Chapter 92 – The dean’s pet, black python

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Several days later, Zhao Yichuan's sound transmission arrived, summoning Chen Qingyuan to wait at the Jade Star Pavilion.


Perched on the western side of Dao Yi Academy, the Jade Star Pavilion stood suspended in mid-air, shrouded by clouds and mist.


A staircase floated upwards, leading directly to the pavilion.


Arriving at this place, Chen Qingyuan felt as though he had entered a realm of immortals, with white clouds stretching out before him and occasionally, cranes could be seen soaring through the mist, their calls crisp and clear.


No sooner had Chen Qingyuan arrived than Song Ningyan followed.


They exchanged glances, and Chen Qingyuan offered a polite smile.


"How far did you get on the ancient tower mission?"


Song Ningyan, dressed in a white gown embroidered with the emblem of Dao Yi Academy, had a cool temperament that made her difficult to approach.




Chen Qingyuan's smile faded as he feigned mystery.


He also put on an air of aloofness, as if to say, I won't indulge you.


Ignoring Song Ningyan, Chen Qingyuan took out a flask of clear wine, sipping it slowly while gazing into the distance, enjoying the beautiful scenery.


"Let's go!"


Moments later, Zhao Yichuan appeared, his expression indifferent.


Chen Qingyuan and Song Ningyan set aside their thoughts and followed Zhao Yichuan to an unknown destination.


With a wave of Zhao Yichuan's sleeve, the clouds above the Jade Star Pavilion dispersed, revealing a white jade staircase that stretched endlessly upwards, its destination unknown.


A quarter of an hour later, the group arrived at a hidden space.


Zhao Yichuan performed a special sealing technique, unlocking part of the space's prohibition and entering.


Inside was a vast expanse, the air tinged with a hint of blood and an inexplicable pressure weighing on Chen Qingyuan and Song Ningyan's hearts, causing them to hold their breath and their hearts to tremble slightly.


"Old Black, come on out!"


Zhao Yichuan called out loudly towards the front.


Soon, the space began to tremble, and the void twisted slightly. Then, a massive head emerged from the clouds above, a snake's head fierce and flicking its tongue.


As the head moved, it dragged out its enormous body, dispersing the clouds on either side to reveal its true form.


A giant python, a kilometer in length, with many black scales on its body and several bulges underneath, showing signs of transforming into a dragon.


The python bore several wounds, with thick scars formed over them.


"Lie down, I'll change your dressing."


Zhao Yichuan stepped forward, taking out some medicinal herbs.


The python obediently lay down, allowing Zhao Yichuan to tend to it.


After some time, Zhao Yichuan changed the python's dressings and checked its injuries, estimating that it would heal soon.


"Elder Zhao, what is this…?"


The sight of the formidable python made Chen Qingyuan tremble, and he asked in a low voice.


"The Academy Head's pet."


Zhao Yichuan came over and replied.


"What? A pet?"


Chen Qingyuan had thought it might be some kind of sect-protecting divine beast, but it turned out to be a pet.


The Academy Head's tastes are quite peculiar!


"The Academy Head has been missing for many years, and Old Black has been unable to leave this area. It's been tough on him."


Zhao Yichuan sighed softly, feeling sorry for the python.


"What do you mean?"


Chen Qingyuan asked curiously.


"It's a long story."


It wasn't a secret, so Zhao Yichuan told the truth.


The Academy Head had confined the python here, fearing it might cause trouble. One day, the Head suddenly left Dao Yi Academy and his whereabouts became unknown.


The python was sealed in this space, branded with a special mark, unable to leave.


Over the years, the two Vice Heads had tried to find a way to release the python, but external forces couldn't help. They concluded that only when the python became strong enough could it break the shackles and leave the area.


Thus, the python would periodically attempt to break the space's laws, ending up injured each time.


Zhao Yichuan often visited Old Black to change its dressings and chat. Plus, being the Academy Head's direct disciple, their bond grew strong.


"That's indeed tough for Elder Black."


Understanding the situation, Chen Qingyuan looked at the python with a hint of sympathy.


"No need to pity Old Black, pity yourself instead!"


Zhao Yichuan noticed the change in Chen Qingyuan's eyes and smiled meaningfully.


"Huh?" Chen Qingyuan had a foreboding feeling.


Song Ningyan, standing to the side, also felt a tremor of unease.


"Old Black, these two youngsters are new disciples of Dao Yi Academy. I brought them here today for you to train and to pass your time with a bit of fun," Zhao Yichuan said to the python.


The python understood and opened its mouth, issuing a hoarse growl: "Understood."


"As long as they don't die, do whatever you want. Toughen them up and don't hold back."


Before leaving, Zhao Yichuan added a few more words.


"Alright." The python nodded in understanding.


Hearing this, Chen Qingyuan could no longer stand still and quickly said, "Elder Zhao, I don't think that's necessary! I can cultivate well on my own, there's no need for special treatment."


Song Ningyan glanced at the terrifying python, fear creeping into her heart, worried about the days ahead. However, wanting to become Zhao Yichuan's disciple, she couldn't show fear and dared not refuse.


"Old Black, this little rascal is quite mischievous, take extra care of him."


Zhao Yichuan pointed at Chen Qingyuan, his smile deep with meaning.


"No, please!"


Chen Qingyuan wanted to protest.


Zhao Yichuan had no interest in arguing and left the area, leaving behind an afterimage.




Chen Qingyuan's throat tightened, swallowing back his unfinished words.


Then, he turned to Old Black, forcing a smile: "Elder, can we talk about this? Go easy on me."




The python answered Chen Qingyuan with action, conjuring a humanoid avatar in an instant and sending Chen Qingyuan flying ten miles with a slap, leaving a long mark on the ground.


Clearly, the python rejected Chen Qingyuan's proposal and was set on a thorough training session.


As a result, Chen Qingyuan was beaten for half an hour and lay on the ground unable to move.


Song Ningyan, who witnessed this scene, shivered slightly, her heart unsettled.


After dealing with Chen Qingyuan, it was Song Ningyan's turn.


Song Ningyan was lucky; the python only gave her a light lesson before stopping, unlike Chen Qingyuan's harsh treatment.


"Kid, your injuries are only superficial, you'll be fine in a couple of days. In two days, I'll come to beat you again, be prepared!" The python left these words before its massive body disappeared into the clouds, vanishing without a trace.


Chen Qingyuan almost spat out blood upon hearing this.


You beat me, fine, but why set a specific time?!


The real torment isn't the beating itself, but knowing it's coming and being powerless to stop it.




Chen Qingyuan, his clothes covered in dust and his face bruised, looked up to the sky with a long, forlorn sigh.

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