Chapter 69 – New female biology teacher

From the morning, Luthor conducted a small experiment with the wish stone he obtained.

He called one of the less stable young bodyguards named Marshall from the security team to his office.

“In his words, he expressed a high opinion of him, recognizing his potential and keen insight.”

In short, he hinted at promoting the guy who couldn’t stay still outside in the corridor.

Under the excited gaze of the other party, Luthor took out the wish stone and played the role of a witty and humorous boss.

“Hold the stone and make a wish, Marshall.

Perhaps your wish will come true soon.”

The young bodyguard did so eagerly.

But in fact, he had no intention of promoting the other party.

“Not even an hour later, the former head of the bodyguard team submitted his resignation.”

He said his child had an accident, and after working away from home for so many years, he wanted to resign and go back to accompany his child and family.

Originally, any of the remaining bodyguards were more likely to take over the position of the head of the bodyguard team, until one morning when he was walking normally in the mansion, a piece of broken stone fell off the seven to eight-meter-high wall of the castle and almost hit him on the head.

If it weren’t for the young bodyguard who saw it first and pushed him down, he might be lying in the hospital now.

“Mr. Luthor, did you call me for something?”

Sitting across the desk, Clark nervously asked.

In his mind, he kept recalling whether there were any omissions or problems in his recent work at the factory.

“It’s nothing, relax, Mr. Clark.”

With a turn of his thoughts, Luthor smiled and talked to the other party, gradually relaxing him with a kind and friendly tone.

He had no gratitude towards Marshall, but he suspected that if he didn’t go along with the meaning of that stone, who knows what else might happen.

“Just one case is not enough, far from enough.”

A touch of ruthlessness flashed in his eyes, but Luthor smiled on his face.

“Mr. Clark, I appreciate your recent work ability… You have managed the warehouse of the factory in an orderly manner, and there have been no incidents of ‘missing items’ since you took office.”

After thinking all night, he had already figured out what wish to make, but he had to make sure everything was foolproof before making the wish.

“It’s what I should do, Mr. Luthor.” Clark rubbed his head embarrassedly.

“No, a person who is honest and outstanding deserves to be rewarded, right?”

Luthor stared into his eyes, deliberately implying something else, and smiled slowly.

“Whether it’s a country or a factory, without a reasonable system of rewards and punishments, how can it gain the support of the people?”

Facing the other party’s eyes widened as if being surprised by a great surprise, he took out the ancient wish stone from under the desk, like the ancient snake in the Garden of Eden trying to inspire Adam and Eve, and whispered temptingly.

“Make a wish, Mr. Clark…”

“Every time the old-fashioned Professor Cavoski, in this teaching chapter, would show an equally ancient physical education film as the opening.”

The bell rang, and Pete walked into the classroom with excitement.

“Finally, I don’t have to endure such suffering today.”

Under the blood-boiling projection screen, there was an old lady in her sixties wearing reading glasses, with a stern and old-fashioned face, carefully scanning who wasn’t paying attention in class, believing that no one could have any improper thoughts in the classroom.

“Who told you, your brother?” David raised an eyebrow.

“My dad.”


Clark, who was about to speak, choked.

“Students, sit down.

I am the new teacher, Miss Aegon, responsible for teaching biology and health education,”

In the golden morning light, a sexy and hot figure wearing a mini skirt walked into the classroom, a beautiful face of a woman in her thirties, and went straight to the point, raising her hands high to pull down the rolled-up projection screen from above the blackboard.

The male students who had just sat down stared blankly, almost standing up with the teacher’s skirt.

“I don’t know why, it seems a bit hot in the classroom.”

Clark swallowed his saliva and noticed the gaze from his younger brother. He quickly pretended to be serious, fanning himself with his hand, pretending to be hot.

“It’s almost summer, and all of this is normal.

Look, Miss Aegon is sweating.”

Pete didn’t hide his excitement, his soul seemed to have been hooked away, staring blankly at the front.

In the scorching weather, Miss Aegon’s curves seemed hotter than the sun in the sky, and the mini skirt didn’t seem to make her feel any cooler. She slightly opened her full and sexy lips, fanning herself with her hand, and sweat dripped from her wheat-colored neck…

As the film started, she walked to the side of the podium and blew the wind by the window.

But the male students in the class didn’t pay much attention to the projection screen.

David felt a hint of heat and frowned.

This was abnormal. He wasn’t interested in Aegon’s sexy and slightly promiscuous type.

“Ability users?”

Perhaps the weather was too hot, and Clark couldn’t bear it anymore. His mouth was dry, and sweat dripped from his chin. His eyes seemed to be hiding flames, constantly moving between the projection screen and the window.


Suddenly, flames ignited on the projection screen and quickly spread.


Upon seeing the flames, screams filled the classroom.

The hint of fascination in Clark’s heart quickly vanished, his eyes no longer ablaze.

“Everyone, get out of here.”

Aegon evacuated the students from the classroom, and the staff rushed in to put out the fire.

“Well, that’s an end to an unusual biology class.”

Pete looked as dejected as a devout believer whose vision of God had been interrupted.

Some people looked even more distressed, like they were stuck in limbo on a slide.

In the hallway, David was looking at the cherry blossoms in the schoolyard, not paying much attention to Aegon who was directing the firefighting.

He wasn’t a murderous maniac who killed every superhuman he encountered, as long as they didn’t provoke him.

School was over.

The four of them left the school, ready to go home.

“Hey, Clark, how’s your physics report coming along?”

Lana, with her black hair and books in her arms, came over with a bright smile, waving and initiating the conversation with Clark.

“It’s going well, how about you, Lana?”

The two chatted comfortably, like a pair of friends or more, with a hint of ambiguity in the air.

“Clark and Lana?…”

David was taken aback, feeling like he had missed several episodes of a TV show.

“You don’t know, David.

While you were away, Lana and Clark’s relationship has progressed rapidly. Don’t underestimate a knight who bravely charges for love, even if he was just a country boy who blushed at the sight of girls.”

Pete winked and made faces.

Without his powers, no longer afraid of Kryptonite, Clark began to make his move on the girl he had a crush on.

Tall and handsome, with a warm smile like the sun, he no longer made a fool of himself as he used to. Even Lana, the cheerleading captain who was used to being pursued, couldn’t resist.

David didn’t expect Clark to turn his misfortune into a blessing and even gain an unexpected reward.

Lana joined the group, they greeted her, and she got on the school bus with Clark, chatting and laughing.

At the school gate, a gloomy figure appeared. Watching this scene and the strange looks from passersby, Whitney’s face turned green with anger, his teeth gritted.


He clenched his fist, the veins on the back of his hand bulging, a dense green glowing tattoo on his wrist was very noticeable.

“This time, your brother won’t be able to protect you!”

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