Chapter 63 – There is still time

In the room, another person with a blue hood hiding his face sat with a restrained and shy posture, holding a cup of hot coffee. He seemed a bit embarrassed about intruding someone else’s house and repeatedly apologized to the butler, Alfred.

“Who is the other person? Someone with special abilities like him?”

Doubts arose in Batman’s mind as he quietly returned to his own room and changed into his regular clothes before appearing at the entrance of the second-floor reception room.

After witnessing the destructive power emitted by David’s energy and the damage caused by a single punch, Batman no longer believed that David had any technological tricks up his sleeve. If technology had reached this level, Wayne Enterprises would have been out of business long ago.

“Young master.”

Entering the room, Alfred nodded at Bruce, who was about to speak but hesitated, wanting to confirm if the other person had truly recognized his identity.

“You’re too slow.”

David frowned and stood up, having already noticed Batman’s eavesdropping outside the window but chose not to expose him. After all, he had already intruded into the other person’s house, and it would be impolite to pull him in from the window.

“Mr. Bruce Wayne, can you tell me where the Lazarus Pit is?”

“What Lazarus Pit?”

Bruce furrowed his brows, as he had never heard of this name before.

“Where is the headquarters of your trained assassin league in the Middle East?”

Seeing Bruce’s puzzled expression, David quickly asked, realizing that Batman might not know about the Lazarus Pit at this time. But it didn’t matter since it was located in the headquarters of the assassin league.

“Trained? Assassin league?”

Bruce’s face slightly changed.

Indeed, he had been trained in a certain place, but it wasn’t the assassin league.

“I’ve only heard of the League of Shadows.”

Sensing that David’s emotions were off and that he was currently impatient, Bruce glanced at Alfred, who was standing beside him, and cautiously asked.

“League of Shadows? Where did you receive training from Ra’s al Ghul?”

It wasn’t the assassin league, but David felt that the name sounded somewhat familiar.

Ra’s al Ghul was the master assassin, also known as the Demon’s Head and the founder of the assassin league. After discovering the Lazarus Pit in a certain place in the Middle East, he had been soaking in it for years, gaining the ability of immortality. He had lived for over seven hundred years, accumulated vast wealth, and established organizations similar to the assassin league worldwide, with the goal of purifying the human world.

The so-called League of Shadows was likely a similar organization established by him in other places.

Clark looked at David and then at Bruce Wayne, feeling confused by the mention of the assassin league, Ra’s al Ghul, and the League of Shadows. A series of information left him puzzled.

How did his younger brother know about all these things?

But there was no time to ask him more at this moment.

“Please tell us, Mr. Wayne. It’s important to us.”

Seeing Clark’s sincere and urgent request, Bruce’s eyes flickered slightly after hearing the name of the master assassin. His gaze shifted between Clark and David.

“Us? This young man with the blue hood, wearing blue jeans and a brown jacket, seems to come from a humble background judging by the fabric of his clothes. Does he come from a farming family, given the faint smell of hay? But his tone seems to be on par with David’s status. Does he also possess such powerful abilities?”

In the cold and damp port of Gotham, the crashing waves hit the rocks like shattered snow.

A silent ocean freighter docked.

On the freighter, a tall and slender figure slowly descended. He had a middle-aged appearance, a neatly trimmed beard, short hair resembling steel needles, and eyes filled with vitality. He wore an expensive handmade suit.

He seemed like a ruler who had lived through countless ages, with a look of wisdom and understanding in his brows, as if he had seen through the world. He exuded an aura of leadership, as if nothing in the world could surprise or astonish him.

Dozens of masked and samurai-dressed individuals followed behind him on the ship. Each one seemed like a killing machine trained in brutal combat, silent and deadly.

Everyone respectfully lowered their heads, but their eyes, following this man, revealed an endless fervor, as if they were on a pilgrimage.

Someone lifted a several-ton machine off the ship. It was the war machine lost by Wayne Enterprises.

“Let’s go. Let us destroy it and cleanse another sore on this world.”

Surveying the corrupt and decadent Gotham, Rao’s face turned cold as he waved his hand, giving the order.

“Just like the Rome and London that were once destroyed by us.”

“In a border region of an ancient Eastern country, where snow-capped mountains and monks abound.”

Bruce calmly answered, a thought flashing through his mind. He didn’t know how David seemed to know so much about him, even things he himself didn’t know. At a time when a tiger was eager to obtain something, Bruce felt it was best to temporarily avoid provoking him.

“Where exactly?”

David already knew where it was and planned to find out the specific location so that he and Clark could rush there immediately.

“If you want to find Ra’s al Ghul… I accidentally killed him there.”

A hint of reminiscence flashed in Bruce’s eyes.

Although that bald monk-looking man was highly skilled in swordsmanship, Bruce couldn’t gain the upper hand. However, when he forced him to lead the League of Shadows to destroy Gotham, he caused a massive fire, triggering an explosion. The man had perished in the flames.The only one who survived was his martial arts instructor, who was both a teacher and a friend to him, and whom he had saved.

“Rao couldn’t possibly be dead, he has the Lazarus Pit.

You just need to tell me where that base is.”

Rao was one of Batman’s main adversaries. He couldn’t possibly have died at the hands of Bruce Wayne, who hadn’t yet returned to Gotham. David didn’t even need to think about it, he said solemnly.

Even if he was dead, his fanatical followers would throw his body into the Lazarus Pit to resurrect him.

“If he’s not dead…”

Bruce’s eyes lit up as he thought of something. He had doubted this point in the past few days: “Then he might be in Gotham right now!”

A few days ago, he learned that Wayne Enterprises had lost a microwave emitter that could be used to evaporate water sources in war. He had thought about investigating, but those people had done too clean a job. After robbing the weapons they wanted, they disappeared on the vast sea.

And today, he discovered that someone was putting an unknown drug into the city’s water supply.

“The two incidents are hard not to connect.”

Bruce recounted his findings one by one. If the League of Shadows was still around, it would be hard for him to defeat so many well-trained warriors on his own. The last time, there was a bit of luck involved, and now those people had a carefully calculated evil plan.

He couldn’t put the safety of Gotham on his simple confidence alone, he needed a backup plan.

This time, he might be able to use a force not belonging to Gotham as insurance to save Gotham.

“The League of Shadows once wanted to destroy Gotham, they must not have given up on this plan.”

That drug must be some kind of poison that can take effect after being evaporated. The League of Shadows wants to destroy Gotham through this.

“They might even launch their plan at any time.

Maybe tomorrow, maybe the next second.”

Bruce looked grim.

“In Gotham?”

David raised an eyebrow, murmured, and looked at Clark, reminding him.

He had thought that the clues might end with the Batman, who knew very little, but unexpectedly, they picked up again. There was no need to go around the Middle East in confusion.

“As long as we find Rao, we can find the location of the Lazarus Pit.”

“But how do I find him?”

Things seemed to be clear again, Clark’s eyes lit up, he wanted to ask if there was a portrait of this ninja master?

“This old guy who has lived for hundreds of years thinks highly of himself. On the eve of his plan to destroy Gotham, he won’t bother to hide himself. There must be a group of warriors or ninjas around him.”

“Hundreds of years?”

Bruce’s eyelids twitched. Did the young man really know more about the ninja master and the League of Shadows than he did?

If it had been before, he wouldn’t have believed it if someone told him that someone had lived for hundreds of years. But after seeing the power this young man had shown.

“Living for hundreds of years doesn’t seem to be an exaggeration.”

“Warriors, ninjas? I understand.”

Without asking where his younger brother learned all this, Clark remembered it, immediately got up, brought up a gust of wind, and disappeared from the spot.

“Where did he go?”

The figure suddenly disappeared before his eyes, like a scene where the world was frame-skipped. Bruce’s eyes narrowed.

“He’s searching the city, trying to find Rao.”

David squinted his eyes and looked outside.

It was only about nine o’clock.

There was still time. As long as they found Rao and forced him to reveal the exact location of the Lazarus Pit, the next step would be to fetch the spring water.

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