Chapter 88 – After going through hardships, the task is completed

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A mural depicted a myriad of bizarre creatures and a legion of demons, their forms grotesque and shrouded in black mist.


With just a glance, Lin Changsheng felt a stabbing pain in his eyes, a profound discomfort.


"My lord, greet you."


Distracted for a moment, Lin Changsheng found before him a seductive woman, scantily clad, her every frown and smile brimming with allure. She approached him, her gossamer garments slipping from her smooth skin, her red lips breathing fragrance, her bare feet as delicate as jade.


"Evildoer, die!"


Lin Changsheng's Dao Heart was unwavering, and without hesitation, he struck out at the woman with his palm.


With a "bang," the seductive woman's body exploded without a drop of blood.


Moments later, a cloud of black mist reconvened at Lin Changsheng's side, carried by a sinister wind. The mist coalesced once more into the form of the seductive woman.


"My lord, such a cruel heart!"


The woman draped herself over Lin Changsheng, her voice enchanting, sending shivers down his spine.


Lin Changsheng struck again, but still, he could not vanquish the woman.


"Does my lord find me unattractive?" The woman's voice carried a hint of melancholy, stirring pity, "Worry not, I have sisters who will surely satisfy you."


As she spoke, three more enchanting women appeared before Lin Changsheng, their allure intoxicating.


Lin Changsheng tried several times but could not disperse these bewitching illusions. He steadied his mind and continued forward.


He could not yet activate the Barrier Spiritual Pearl, not before reaching the deepest part of the Demon's Lair.


There was only one chance; if the Barrier Spiritual Pearl failed, the Flow Star Domain would face grave troubles.


"My lord, why won't you look at me? Am I too ugly?"


A woman in a white dress clung to Lin Changsheng's left arm, her breath fragrant.


"My husband…"


A woman in a plain dress stood to his right, tempting him in every way.


Lin Changsheng's gaze remained clear, ignoring these seductive tricks.


If his Dao Heart wavered for even a moment, he would lose himself and be forever lost here. He was well aware of the demon's tactics and could not afford to let his guard down.


After half an hour, Lin Changsheng remained unaffected by the enchantment, continuing down past the mural, soon to reach the end of the Demon's Lair.


"Those who trespass the demon realm, leave or perish!"


The four seductive women, seeing Lin Changsheng immune to their charms, vanished. Then, they transformed into a monstrous demon form, blocking Lin Changsheng's path, their claws bared, their voices shrill and scolding.


"I came here not planning to leave alive. Death is nothing to fear."


Lin Changsheng held the Barrier Spiritual Pearl in his left hand and a long sword in his right.


Should anything go awry, Lin Changsheng was ready to activate the Barrier Spiritual Pearl at a moment's notice, clutching it tightly.


"Then die!"


The demon's might surged like a colossal wave, engulfing Lin Changsheng in an instant.


Swallowed by endless demonic qi, Lin Changsheng remained fearless, his composure unshaken.


With a swing of his sword, he cleared the path ahead.


Lin Changsheng had no intention of entangling with the demon; his mission was to deliver the Barrier Spiritual Pearl to the bottom of the Demon's Lair without delay.


Countless tendrils reached for Lin Changsheng, like chains of Law, seeking to bind and trap him to death.




Faced with tendrils from all directions, Lin Changsheng dodged with incredible speed. Those he couldn't evade, he severed with his treasured sword, fighting his way deeper into the Demon's Lair.


A massive demonic palm descended upon Lin Changsheng's head, sending chills through his body and trembling his soul.




Lin Changsheng bellowed, summoning his life-bound treasured sword.


The sword flew towards the demonic palm as Lin Changsheng seized the opportunity to hasten his journey.


If possible, Lin Changsheng did not wish to part with his sword.


But the situation was dire, and he had no choice.


The sword pierced the giant palm, its force causing the blade to tremble violently, and soon it shattered.


The giant palm continued its descent, determined to crush Lin Changsheng.


The destruction of his life-bound sword caused backlash, blood trickling from the corner of his mouth.


Lin Changsheng ignored his injuries and frantically quickened his pace.


"I cannot fail!"


Life could be forsaken, but the mission must succeed.


With this belief, Lin Changsheng began to burn his lifespan, recklessly.




A ghastly wail permeated the depths of the Demon's Lair, piercing the soul.


Lin Changsheng heard the ghostly sound, his blood boiling, vision darkening, nearly losing consciousness. The next moment, he came to, clenching his teeth, guarding his Dao Heart.


Following the mural of myriad demons, Lin Changsheng finally saw the bottom of the Demon's Lair, shocked by the sight.


A colossal heart, as large as a kilometer-high mountain.


The black heart, its veins visible, throbbed with deafening "thumps."


"This is the place!"


Lin Changsheng glanced at the Barrier Spiritual Pearl in his left hand. Placing the pearl at the heart of the demon would strengthen the seal, buying precious time for the beings of the Flow Star Domain.




Suddenly, a giant palm dispersed the fog and reappeared above Lin Changsheng.


This space was the bottom of the Demon's Lair; Lin Changsheng had nowhere to run. Moreover, at his destination, he could not flee.


"Ice cold for eternity, all things in silence, the heart should be calm, watch over my solitary spirit…"


Lin Changsheng invoked the Calming Heart Mantra and Protective Body Art, forming several protective barriers around him, guarding the Barrier Spiritual Pearl at his chest.




The giant palm struck down, shattering the protective barriers and hitting Lin Changsheng directly.


Lin Changsheng spat blood, his bones fractured, his internal organs severely damaged.


He endured the blow, holding his breath, and in that moment, rushed towards the demon heart.


Then, Lin Changsheng glanced at the Barrier Spiritual Pearl in his hand, unharmed by the demonic might. He activated the pearl, hurling it towards the demon heart before him.




The Barrier Spiritual Pearl activated, resonating with the grand formation outside.


In an instant, the demonic palm that was about to strike Lin Changsheng again froze mid-air, a sharp, unwilling cry echoing in every corner of the Demon's Lair.


Then, the palm vanished, and the throbbing black heart temporarily lost its vitality.


All returned to calm.


Outside, the strong cultivators from various sects, seeing the weakening demonic qi, knew Lin Changsheng had succeeded, overjoyed.


As for Lin Changsheng, gravely injured, he drifted in the dark space deep within the Demon's Lair, his vision blurred, consciousness fading.


"Am I… going to die?"


As death approached, Lin Changsheng felt no fear, instead, his heart was remarkably calm.


His body was severely wounded, his Dao Heart damaged.


Lin Changsheng no longer had the strength to leave the Demon's Lair, his life force rapidly ebbing away.


An invisible force in the depths of the Demon's Lair began to erode Lin Changsheng's mind, intending to assimilate him into a demon.


A wisp of demonic qi emerged from the mural of myriad demons, wrapping around Lin Changsheng, seeking to possess his body.


Suddenly, a ray of white light burst forth from within Lin Changsheng, instantly dispelling the demonic qi.




A demon within the mural let out a wretched scream, reverberating in the dark space. Soon, the image of the demon turned transparent and then completely vanished, signifying that the demonic thought had been eradicated.


What's happening?


Lin Changsheng's consciousness was hazy, but he sensed the change within him, his heart trembling.

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