Chapter 89 – Inheriting memories, coming back alive

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Within Lin Changsheng's body, a transparent talisman emerged, and as a flash of white light appeared, a crack formed on the talisman. Soon after, the crack spread to other areas.




The talisman shattered, and Lin Changsheng's body trembled slightly. The fragmented scenes from his dreams connected, and all the puzzles were solved.




Suddenly, Lin Changsheng opened his eyes, a golden light gleaming deep within them, as his damaged foundation swiftly repaired itself.


"That is…"


Lin Changsheng saw countless sages heading towards the same place, the terrifying location from his dreams—the Demon's Lair in the Imperial Province.


The demonic aura drifting within the Demon's Lair all retreated to one side, not daring to approach Lin Changsheng.


The legacy memories had awakened!


Several hours later, Lin Changsheng had digested the connected images in his mind, his face showing sorrow, and a profound reverence for his ancestors arose deep within his heart.


"Mystic Azure…"


At this moment, Lin Changsheng understood the origin of the Mystic Azure Sect and grasped the will of his powerful ancestors.


Lin Changsheng temporarily regained the ability to move his body, and he looked up into the darkness above.


The demonic aura around him wanted to devour Lin Changsheng, but the power of the legacy memories kept it at bay.


Glancing at the Demon Murals on the walls and the black demonic heart below, Lin Changsheng clenched his fists, his gaze becoming resolute as he murmured to himself, "I cannot die yet."


Thus, relying on that sliver of power from the legacy memories, Lin Changsheng resisted the endless pressure within the Demon's Lair and desperately climbed upwards.


Several hours later, Lin Changsheng overcame numerous obstacles and emerged from the Demon's Lair.


As the powerful individuals from various sects prepared to leave, they were shocked to see Lin Changsheng's figure, doubting their own eyes.




"Lin Changsheng is still alive? How is that possible?"


"He seems to have been injured."


"Should we open a gap in the formation to let Sect Master Lin out quickly?"


"Do not open the formation just yet. Sect Master Lin might have been corrupted by the demonic aura and turned into a demon."


Some wanted to rescue Lin Changsheng immediately, but they were stopped by others.


Lin Changsheng stood in the void, expressionless as he looked at the powerful individuals from the sects. If they didn't open the formation, it would be difficult for him to get out.


"Perhaps Sect Master Lin has been possessed by demonic thoughts."


Qin Yang of the Heavenly Jade Sect expressed his opinion.


"I think this possibility is high. Since Sect Master Lin was willing to risk his life, he must have been prepared to sacrifice himself for the greater good. We can't rashly release a possibly possessed Sect Master Lin; the consequences would be unimaginable."


Some only cared about their own interests, completely forgetting the gratitude owed to Lin Changsheng for risking his life to seal the Demon's Lair.


"That makes sense."


Many agreed.


Although Lin Changsheng was within the formation, he faintly heard the words of the powerful individuals from the sects, and a sense of desolation arose in his heart.


"Is it worth it?"


It sounded like the lingering voice of the demon within his Dao Heart, or perhaps it was a question he asked himself.


Lin Changsheng slowly closed his eyes, feeling that the sacrifice of the sages was in vain.


However, as this thought surfaced, Lin Changsheng envisioned the ordinary residents living near the Mystic Azure Sect, living in peace and simplicity, with a pure and honest folk spirit.


There were too many people in the world, and always some whose nature was even more despicable than demons.


Lin Changsheng's fluctuating heart returned to calm, possibly due to his firm Dao Heart and the connection to the legacy memories. Since he had awakened the sect's legacy, it meant he had to bear the responsibility of countless ancestors.


"I have the Heavenly Mirror, which can reveal the true form of demons."


Master Du Ruosheng of the Eastern Joy Palace, dressed in an elegant tight-fitting long dress, took a few steps forward and looked up at Lin Changsheng in the void of the formation.


Saying this, Du Ruosheng took out a high-quality treasure mirror and activated the prohibitions on it, causing it to exert its power.


The Heavenly Mirror was directed at Lin Changsheng, and after a quarter of an hour, there was no change, indicating that Lin Changsheng had not been possessed by demonic thoughts.


"Sect Master Lin has not been demonized; quickly open the formation to save him."


Although Du Ruosheng cared about benefits, she was not heartless to the point of disgust, unwilling to leave Lin Changsheng to die like those others.


"Master Du's Heavenly Mirror is indeed a treasure, but it's hard to see through extremely powerful demons, right?"


Someone in the crowd, likely bearing a grudge against the Mystic Azure Sect, said this.


"Yes, better safe than sorry."


Some of the more timid ones spoke up.


"If there really were a demon that could deceive the Heavenly Mirror's detection, do you think such a demon lord would be trapped by a mere formation? Your intentions are clear to me, but do not forget, everything that happens here will be known to the Mystic Azure Sect. If Sect Master Lin is harmed because of our actions, think carefully about the consequences!"


Master Du swept her gaze over the crowd and spoke coldly.


Hearing this, those who had spoken earlier shivered.


If this matter reached the ears of the Mystic Azure Sect, they might fight to the death with the major sects, leading to mutual destruction.


Considering this possibility, no one objected any longer, and they hurriedly opened the formation.




A gap appeared in the great formation, and Lin Changsheng took the opportunity to exit.


Once out, the powerful individuals from the various sects put on a concerned demeanor, warmly inquiring about Lin Changsheng's well-being and whether he was injured.


Lin Changsheng ignored them all.


He walked straight to Du Ruosheng and said gravely, "Thank you."


"No need for thanks, I don't deserve it," Du Ruosheng shook her head, "Besides, if something had happened to you because the formation wasn't opened, the Eastern Joy Palace would not be absolved of blame."


Lin Changsheng said no more and walked away into the distance.


Before long, Lin Changsheng returned to the Mystic Azure Sect.


The entire sect rejoiced, having been deeply concerned for Lin Changsheng's safety. Now they were overjoyed to tears, cheering and celebrating.


When Lin Changsheng had decided to enter the Demon's Lair, he had explained the situation to everyone, instructing them not to wander off, to defend the sect, and to protect this realm.


After some discussion, everyone learned that the Demon's Lair had been temporarily sealed, with no changes expected for at least a hundred years.


Regarding the legacy memories, Lin Changsheng told no one.


Injured, Lin Changsheng let the Elders handle the sect's mundane affairs and began his seclusion.


Before long, the Mystic Azure Sect learned of Lin Changsheng's near escape from the Demon's Lair and were furious, wanting to seek justice from the various sects.


However, Lin Changsheng had previously instructed them to avoid conflicts due to external factors. Moreover, with Lin Changsheng in seclusion, the Elders suppressed their anger, not daring to act rashly, deciding to wait for Lin Changsheng's return from seclusion.


Dao Yi Academy, the ancient pagoda.


Chen Qingyuan had reached the thirteenth floor of the ancient pagoda.

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