Chapter 87 – Fear not, Senior Brother is here

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Demon's Lair, a land of great peril, where even a Mahayana Cultivator risks their life upon entry.


Lin Changsheng, as a cultivator in the fifth realm of Tribulation Crossing, is indeed a formidable presence in the Flow Star Domain, but in more bustling areas, he seems less significant.


Stepping into the Demon's Lair, Lin Changsheng harbored no thoughts of leaving alive.


"This is my destiny."


About a decade ago, Lin Changsheng often dreamt of the Demon Abyss, a place countless times larger and more terrifying than the Demon's Lair.


Later, after uncovering the ancestral graves, many of which were empty, he came to understand certain truths.


"How can I let the innocent beings of this world bear this karma?"


Lin Changsheng did not seek recognition from the Common People for his actions; he only wished to be true to his conscience and not disgrace the honor of his ancestors.




The terrible demonic aura continuously eroded Lin Changsheng's body, temporarily blocked by the protective Barrier.


However, as Lin Changsheng ventured deeper, the demonic aura grew denser, and the Barrier's protection began to falter.


Cracks appeared in parts of the Barrier, and Lin Changsheng, turning to look, flashed a hint of worry in his eyes. Even so, he did not consider turning back; instead, he quickened his pace.


This place was like a bottomless abyss, where darkness devoured everything. Despite using various Dao Techniques and Treasures, Lin Changsheng could not clearly discern his surroundings and had to rely on intuition to navigate.




Below, Lin Changsheng saw hundreds of ghastly and terrifying skulls, surging with demonic energy towards him.


In the moment before contact, Lin Changsheng struck with the swiftness of thunder, cleaving the obstructing skulls in two and seizing the opportunity to break through this barrier and continue onward.




A chorus of ghostly wails emanated from the depths of the Demon's Lair.


The ghostly sounds seemed to possess a mysterious power, piercing through the protective Barrier and reaching Lin Changsheng's ears.


Despite his reluctance to hear them, Lin Changsheng had no choice.


At first, Lin Changsheng could resist the bewitching ghostly sounds with his willpower. But as time passed, he slowly began to falter.


"Disciple, after I am gone, you must guard the Mystic Azure Sect well."


"Master, where are you going?"


"My time is near, and I fear I won't live much longer."


"Don't talk nonsense, Master. You are in the prime of your life, far from the end of your lifespan."


The Master smiled but said nothing.


Soon after, Master Feng Changxuan passed away.


Scenes from the past flooded Lin Changsheng's mind like a tide.


Lin Changsheng's state of mind was slightly affected, and his eyes couldn't help but moisten.


"I don't understand! Why must my Mystic Azure Sect bear this responsibility? Why? There are countless powers in the world stronger than my Mystic Azure Sect, yet they ignore it all. How can they expect the successive generations of my sect to march to their deaths?"


In a daze, Lin Changsheng saw a fragment of a dream. What was once a blurry vision now became crystal clear, as if seen with his own eyes.


In a certain era, two high-ranking members of the Mystic Azure Sect were discussing the matter of the Demon Abyss. They had clearly awakened their ancestral memories and needed to shoulder the will and responsibilities of their forebears.


"Do you want to see the world's people slaughtered?"


A man in purple robes, older and more patient, was trying to reason.




Another, dressed in plain clothes, his face etched with reluctance, clenched his teeth.


"We do this not for others, but for ourselves. If the Demon Abyss erupts into chaos, this homeland will become a land of demons, and our friends and family will not escape this calamity."


The man in purple robes looked into the distance, his tone grave.


"Senior Brother, I'm afraid…"


The images of the Demon Abyss from the inherited memories made the man in plain clothes fearful. It wasn't that he didn't want to fulfill the will of the ancestors; it was an instinctive fear in his body.


"Don't be afraid, your Senior Brother is here."


The man in purple robes walked over, ruffled the other's hair, and forced a smile.


The scene shifted, and decades passed.


The man in purple robes and the man in plain clothes used a high-level feign-death Supernatural Power to deceive everyone in the Mystic Azure Sect. Then, they headed to the Imperial Province, embarking on this fateful path.


"Senior Brother, if we don't return, will there be a next life?"


On the road, the man in plain clothes, trying to alleviate the pressure in his heart, broke the somber mood with a question.


"Perhaps we said the same thing in our past life."


The man in purple robes joked.


"That would be truly unfortunate! To have died for this cause in a past life and still have to do it again in this one."


Hearing this response, the man in plain clothes became distressed, pursing his lips in dissatisfaction.




The man in purple robes laughed heartily, forging ahead against the wind and waves.


"Senior Brother, when our ancestor passed away mysteriously, did he also go to the Demon Abyss?"


The man in plain clothes caught up and asked again.




The man in purple robes gazed into the distance, his eyes complex.


Knowing that this journey led to death, they had no way to retreat.


They would do it for the sake of their future descendants, to fight for a relatively peaceful era.


Within the Demon Abyss, Lin Changsheng's vision blurred, his eyes obscured by tears. When he blinked, the images of his ancestors had disappeared.


Then, a ghostly voice reached Lin Changsheng's ears: "What's the point of doing all this?"


The entities within the Demon's Lair sought to bewitch Lin Changsheng, to prevent him from delving deeper. Once the Barrier Spiritual Pearl was activated, the Demon's Lair would be sealed for at least a century.


"People are unpredictable, selfish, and self-serving. Even if you sacrifice your life for them, they won't be grateful."


"Retreat! If you turn back now, you can leave safely."


"The world is vast, with your abilities, where can you not go? Why sacrifice your own life?"


"It's not worth it…"


Various voices came through, like the teachings of an Old One, the enchanting voice of a woman, the cries of a child.


Lin Changsheng's pace slowed considerably, and a dreadful thought inexplicably emerged in his mind: "The Common People are foolish, the powerful of the sects are extremely selfish, why must my Mystic Azure Sect bear this responsibility? Why can they rest easy? Why…"


If it was for the sake of future generations, it would be better to relocate the entire sect to a secluded corner, away from worldly strife.


Give up!


The eerie power within the Demon's Lair was urging Lin Changsheng to abandon this endeavor.


Lin Changsheng's footsteps paused for a moment, his gaze becoming vacant.


"The will of the ancestors is not to be questioned."


Lin Changsheng's strong mind recovered, the confusion in his eyes instantly dissipated, and he resumed his journey.


Thus, Lin Changsheng, enduring countless demonic sounds, arrived at the depths of the Demon's Lair.


Thump! Thump! Thump!


A rhythmic sound accompanied by a special beat echoed in every corner of this dark space.


It was like the sound of a heartbeat or the breathing of some entity.


Lin Changsheng swept his sleeve, clearing the thick black fog in front of him, and through the gaps in the fog, he glimpsed a part of the scene in the distance.

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