Chapter 67 – Wishing stone

“Which small town with a bit of history doesn’t have a few strange stories?”

Clark scratched his head and smiled.

“The unusual phenomenon of meteor showers may have given rise to the spread of strange stories.”


Luthor did not refute this statement and smiled lightly.

He had intended to invest in this tragic genius to study the meteorite, but he was a step too late.

But it didn’t matter. Recently, he accidentally discovered an incredible mysterious object that might bring him a different surprise.

“The ‘magic lamp’ in fairy tales that can fulfill all wishes, is it real or fake?”

With a flicker in his eyes, Luthor paused for a moment to ponder, said goodbye to the two, and smiled as he turned and left.

“It’s been a few days, and your acting skills have improved.”

Watching Luthor leave, David said slowly.

Clark’s expression just now hardly revealed any flaws.

“Of course, it would be better if you didn’t add those unnecessary gestures.”

David left a suggestion and turned to go home.

Not feeling happy at his brother’s praise, Clark sighed as the nurse pushed the body out of the ward, preparing to go to the underground morgue. He felt a slight heaviness in his heart.


Another person who suffered because of the meteorite.

If he hadn’t brought the meteorite, Mr. Hamilton would still be a respected scientist instead of a scientific freak in the eyes of the townspeople.

Sizzle… Crackle!

Suddenly, a piercing sound entered Clark’s ears.

The sound of medical machines operating, the sound of the bed wheels being pushed, the sound of the ground rubbing, the cries of patients, the cries of babies…

All kinds of sounds penetrated his ears, and his eardrums were like being beaten like a drum. The loud noise made it impossible for him to think.

“Ah… my ears.”

Clark held his head in pain, staggered back, and sat down on a hospital bench.

“Another… another ability?”

Try to control it, Clark, there’s nothing to be afraid of.

It’s just another super sensory ability. Clark, who had awakened his super vision before, had experience. Like the last time David inspired him, he focused his mind and constantly convinced himself that he could control it.

With concentrated effort, the deafening sound in his ears gradually became less piercing.

Luthor Manor.

In the quiet and empty office at night.

Under the light, Lex Luthor’s gaze was deep as he gently caressed an item in his hand.

“The unexpected surprise I found at the Metropolis Museum last time.”

A cluster of yellow crystals grew on a gray rock base, which was held together by a brass ancient ring. Dense Latin inscriptions were engraved on it, making it seem like an ancient handicraft.

However, the material was nothing special and couldn’t determine its age. It was just an addition when the Metropolis Museum acquired a batch of Egyptian artifacts. The Egyptian artifact appraiser evaluated it as a modern handicraft worth less than a hundred dollars.

Without any exhibition value, it was casually piled up in the warehouse along with a pile of miscellaneous items.

“Is it a fateful encounter?”

During the process of security personnel moving it, this crystal stone slipped from the top of a high stack of boxes and fell to the ground from a height of over two meters, but it remained intact.

He had a certain ability to appraise jewelry, and it was surprising that a crystal could withstand such a fall without breaking. Luthor was slightly surprised, picked it up with a gentleman’s help, but didn’t pay much attention to it and was about to return it to the security personnel.

“Hold this item and make a grand wish.”

Behind the desk, Luthor softly recited the Latin inscription on the stone and brass ring.

When he saw these eight words, he thought of the various mysteries in the small town.

“Just like the magic lamp in fairy tales that grants wishes, it’s an interesting item.”

Luthor, who had never believed in such things before, bought it on a whim.

After bringing it back to the manor, he placed it on the bookshelf as an interesting piece of artwork.

Yesterday, while reaching for a book on the bookshelf, he accidentally knocked it down again, and the crystal stone fell to the ground once more, still intact.

He became interested and discovered that this thing was much harder than he had imagined.

“Although it’s crystal, it can’t be smashed even with a hammer, and it won’t crack even when heated to over a thousand degrees.”

Luthor touched the cold and hard crystal stone in his hand, his eyes showing a hint of excitement.

After that, he tried various methods to break it, but none were successful. There wasn’t even a trace left. Its hardness exceeded his imagination.

“It’s truly not something created by humans.”

Beside him, the computer displayed a report that cost a lot of money to investigate, and the latest information that had just arrived, accompanied by photos of ancient stone carvings.

“Four thousand years ago, you appeared in the Indus Valley, and in 146 BC, you suddenly appeared in Carthage. In the year 4, the Kush Empire…”

“Romulus II, the last emperor of the Western Roman Empire, held you tightly before being assassinated…”

Luthor’s tone was deep.

“Magic mirror, magic mirror, tell me, what secrets do you hold?”

He held the stone and recited the incantation like making a wish in a fairy tale.

One second, two seconds passed, and nothing happened.

Because he didn’t have the intention to make a wish, his tone even carried a hint of mockery.

It could be determined that this was an extraordinary item with magical power, but either it had great limitations on making wishes, or there was a great price to pay.

“Otherwise, Romulus II would have ruled the world and still be alive today, right?”

Under the light, Luthor, whose face was half hidden in the darkness, sneered, his eyes filled with restrained ambition, murmuring softly.

“No rush… I will uncover your secrets.”

When that time comes, he will make a wish, but for now, he hasn’t thought about what to wish for.

“To understand all the secrets related to the meteorite? Or to become the modern Alexander and rule the world?…”

…After a pleasant and heartwarming dinner.

The sky was filled with stars, and a cool night breeze blew.

David and Kara went outside the farm. As the only person in the family who was ‘familiar’ with Kara, his parents asked him to see her off.

“Thank you for today.”

After walking a dozen meters, David broke the silence.

“It’s nothing, Nama.

I would be willing to do anything for you.”

With a light step, Kara’s face was filled with a faint joy.

“You are the destined savior.”

“Can you stop calling me Nama?”

David frowned slightly, feeling uncomfortable.

He didn’t believe in that prophecy. He didn’t care much about what Kara called him before, but now that she had become a friend of the family, his mother Martha and father Jonathan really liked this spirited and intelligent girl.

“You’ve been in close contact with Clark.

The so-called Segar who will destroy the world in your tribe’s prophecy, it definitely won’t be him. Just give him a girl and he’ll be in a mess, how can he destroy the world?”

The so-called strength of ten men, eyes that can shoot fire, it’s not surprising that aliens have some differences from humans.

As for the arrival with the heavenly fire, it was mostly a misjudgment by the technologically backward people at that time about the flashing lights of the spaceship landing.

“And the savior…”

A hint of helplessness flashed in David’s eyes.

The natives at that time probably didn’t even know what a continent was, and their world was probably just a mountain valley.

“Of course…”

Kara smiled, she also felt that the name Nama was not very intimate, her eyes brightened, and she tried to suggest.

“Can I call you David?”

Seeing that David didn’t resist, she frowned and brought up.

“Your brother Clark does seem to have nothing to do with destruction and devastation at this time.”

Kara recalled her interactions with Clark, who was shy and kind, and would be extremely anxious for his family’s danger.

“But… even the cruel and cold-blooded crocodile is innocent and cute when it is just born.”

However, she would not easily believe that the prophecy that has been passed down in the tribe for five hundred years is false.

“The lion’s bloodthirsty nature exists in its bones, even if it resists its fate, it can’t live on grass, and it will eventually reveal its fangs.”

David: “……”


“Nama? Segar?

Destroy the world, me?”

Standing on the loft of the warehouse, watching his younger brother send Kara away tens of meters away, Clark, who had just finished eating and was secretly practicing to control his newly emerged abilities, looked astonished.

He seemed to have accidentally heard something.

David seemed to be discussing something strange with Kara.

During the conversation, it seemed that he was the Segar, with a bloodthirsty nature engraved in his bones, and he would destroy the world in the future?

“It… it must be a joke.”

When David came back from sending Kara away and climbed up to the loft, which was the best place to enjoy the wind and stars, Clark couldn’t help but speak as he watched his brother come up from the stairs.

“David, what were you and Kara talking about just now?”

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