Chapter 93 – To the black python as a brother, we are brothers

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Two days passed, and as promised, the black python arrived.


Without a word, it charged straight for Chen Qingyuan, its tail striking down, sending him crashing into the ground.


Chen Qingyuan began another round of painful existence, crying out to the heavens and the earth to no avail.


Song Ningyan fared much better than Chen Qingyuan. Though she too was beaten, the severity was different.


"The Master must be taking his revenge on him."


Watching Chen Qingyuan being thrashed, Song Ningyan felt a chill in her heart, and couldn't help but think back to when Chen Qingyuan cursed the fool who had announced the list of the Ten Heroes of the Northern Wilderness.


Even while being beaten, Chen Qingyuan did not reveal his Saint-grade Golden Elixir. He knew all too well that even if he exposed all three Saint-grade elixirs, it wouldn't change the outcome.


Besides, the black python wasn't going to take his life; at worst, he would suffer some superficial wounds, which wasn't a big deal.


And sure enough, as the black python continued its assault, Chen Qingyuan broke through his cultivation bottleneck, reaching the mid-stage of the Golden Elixir Realm.


During the breakthrough, the black python was unusually quiet, giving Chen Qingyuan a whole month to stabilize his foundation.


Once Chen Qingyuan's cultivation was stable, the black python attacked again, eliciting screams from Chen Qingyuan, "Buddy, you're being too harsh, show some mercy!"


"For your own good, hang in there."


The black python was actually training Chen Qingyuan, greatly enhancing his combat experience.


Moreover, the black python would point out Chen Qingyuan's flaws, striking hard at them.


In this way, Chen Qingyuan managed to cover up the potential flaws in combat, and his fighting ability improved by leaps and bounds.


"Why don't you beat up that girl too? Don't just do me favors!"


Chen Qingyuan pointed at Song Ningyan, who was watching the spectacle, and shouted.


"Then I'll beat up both of you."


The black python laughed, conjuring a shadow that attacked Song Ningyan.


Song Ningyan was very displeased with this and glared fiercely at Chen Qingyuan.


This life continued for a full four years, and Chen Qingyuan's cultivation level climbed another notch, reaching the late stage of the Golden Elixir Realm.


Song Ningyan also made progress, reaching the late stage of the Elemental Infant Realm.


After this period of cohabitation, Chen Qingyuan and the black python grew much closer.


Calculating the time, Zhao Yichuan decided to come and check on them.


He lifted the prohibition and stepped in.


Zhao Yichuan saw the scene before him, his mouth twitching slightly, a flash of surprise in his eyes.


On a vast clearing, Chen Qingyuan was tending a huge iron net over a spirit fire.


The net was filled with various meats, with all sorts of drinks and spiritual fruits placed beside it.


"Old Black, how's the taste?"


Chen Qingyuan fed a piece of cooked meat into the black python's mouth.


"Not bad, cook it a bit longer."


The black python ate contentedly, lifting a jar of fine wine with spiritual power and pouring it all into its mouth.


"Alright." Following the black python's request, Chen Qingyuan planned to roast the meat a little longer, "There are spiritual fruits over there, buddy, you make do with those for now."


"You're quite the charmer, not bad at all."


The black python complimented.


At this moment, Zhao Yichuan arrived.


What's going on?


Completely baffled.


Zhao Yichuan stood stunned for a while, then strode forward, "Old Black, how did you start eating?"


"Just had a craving."


Over the years, aside from having enough spirit stones, the black python had never tasted anything else. It wasn't hunger but pure craving.


Starting from a year ago, Chen Qingyuan intended to make some delicious food for himself, not expecting to lure out the black python, which gave him quite a scare, bracing for a beating.


However, the situation was not as Chen Qingyuan had imagined. The black python devoured the delicacies on the table in one gulp, still wanting more.


Since then, Chen Qingyuan began the path of feeding, preparing different flavored foods for the black python every day.


Luckily, Chen Qingyuan enjoyed tasting delicacies, and his space ring was filled with plenty of fresh meat, spiritual fruits, and fine wines.


The mouth that has been fed by others is soft, the hand that has received doesn't reach.


Having eaten Chen Qingyuan's food, the black python really couldn't bring itself to strike him. Therefore, in the past year, only Song Ningyan was beaten, while Chen Qingyuan remained unscathed. With his thick skin and emotional intelligence, he quickly became as close as brothers with the black python.


"Alright, I haven't been considerate enough over these years."


Zhao Yichuan intended to reprimand the black python, but then he thought that although he visited here often, he never brought anything for the black python, at most just chatting and changing dressings.


Zhao Yichuan, with his virgin body, was devoted to cultivation and never thought of preparing delicacies for the black python. Most importantly, the black python never mentioned it, so how could Zhao Yichuan know of its desires.


The black python had lived in the Academy since it was young, and was confined to this space shortly after birth. To it, everything in the outside world was unfamiliar and novel; how could it know there were so many delicious things outside.


In the black python's eyes, the least valuable thing was spirit stones, which it consumed daily. Apart from ensuring its energy needs, they had no flavor.


"Everyone has gained something, it's still acceptable."


Glancing over, Zhao Yichuan saw that both of their cultivation levels had improved and nodded in satisfaction.


Song Ningyan glared at Chen Qingyuan with a look of resentment. This guy had made a good relationship with the black python and never spoke a word in her favor, even taking pleasure in her misfortune.


"When I find the chance, I'll make sure to give you a good torment."


Song Ningyan vowed silently in her heart.


"It's time to go."


Zhao Yichuan spoke with his hands behind his back.


Finally, I can leave this godforsaken place!


Chen Qingyuan was overjoyed inside, but his face showed a hint of reluctance, "Old Black, I have to go."


The black python also felt downhearted. Without Chen Qingyuan, it would have to eat those stones again, how uncomfortable!


"Old Black, this is all the good stuff I have, I'm giving it all to you."


Chen Qingyuan took out a Heaven and Earth Bag and put the remaining meat and drinks inside.


"Little brother, I've wronged you in the past few years, I owe you an apology, don't hold a grudge."


The black python felt guilty thinking back to the beginning.


"It's okay, without Old Black's help, my strength couldn't have improved so quickly. I'm grateful, how could I bear a grudge."


Chen Qingyuan said sincerely.


"Let's not talk about it anymore, if you run into trouble later and can't handle it, just hide for a while. Once I break out, I'll help you get even."


The black python, despite its age, was naive due to being sealed here, not understanding much about the world.


Thus, after a year of companionship and persuasion from Chen Qingyuan, the two became good buddies, with the black python sincerely making a promise.




Chen Qingyuan was secretly delighted, thinking that the hardships of these years were worth it.


After more than a year of casual conversation, Chen Qingyuan had come to deeply understand the black python.


The pet raised by the Academy's headmaster was not something any cat or dog could compare to.


The black python's cultivation level had reached the Great Vehicle stage many years ago. It was just unfortunate that the seal laid by the headmaster was too strong, and the black python still needed time to break through.


Watching the reluctant farewell between Chen Qingyuan and the black python, Zhao Yichuan was stunned.


In just a few years, Chen Qingyuan had managed to turn Old Black into a brother; this was too outrageous!


Zhao Yichuan couldn't accept it, his expression rich with emotion.


If Chen Qingyuan stayed any longer, their relationship would only grow stronger.


"Don't dawdle, let's go."


No, Old Black mustn't be brainwashed. Zhao Yichuan quickly took Chen Qingyuan away.


As Chen Qingyuan turned to leave, he said, "Old Black, when you get out, I'll take you to taste all the delicacies in the world."




The black python's eyes shone with disbelief.


"Of course, we're brothers."


Chen Qingyuan patted his chest and promised.


The last time Chen Qingyuan said this, it seemed to be to Han Shan, almost tricking Han Shan into a limp.


"It would have been great to meet you earlier."


The lonely black python felt a touch of warmth.


"Hurry up and go."


Zhao Yichuan, with a face full of black lines, pulled Chen Qingyuan and Song Ningyan away, not allowing Chen Qingyuan to speak another word.


If you had met Chen Qingyuan earlier, you would have been sold by him and still be happily counting money for him.


Sigh! Old Black's mind is not mature enough; he must be properly guided, otherwise, he's too easily deceived.

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