Chapter 80 – Defeat the opponent, everyone is shocked

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Chen Qingyuan accepted the Heaven and Earth Bag, sending a thread of divine consciousness into it, and was slightly surprised.


Thousands of high-quality Spirit Stones, over a hundred thousand upper-quality Spirit Stones, and so on.


This kid’s gotten quite rich!


A gleam shone in Chen Qingyuan's eyes—what a profit!


Wang Qing's background must be extraordinary; otherwise, where would all this wealth come from?


The Flow Star Domain is indeed a bit remote, not comparable to those living in the central area of the Northern Wilderness.


Honestly, when Wang Qing threw out all his wealth, it pained him greatly. However, for a chance to enter the Academy, the price was worth it.


"Quite sincere," Chen Qingyuan said seriously as he put away the Heaven and Earth Bag. "You wish to battle me to prove your worth and gain entry to the Dao One Academy, correct?"


"Correct," Wang Qing nodded after a moment's thought.


"Since it's about proving oneself, you must perform exceptionally. Thus, a battle at the same realm is the only way to truly show who is stronger."


Chen Qingyuan had set a trap for Wang Qing, labeling him first.


Wang Qing was a cultivator in the Elemental Infant Realm, while Chen Qingyuan had just stepped into the Golden Elixir Realm. If Chen Qingyuan didn't reveal the foundation of his saintly Golden Elixir, he would certainly be no match.


But a battle at the same realm would be easy to handle.


"As you say."


In front of everyone, Wang Qing cared about his face and didn't dare to oppress Chen Qingyuan with his higher cultivation level. Moreover, he felt that if he won by relying on his cultivation advantage, Chen Qingyuan might renege.


"Truly a pride, so magnanimous!"


Chen Qingyuan praised with a slight smile.


This guy is really foolish! Having a higher cultivation is the result of your own efforts, why fight at the same realm?


Chen Qingyuan praised outwardly, but inwardly he thought this person was a bit simple-minded.


The world of cultivation is cruel, with people dying every moment. Those with simple minds have little chance of making it to the end, even living peacefully is a luxury.


"Got fooled," a hidden instructor muttered about Wang Qing's actions, finding it nonsensical to talk about battling at the same realm in a non-friendly sparring. Such an act was just giving the opponent an opportunity, too foolish.


"It seems the Wang family has pampered him too much. After hundreds of years of cultivation, he still has the naivety of a newcomer, unaware of the world's dangers."


Many from the Academy shook their heads secretly; this battle had lost its appeal.


"If he had relied on his cultivation advantage, Wang Qing might have been triumphant, but now it's hard to say."


It seemed that Wang Qing was too eager to prove himself, hence he didn't reject Chen Qingyuan's suggestion.


Zhao Yichuan also wanted to enjoy the spectacle, waving his hand to construct a platform in the void for the two to spar.


The platform was vast, like a miniature space world.


"Come on!"


Chen Qingyuan exuded the cultivation level of the early Golden Elixir Realm, readying himself for battle.


Wang Qing was an honest man, truly suppressing his own cultivation level.


Then, Wang Qing turned into a streak of light, flashing before Chen Qingyuan and launching a punch.


Chen Qingyuan immediately dodged, pointing a finger that struck Wang Qing's side.




Wang Qing was repelled by the finger strike, a blood hole appearing on his shoulder.


Just a probing move, and Wang Qing was already at a disadvantage, finding it unbelievable.


Both at the early stage of the Golden Elixir Realm, why was the gap in strength so vast?




Without time to think, Wang Qing immediately revealed his Golden Elixir foundation, determined to fight with all his might.


Behind him shone a dazzling Golden Elixir light, like a sun descending to earth, covered with the traces of top-grade Golden Elixir laws.


Qualified to participate in the Dao One Academy's assessment, Wang Qing naturally had high talent.


A top-grade Golden Elixir surpassed countless cultivators in the world.


Immediately after, Chen Qingyuan also displayed the phenomenon of a top-grade Golden Elixir, engaging in close combat with Wang Qing.


With the Jade Bracelet given by the Red-Dressed Girl, Chen Qingyuan concealed his true condition, imperceptible even to the world's most powerful figures.


After dozens of exchanges, Wang Qing found an opportunity and unleashed a supernatural power.


The Great Profound Cangshan Seal!


Wang Qing struck with his palm, a Dao pattern appearing in his hand, depicting a mountain peak. After activating the Dao Technique, the palm seal projected into the void, merging with the top-grade Golden Elixir phenomenon, like a towering mountain, smashing down on Chen Qingyuan.


The massive mountain fell rapidly, leaving Chen Qingyuan no place to hide.


In an instant, the space around Chen Qingyuan darkened, a terrifying pressure striking his soul.


"I was going to play with you a bit longer, but you're in such a hurry."


Chen Qingyuan thought to himself, deciding to stop fooling around and get serious.


On the surface, Chen Qingyuan had the foundation of a top-grade Golden Elixir, but in reality, he possessed a saintly Triple Elixir! Even without displaying the phenomenon of the Triple Elixir, he could exert strength far beyond the top-grade level.


With a solid foundation, the power of the Dao Techniques he used was also enhanced. Moreover, his body's functions had greatly improved, including the use of Spiritual Qi, the speed of absorbing Spiritual Qi from the environment, and higher comprehension.




Chen Qingyuan's right hand formed a sword with two fingers, thrusting upwards.




A sword stroke as swift as a startled swan shattered the Great Profound Cangshan Seal into dust.


Wang Qing suffered a backlash from the Dao Technique, retreating several steps, his internal energy surging uncontrollably.


Seizing the opportunity, Chen Qingyuan appeared before Wang Qing like a specter, an invisible sword pressing against his forehead.


Everything happened too quickly for Wang Qing to think or dodge.


"I… I've lost."


Wang Qing felt the cold sword intent at his brow, and though reluctant, he conceded defeat with respect.


Chen Qingyuan relaxed his right hand, and the condensed three-foot sword naturally dissipated.


With a smile, Chen Qingyuan stepped down from the platform.


After this battle, those who were dissatisfied with Chen Qingyuan closed their mouths. Being exceptionally accepted as a disciple by the Dao One Academy was indeed no simple feat.


The crowd was shocked, expecting a fierce battle, but it ended so quickly. Their gaze towards Chen Qingyuan became wary, with a hint of concealed amazement.


"Is there anyone else who wishes to try?"


If there was money to be made, Chen Qingyuan was certainly eager for more fights, smilingly looking at the group of those who had failed to qualify.


The crowd was silent, none daring to challenge Chen Qingyuan.


"If we don't have to fight at the same realm, I'd be willing to try."


Someone in the crowd spoke up.


"That won't do. You're trying to prove you're not weaker than others; how can you take advantage of a higher cultivation level?"


Chen Qingyuan immediately rejected the suggestion without hesitation.


Letting you bully me with your Elemental Infant Realm cultivation, what's the fun in that?


Although Chen Qingyuan's current cultivation level was indeed inferior to those present, after that battle, they no longer underestimated him.


Wang Qing, who had returned to the crowd, kept watching Chen Qingyuan, with no hatred, only reluctance. If he could encounter Chen Qingyuan again, he would definitely seek another battle.


Even now, Wang Qing didn't understand where he had lost. Both had the same cultivation level, so why did he lose so easily?


Wang Qing didn't understand this, and neither did those present, including the old fellows from the Academy.


"This young fellow is not as simple as he appears on the surface."


Zhao Yichuan took a few glances at Chen Qingyuan, thinking to himself.

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