Chapter 86 – A feat surpassing that of the twelve labors

Diana’s eyes flashed with astonishment as she looked at her mother.

When was their Amazon tribe ever conquered? Why had she never heard of it?

Hippolyta’s face showed a hint of anger at the secret being known.

“That was a shameful event for the Amazon tribe thousands of years ago. How do you know about it?”

She stared at David, feeling that this man was shrouded in mystery. Not only did he possess god-like strength, but he also seemed to know many lost secrets.

“That is a thing of the past. Once, the great hero and son of the gods, Hercules, was ridiculed. Despite his strength being able to move mountains, he could never conquer the women of Paradise Island.”

Seated on the throne, David slowly recounted the humiliating history that the Amazonian warriors had tried to conceal.

“He led his warriors to this place, wanting to conquer the island. But the brave and fearless Amazon queen possessed a magic girdle given to her by the god of love, Aphrodite.”

“He was defeated by the Amazon queen…”

“Enough. That was all the instigation of the evil God of War, Ares.”

David mentioned how she defeated the renowned hero, but Hippolyta’s face showed a hint of shame and anger, wanting to stop David from continuing. But David paid no attention. Not only Diana, but many of the later-born members of the Amazon tribe looked confused, clearly unaware of this ancient history.

He wanted to make these people understand that the Amazon tribe’s claim of being unconquerable was just a joke.

“Unfortunately, the Amazon queen who defeated Hercules… was later deceived by Hercules and had her girdle taken away, losing her power and causing the entire Amazon tribe to become prisoners of the gods.”

David paused, seeming to emphasize the deception, and Hippolyta’s face showed a mix of emotions.

In fact, he had given the Amazon tribe enough face by saying they were conquered, when in reality, they were enslaved and completely became prisoners.

“You Amazon tribe were conquered long ago, so don’t act like you can’t be conquered.”

“If the goddess’s girdle is still in my possession.”

Hippolyta gritted her teeth and glared at David. “Outsider, there is no way you will sit on my throne today!”

With the magic girdle bestowed by the main god, she had the power to rival the gods, and even the famous God of War was defeated by her before he became a god.

“Just because you have a reason doesn’t mean you can defeat me.”

David shook his head lightly.

“Let’s not talk about whether the girdle can give you the power to defeat me. It seems that your girdle is no longer in your possession.”

He chuckled lightly.

“Let me guess, is it because you were ‘captured’ by a man and the god of love took it back?”

In fact, a man being able to obtain a woman’s girdle, although nothing happened, was definitely not something that could be summarized with just the word “deception.”

Because of this incident, the goddess of love, Aphrodite, was disappointed in Hippolyta. She had intended to stand by and watch the events on Paradise Island, but Hippolyta, seeing the suffering of her people, prayed to the goddess for help.

In the end, Aphrodite helped Hippolyta drive away Zeus’s son, Hercules. After that, the Amazon women began the custom of wearing bracelets.

“The informed members of the Amazon tribe know that it is a constant reminder to never forget the days of slavery and to always be vigilant against outsiders and men.”

“You want the Amazon people to submit to others again, it’s impossible.”

For Hippolyta, these past events were definitely a humiliating experience. She didn’t understand why David seemed to know the details of the situation but didn’t say it out loud.

It was a perfect opportunity to undermine the dignity of the queen and the honor of the tribe.

But faced with an outsider who wanted to enslave Paradise Island after a long time, she felt no gratitude.

“It is precisely because of the painful lessons of history that we know the taste of losing freedom, which is better than losing life!”

Facing the Amazon people who had just learned that their tribe had been enslaved and whose confidence had been shaken, Hippolyta shouted passionately, her voice echoing through the ancient halls belonging to the Amazon tribe.

“The gods watch over us, and we do not fear returning to the embrace of the gods.”

Mentioning the gods, the Amazonian warriors regained their confidence, their eyes bursting with unwavering determination, shouting loudly.

“Outsider, you can kill us all, but you can never take away our dignity!”

They were a race created by the souls of women who died at the hands of men, mixed with earth and divine power by the gods. Perhaps dying would mean returning to the embrace of the gods, so what was there to fear?

Clap, clap, clap!

“I admire your determination.”

David applauded, knowing that these Amazon women were not just talk.

In the comics, this island, which was as beautiful as heaven, had fallen many times and had been slaughtered, but it had never been subjugated by unrelated outsiders.

“In that case, it seems that I can only have an uninhabited Paradise Island as my private collection!”

He stood up slowly, holding a long sword, his face cold with a hint of regret, and wiped the blade with his finger, as if preparing for a massacre.

With a simple movement, the Amazon people were frightened and retreated, feeling as if they were facing a great enemy, their hearts pounding.

“Outsider, you are not allowed to harm my people.”

Wonder Woman tried her best to stand up to stop David, but the Lasso of Truth had almost tied her up like a caterpillar. In addition, the Lasso of Truth was like Kryptonite, almost a weakness for Wonder Woman.

“Otherwise, I will make you pay with your blood.”

Once tied up by the Lasso of Truth, her divine power greatly diminished, and she struggled to stand up.

“You look like you have no deterrent power at all.”

David flicked his long sword, causing Diana, who had just managed to stand up, to lose her balance and stumble back onto the throne.

“Perhaps I will leave you, the princess of the Amazons, as my trophy, to prove that I have destroyed the legendary Amazon tribe in the end!”Having said that, his gaze once again fell upon the Amazons.


The Amazon Queen’s expression tightened, as if facing some terrifying monster from myth, she urgently whispered.

“Any last words?”

David stood leaning on his sword, his posture relaxed, as if wiping out the Amazons was no difficult task for him.

The female warriors behind her had hearts pounding like drums, tense to the extreme, their gazes all turning towards their queen.

“Stranger, the son of Zeus, Hercules, once completed twelve labors and became a world-renowned hero, attracting countless brave men to follow him, willing to lay down their lives for him.”

Hippolyta stared intently at David, a bead of sweat forming in her palm, the pressure immense. The terrifying strength of this man was something she and her people had already experienced.

“If you can achieve a feat greater than that of the great Hercules, our Amazon tribe will submit to you.”

It was no longer the era of the gods; the ancient deities were no longer on this planet. She wasn’t even sure if their souls could return to the embrace of the gods after death.

Moreover, they had lived on Paradise Island since birth, a place of freedom, and the “Realm of the Gods,” where the deities resided, was unfamiliar to them.

“Going there might not be as free as it is now; perhaps we would become mere servants.”

“What is this feat that surpasses the twelve labors you speak of?”

Watching the people before him who feared him like a tiger, David let out a scoff.

His original purpose was not to destroy the Amazon tribe; that would bring him no benefit. Making enemies and then leaving was also not advisable; given the fierce nature of the tribe, they might seek revenge off the island.

Killing was not a good option either; it would only lead to endless entanglements.

“Only by conquering the Amazon tribe, who are unwilling and resentful in their hearts, yet powerless against their fear, forever under my rule, is the best choice.”

A strange light flickered in the depths of his eyes.

David’s scoff made Hippolyta feel as if she had been slapped across the face, her pride stinging. Just moments ago, she had been resolute in death rather than submission, and now she was suggesting that submission was not out of the question, her stance flipping back and forth.

But for the sake of her daughter and her people, she, as the queen, had no choice.

“Twelve labors? A feat surpassing that of Hercules?”

Upon hearing this, Diana’s expression turned to one of surprise and confusion, her brows furrowing.

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