his life because of it.

“I’m not constantly on guard against everyone like a certain bat.”

“But I’m not like you, always holding out too much hope for others.”

David didn’t care about that, and walked past Clark.

“Someone who is full of jealousy and anger can do anything, it’s all possible.”

When it came to their parents, even if there was a slight possibility, he had to cut it off.

“David, didn’t you say that Mom and Dad took that metal and won’t die?”

Looking at his brother, who was still acting as if nothing had happened, Clark spoke in a low voice. Their parents were not in any danger, his brother was too cold and unwilling to give Whitney a chance to live.


David, walking towards the house, paused and turned his head, locking eyes with Clark with a cold and pressing tone in his voice, giving the feeling that there was an angry tide churning beneath the calm surface.

“Clark, what do you mean by saying that?”

His voice was steady and forceful, giving the impression that there was an angry tide churning beneath the calm surface.


Just now, without thinking, Clark said something he shouldn’t have, and his face changed.

“That’s not what I meant,” he tried to explain.

“I brought back the Godsend Factor for Mom and Dad so they wouldn’t have to worry about something similar happening to them again.”

David took a few steps closer and poked Clark’s chest forcefully.

“Instead of letting Mom and Dad not be afraid of any injury and scare, to give you unlimited support for your saintly heart, Clark!”

The words of his brother, filled with suppressed anger, seemed to hit Clark hard, and after seeing his brother go upstairs, he felt low and scratched his head in frustration.

“Damn, how could I have said that just now.”

At the door of the house, David frowned and glanced at Clark under the light at the warehouse door, shaking his head.

Although Clark was more mature than his peers, he would occasionally act like an impulsive eighteen-year-old high school student.

A sunny morning.

The golden sunlight shone into the castle’s windows.

Sitting behind the desk, Aegon couldn’t hide the smile on her lips, admiring her peerless beauty in the mirror.

“Darling, your beauty would make Helen of Troy, who caused the Trojan War, feel ashamed if she saw it.”

Luthor stood by like a butler, praising her.

“You always speak like this, Lex.”

Aegon smiled lightly.

After being enchanted by the chosen bodyguard for her and Luthor, her appearance and figure now resembled the most outstanding work of art of God, with every part exuding the meaning of beauty. Her voice was like the song of a siren, clear and pleasant, with a seductive itch in the hearts of those who heard it.Luthor finally got the wish he desired, and now his brain seemed to have unlocked another realm of understanding, like an inexhaustible spring, various ingenious scientific ideas and inventions continuously bubbled up in his mind.


Aegon paused mid-sentence, a hint of regret flashing in her eyes.

It’s a pity he’s bald.

His looks can’t be considered handsome either, the effectiveness of sweet nothings that should have been fully felt was greatly diminished.

Even at this time in the morning, with Luthor standing by the window, his bald head shining too brightly, it was distractingly conspicuous, preventing one from being immersed in his affections.

“My powers of enchantment can deceive others, but they can’t force my own hand.”

A fiery passion appeared in her eyes, now that she had almost everything she wanted, she could start to truly indulge.

The first thing Aegon wanted to do was to find two handsome young men to serve her like a queen.

“Luthor, you now possess the world’s most intelligent brain, but why didn’t you wish to become the world’s most handsome man to stay by my side?”

She looked at Luthor with a touch of concern, suggesting this to him. Luthor had brought her the Wish Stone, which gave her everything she now enjoyed, and listening to him explain the mechanisms of the Wish Stone, Luthor was indeed smart, well-suited to strategize for her and be her steward, always staying by her side.

“My dear Aegon, handsomeness and beauty are defined by people.”

Luthor believed that his physical appearance was an insignificant matter.

“It might be difficult to select the most handsome from everyone’s perspective.


Although enchanted, his mind was somewhat muddled, his innate nature remained unchanged.

“The Wish Stone seems to allow for infinite wishes, this is too wonderful, I’m somewhat reluctant to believe in such perfection.

For now, one wish is enough.”

“Suit yourself, it’s time, I have to go to work.”

Picking up the Wish Stone and putting it into her bag, Aegon slowly stood up.

With beauty and strength like a Deity, she was temporarily satisfied, and even with the Wish Stone that could fulfill all desires in her hand, she had no immediate interest in ruling the world.

“I’ll think about it when I get tired of this little town.”

By then she might wish to become a queen or something of the sort.

But for now, she was off to ‘Town Garden’ to pick out two young and handsome men to bring back as servants to attend to her.

Aegon licked her lips, her body feeling somewhat feverish.

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