Chapter 84 – Is this man a monster?

David mentioned conquering the Amazonian tribe, deeply angering the Amazonian warriors.

“Men, you have no idea what you’re facing.”

Hippolyta waved her long sword, showing her anger.

Swish, swish, swish!

The longbow was drawn like a full moon, and thousands of sharp arrows shot towards David.

Diana showed a hint of reluctance, her agile figure dodging the arrow rain like a cat, avoiding the area of the arrow attack.

For thousands of years, she had seen outsiders and men for the first time, but unfortunately, her disrespectful words had angered her mother and the tribe.

The arrows flew with a sharp whistle, under the strong force, even a steel statue would be riddled with holes in the next second.

David stood still, and when the arrows hit him, not even his clothes were pierced. The powerful arrows lost all their energy in an instant, falling lightly like feathers.

“As an immortal divine race, your arrows are even weaker than raindrops.

At least raindrops can wet my clothes.”

Clang, clang, clang!

One arrow after another fell at David’s feet, accumulating into a large pile in an instant.

Diana’s face showed surprise.

As the princess of the Amazon tribe, she was naturally stronger than any other tribe member, but she couldn’t ignore the arrows shot by her people. Yet this man in front of her did.

And this man seemed to understand the origin of their Amazonian tribe?

“After so many attacks, it’s time for me to strike back.”

The arrow rain continued, and David casually raised a finger, pointing into the air.


The highly concentrated cosmic energy ray violently shattered the edge of the cliff.

Like a grenade explosion, fist-sized debris shot out, and the Amazonian warriors holding bows were thrown back, retreating in disarray.

The people screamed, some were thrown off their horses, some were knocked unconscious with blood streaming down their heads.

“Man, who are you?”

Hippolyta grabbed the reins of her startled warhorse and shouted angrily.

The Amazonians were a race created by the Greek gods, combining the souls of women who died tragically at the hands of men with the power of the gods to create the bodies of the Amazonian warriors.

Although they were women, each of them had the strength to mold steel into mud. The arrow rain they shot was something that no one in this world, except the gods, could easily withstand.

“I told you, you only need to know one thing.”

When asked about his identity again, David lightly repeated.

He came to Paradise Island for one purpose, to have the Amazonian tribe provide him with a continuous supply of emotional points.

“There are two choices in this matter, one is to let the Amazonians provide positive emotions, and the other is negative.”

Feelings of love and gratitude are not something a person can feel endlessly every day, but resentment is different.

“Hatred and resentment can almost take over a person’s body and mind, making them no longer think about anything else.”

Just as people forget the feeling of comfort in an instant, pain and discomfort can be remembered for a long time, especially when the pain and discomfort are present.

Therefore, he chose the latter.

However, David would not be too harsh on these innocent Amazonians.


David mentioned conquering them again, and Hippolyta shouted in anger. Immediately, hundreds of Amazonians threw out ropes, swung down the cliff with swords in hand, and killed the invading outsiders.

Seeing her people swinging down the cliff to subdue the enemy, Diana tied the lasso of truth around her waist, her eyes filled with a strong fighting spirit. With her arms wearing the divine artifact, the silver bracelets, she looked like a heroic female god of war, leaping forward with a punch.

“Man, you are not allowed to harm my people!”

The female warriors landed, and together with Diana, they attacked. David slightly leaned back to avoid Diana’s punch and sent out a shockwave with his fist.


The ground was swept clean of debris, and in the area in front of him, all the charging Amazonian warriors were thrown out, as if they were hit by a ball, their bodies hitting the rock wall hard, creating spiderweb-like cracks.

Diana continued to attack with her fists, and compared to her punches, the bullets fired from the gun seemed slow, and her speed was even faster than David’s!


During the fight, their fists suddenly collided fiercely, as if a bomb had been dropped, and the white sand under their feet was blasted up into a wave more than ten meters high.

Diana remained unfazed, not taking a step back, and attacked fiercely again.

David raised his eyebrows and added more strength to his hands.

Unlike Superman, who was not yet twenty, Diana, who had lived for thousands of years, had almost reached her full potential under normal circumstances, except for some of the potential that was not easily tapped into as the daughter of Zeus. Her strength was already very close to his when using only physical strength.

“However, that’s all there is.”

David’s eyes narrowed, and his attacks became heavier, each blow like a meteor smashing down. Diana couldn’t bear it, and was forced to retreat continuously.

“Outsider, prepare to die!”

The two clashed, and in the meantime, there were constantly fierce Amazonian warriors leaping forward with swords, but David completely ignored them, absorbing the energy from the swords and striking back, knocking them unconscious.

On the cliff, Hippolyta tightened the reins, frowning.

One by one, the Amazonians charged up the cliff, wanting to help their princess, but the next second, they were thrown back at an even faster speed, with broken bones and tendons, losing their fighting ability.

“His strength seems to be getting stronger and stronger!”

Feeling like an unstoppable mountain pushing forward, Diana was forced to retreat again and again, showing shock in her eyes.

Is this man a monster?Meeting such a formidable opponent for the first time since growing up, Diana was not intimidated. Instead, excitement gleamed in her eyes, her fighting spirit surged, and she fought with increasing bravery.

“Man, you are a worthy opponent!

I haven’t had such a thrilling fight since I came of age.”

“If I defeat you, I will ask my mother to spare your life.”

Raising her silver bracelets to block a punch from David, carrying a terrifying kinetic force, Diana’s gaze flickered.

She noticed that with this man’s strength, he could easily kill a swath of her people with a mere wave of his hand, yet for some reason, he had not done so.

To conquer without killing?


“You’re overthinking it; there’s no such possibility.”

Firmly overpowering Wonder Woman, David unleashed his strength, punching down with a force that could split mountains, and Wonder Woman nearly crumbled under it, kneeling on one knee before him.

“When I defeat you, both you and your mother will kneel before my throne

Just like you are now.”

“You are too arrogant, man!”

Anger surged in Diana’s eyes as she struggled to her feet, determined to teach this man a harsh lesson.

But as soon as she stood up, she was helplessly blasted back the next second.

David radiated purple energy ripples, his eyes shining with a compelling purple light, like a true Deity descending to the mortal realm.

His attacks grew more terrifying with each strike, and under the mountain-crumbling, tsunami-like force, an increasingly angered Diana was driven back. If not for her skillful use of the silver bracelets on her hands to catch David’s attacks, she would have been flattened on the ground by now.

Each time he attacked, Diana raised her bracelets to block, like plunging into a sea, dissipating part of his force into nothingness.

David frowned slightly, grasping the arm Diana swung at him, his gaze falling on her wrist.

“The protective bracelets.”

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