Chapter 76 – Stop looking, it’s not a good thing

Aegon tightly held the wishing stone in her hand, and David saw the appearance of the stone in her hand and heard her wish. His face changed immediately, and he remembered what this thing was.

“A wishing stone?”

After making the wish, Aegon felt a burning sensation all over her body, as if she had turned into a super volcano. The endless power surged within her, and her eyes flashed with pink light. She felt excited as she exclaimed, “I am now ten times more powerful than before! You will all bow down to me!”

The sky changed color, and the pressure from the deity covered the surroundings. Aegon shouted, cracked the ground, and tore through the sky, instantly attacking Clark.


Clark felt a sharp pain in his chest, as if he had been hit by a rocket, and he flew back hundreds of meters, crashing into the towering trees. The trees were shattered by his uncontrolled impact, leaving a long deep trench as if the chariot of the sun god had passed by.

As Clark was sent flying, David’s heart skipped a beat.

“Now it’s your turn.”

Aegon’s eyes swept over, exuding a compelling majesty like a female god of war, and she attacked with her fists.

“You have no idea what you’re playing with!”

David fiercely punched back, and the cosmic energy erupted like a raging tide. The collision of their fists caused a huge crack in the ground, as if a massive bomb had been dropped, and the earth was stirred up like a wave.

Under the violent impact, Aegon’s arm felt a burning pain, and she took a step back, her arm turning red and the skin peeling off as if burned by magma. She attacked again in disbelief.

“It’s impossible!”

Why had her power increased so much, yet she still couldn’t defeat this guy?

“How can you still resist my power!”

With greatly improved energy manipulation abilities, David firmly withstood her attack. He threw a punch, and the force was several times stronger than before, enough to move mountains and split the earth.


A powerful shockwave exploded, sending Aegon flying. Before she could catch her breath, David, filled with a chilling intent, leaped forward and struck her with his fist.

Aegon tried to block with her arms, but she couldn’t withstand the even more violent force. She fell to her knees, the ground cracking beneath her, and blood oozing from her mouth.

“No, why is this happening? I didn’t actually gain ten times the strength.”

She had been deceived by the false sense of increased power.

“You overestimated the person who made this stone.”

He struck again, releasing the absorbed violent kinetic energy like a barrage of missiles, and Aegon was crushed into the ground.

“And your power is weakening.”

In a crater several meters in diameter, David stood next to Aegon, whose bones had been shattered, and picked up the wishing stone.

“Please… save me…”

In a short time, her life force was drained, and Aegon, now emaciated, pleaded for help, trying to use her abilities with all her might, but it was futile.

Picking up the stone and examining it, David shook his head.

“Even if the wish is only a few times stronger, it comes at the cost of your life.”

“This stone is not a good thing. Making a wish with it is no different from making a deal with the devil.”

Now he understood where Aegon’s formidable power had come from.

“Please… save me.”

With her life force completely drained, Aegon’s eyes dulled, like two cloudy glass balls, and she stopped breathing.

“She… she’s dead?”

Clark, clutching his chest, rushed back, looking bewildered.

Aegon, driven by her increased power, had experienced unprecedented pain and even suspected that her ribs were broken. Worried about David, he hurried back, only to find that Aegon was already dead.

“This time it wasn’t me.”

David said.

“She was too greedy and wished for her own death.”

Greed, one of humanity’s original sins.

“A wish? This stone can grant wishes?”Leaping out of the deep pit and briefly basking in the sunlight, Clark felt his injuries heal significantly. He flexed his body and jumped out of the pit, eyeing the stone in David’s hand with amazement.

Since childhood, he had heard fairy tales of various treasures that could grant wishes.

But he never expected to see one in reality.

“Aegon did seem to gain several times her strength after making a wish,” he recalled the earlier scene.

“Stop looking, it’s not a good thing.”

David pocketed the stone, tucking it into his jacket.

This stone must be the one Wonder Woman used to wish her little boyfriend back to life, which also led to the birth of Cheetah.

However, there was no doubt that this plot had not played out in reality.

“Otherwise, given the global chaos at the time, my parents wouldn’t have been so shocked by Clark the Extraterrestrial.”

Speaking of which, why didn’t that plot occur?

At that time, he hadn’t been born yet, and the butterfly effect shouldn’t have affected events before his birth.

A hint of confusion flickered in David’s eyes.

He suddenly remembered a hypothesis.

“Time is a river. When someone throws a pebble into it, the ripples created affect not only the water downstream but also reach upstream.”

In the comics, there was more than one example of this.

For instance, the Flashpoint event, where Barry Allen traveled back to before his mother’s death, and even the time he wasn’t born was affected by his actions.

“The Wayne family left the movie theater and encountered an armed robbery. It was the young Batman, Bruce Wayne, who died in that dark alley, and Thomas Wayne took his place as the violent crime-fighting Batman, while Batman’s mother Martha went mad and became the Joker…”


His brother suddenly stood still, lost in thought, and Clark called out in confusion.

“This stone can grant wishes, but it comes with a price, and the wisher usually ends up regretting it.”

Pulled back to reality by Clark’s call, his contemplation interrupted, David saw that Clark was still curious about the stone and explained further.

“So, that’s why Aegon turned out like this?”

Looking at Aegon’s skeletal corpse, Clark felt a chill, and the rosy filter of fairy tale treasures instantly vanished.

“This thing seems quite evil.

Maybe we should just bury it.”

The more he looked at the tragic corpse, the more terrified he became, and after some thought, he suggested with a frown.

“That’s not necessary.

In times of extreme urgency, this stone could prove useful.”

David pondered for a moment and shook his head in refusal.

Although he was powerful, there were still many things he couldn’t do.

“Some can punch down mountains but can’t revive a trivial pea. Our abilities have their limits, and this stone could be the last resort.”

Even if his mother Martha had taken the Deity gene yesterday afternoon, envious of her husband’s constant vitality and spiritedness in the hot weather.

“But the immortality of the Deity gene isn’t absolute.”

For example, if the physical body is completely destroyed.

If something irreversible happened, he would rather summon the devil known as a Deity and trade with it to bring back his parents. If the devil wanted a price, it could come to him.

Reviving someone might be difficult for him, but slaying a Deity was not.

Clark hesitated, his instincts repelled by such evil and unpredictable things.

“Right, school…”

Suddenly, his face turned pale as if facing the end of the world, remembering something.

Due to the urgency of the situation, their special abilities had been discovered.

“I used my powers in front of our classmates, now that they’ve regained consciousness, how will they see us, and have they already called the police out of fear?”

Clark didn’t want their peaceful family life to be disrupted.

“Let’s go back and see first.”

His expression changed, David said.

Although he didn’t care much about revealing his abilities, his parents would definitely feel sad and reluctant to move away from here.

“If it doesn’t work out, maybe we can find a death row inmate to make a wish and take the price.”

An idea flashed through David’s mind, wondering if this kind of loophole could work.

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