Chapter 84 – The second floor of the ancient tower, suppressing the Cultivation Level in a battle

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Zhao Yichuan flicked his finger towards the unconscious Song Ningyan, shielding her spirit to prevent any lasting harm. He then turned to Chen Qingyuan, not uttering a word, but a trace of unusual light flickered in his eyes.


Outside, the astonishment on Vice President Lin Wenchou's face was evident, as he was well aware of the events transpiring within the ancient tower.


"The inheritor of Qingzong in this era is truly remarkable!"


Chen Qingyuan's performance greatly shocked Lin Wenchou. In just three days, he had breezed through the first level, walking on water with ease, breaking the record of Dao Yi Academy.


At first, Yu Chenran couldn't be bothered to inform Lin Wenchou of this, but persistent pestering left Yu Chenran with no choice but to spill the beans.


Within Dao Yi Academy, only the two vice presidents and Zhao Yichuan knew of Chen Qingyuan's true background.


Involuntarily, Lin Wenchou recalled his own experience entering the ancient tower years ago, which wasn't much better than Song Ningyan's.


At the ancient tower, on the stone platform realm.


Thanks to Zhao Yichuan's intervention, Song Ningyan soon regained consciousness, her physical injuries significantly healed.


"You didn't have to suffer so much. Your spiritual realm isn't there yet, but you forced the pace. Do you have a death wish?"


Zhao Yichuan scolded sternly.


"Disciple is at fault, please punish me, Master."


Song Ningyan, unwilling to lose to Chen Qingyuan, had exhausted all her strength to resist the law's pressure here, resulting in a backlash of her spiritual power.


Had Zhao Yichuan not arrived in time, Song Ningyan would have needed months to recover on her own.


"Only when you meet my requirements will you be qualified to be my disciple." Zhao Yichuan didn't yet consider Song Ningyan his disciple, and said coldly, "I know why you came to Dao Yi Academy. If your heart is so unstable, better to give up early!"


Chastised by Zhao Yichuan, Song Ningyan bowed her head in silence, unable to retort. She was determined not to become a pawn of her clan, ready to pay any price to take control of her life.


"Kid, you seem pretty relaxed!"


Zhao Yichuan then turned to Chen Qingyuan, speaking in a cold voice.


"Not at all."


Chen Qingyuan quickly stowed away the table along with the sumptuous food, his face solemn.


"Once you're ready, ascend the tower on your own. I won't appear again in the journey ahead. How far you go depends on your own abilities. If you can't hold on, just crush this jade slip to leave the ancient tower."


With those words, Zhao Yichuan left.


Two jade slips fell into the hands of Chen Qingyuan and Song Ningyan.


At the end of the stone platform, a wooden door appeared, leading to the second level.


"You first?"


Chen Qingyuan pocketed the jade slip, looked towards the wooden door, and then turned to Song Ningyan.


"You want me to scout the path for you?"


Song Ningyan's voice was icy.


"I'm not that kind of person; I just wanted you to go first," Chen Qingyuan shook his head and said, "Since you don't appreciate it, then I'll go ahead."


Girls these days are not easy to deceive, sigh!


Chen Qingyuan was wary of any prohibitions near the wooden door, hoping Song Ningyan would test it out.


Unfortunately, Song Ningyan was unwilling to take the lead, so Chen Qingyuan had to check it out himself.


Approaching the door, Chen Qingyuan was cautious, his right hand slowly pressing on the door, pushing hard.




Instantly, a powerful suction engulfed Chen Qingyuan, allowing no resistance.


Chen Qingyuan cursed inwardly as darkness enveloped him, feeling the world spin around him.


Watching Chen Qingyuan swallowed by the wooden door, Song Ningyan hesitated for a moment, then gritted her teeth and followed.




Song Ningyan also left the stone platform, entering the second level.


When light finally appeared before Chen Qingyuan, he found himself in a strange space, carefully observing his surroundings, daring not to act rashly.


After waiting for a while, not seeing Song Ningyan, Chen Qingyuan guessed: "She and I must have entered different spaces."


The first level tested spiritual power; without meeting the standard, one had no right to ascend higher in the ancient tower.


From here on, the challenges they faced would differ; it was unlikely they would meet again.


This space was blanketed in white, with no end in sight.


Empty, quiet.


Chen Qingyuan was on high alert, constantly watching for any changes around him.


Half an incense stick later, a shadowy figure appeared before Chen Qingyuan.


"Postnatal Realm cultivation?"


Chen Qingyuan sized up the shadowy figure, discerning its realm.


The first realm of the path of cultivation seemed too weak!


Regardless of Chen Qingyuan's willingness, his body uncontrollably drifted deeper into the space, coming to a stand a hundred meters away from the vague shadow.


At the same time, Chen Qingyuan's cultivation was completely suppressed, also reduced to the Postnatal Realm. He could no longer sense the presence of the Golden Elixir within him, as if a terrifying force had severed the Golden Elixir's causality.




The indistinct shadow shouted at Chen Qingyuan.


Chen Qingyuan braced himself for battle, fully focused.


The Postnatal Realm, the first foundation on the path of cultivation. Probably few would value the Postnatal Realm, all eager to increase their cultivation level to become stronger.


The former Chen Qingyuan was like that, always feeling his foundation was high enough, aspiring for more. Later, when forming the Golden Elixir foundation, he only achieved a heavenly grade.




Chen Qingyuan and the shadow exchanged blows, clashing head-on.


In an instant, Chen Qingyuan stepped back, his fist aching.


The shadow stood its ground, unaffected, striking again.


The will of the shadows within the ancient tower was in its most perfect state. Simply put, the true combat power of this shadow could sweep countless Postnatal Realm cultivators throughout the ages.


Those who could match it could be considered to have a perfect Postnatal Realm foundation.


As for winning, that was nearly impossible.


At least since the ancient tower's existence, no such person had ever emerged.


"Such a hard fist!"


Chen Qingyuan's fighting spirit was ignited, exchanging blows with the shadow.


After hundreds of rounds of physical combat, Chen Qingyuan took a few punches from the shadow, his body sore, yet he hadn't touched the shadow at all.


According to the rules of the ancient tower, as long as one could fight the shadow for five hundred rounds, they would be considered to have passed.


Unconsciously, Chen Qingyuan had been fighting the shadow for a long time, his clothes tattered and slightly disheveled.


At that moment, Chen Qingyuan saw a wooden door appear not far away.


However, he had no intention of heading towards the door, instead choosing to lock horns with the shadow.


"Beat me and expect me to leave? What a joke."


If he didn't fight back, Chen Qingyuan couldn't swallow his pride.


In another space, Song Ningyan, covered in wounds, endured five hundred rounds. The shadow opponent paused, and a path to the third level appeared beside her.


Song Ningyan wasn't as stubborn as Chen Qingyuan; having passed, she certainly hurried on.


Thus, Song Ningyan temporarily took the lead, while Chen Qingyuan continued to grapple with the shadow of the second level.


Outside, Lin Wenchou and Zhao Yichuan both showed a hint of puzzlement.


"Why isn't this kid leaving after passing?"


Lin Wenchou murmured softly.


"Perhaps he wants to temper himself in this way," Zhao Yichuan suggested.


"That's unlikely; he's probably just not willing to take a beating and simply wants to get even," Lin Wenchou said with an odd expression, having seen the scene inside the ancient tower with his unique technique.


Zhao Yichuan held back his words for a long time, unable to speak, because he felt Lin Wenchou's view was quite accurate.


After seven days, Chen Qingyuan went from being at a disadvantage to an equal footing with the shadow. Seizing the opportunity, Chen Qingyuan kicked the shadow in the face, feeling satisfied.


"Stop, I'm done fighting."


Chen Qingyuan shouted at the shadow and immediately ran to the wooden door.

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