Chapter 86 – Lin Changsheng stepped into the Demon’s Lair, willing to die

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Upon hearing the voice, everyone immediately turned to look behind them.


The newcomer, dressed in a light-colored robe, was a middle-aged man with a tall and valiant stature.


It was none other than the Sect Master of the Mystic Azure Sect, Lin Changsheng.


"Sect Master, what brings you here?"


The Big Elder of the Mystic Azure Sect, responsible for the meeting, was taken aback by Lin Changsheng's sudden appearance and stepped forward to ask.


"Some things must be done by someone."


Lin Changsheng, with his hands clasped behind his back, walked on air towards them, his voice booming in everyone's ears like thunder, causing many to lower their heads in shame.


"You are the pillar of our Mystic Azure Sect; we cannot afford any mishaps with you."


The Big Elder, dressed in grey cloth, appeared quite aged with half-white hair and wrinkles on his face. He spoke with a decisive tone, firmly opposing the idea.


"My mind is made up."


Before coming, Lin Changsheng had prepared for the worst and settled all matters within the Sect.


"No, you can't!" The Big Elder stood in front of Lin Changsheng, earnestly saying, "If you must do this, let me go instead! My death won't have much impact on the Mystic Azure Sect, but if something happens to you, the Sect will be thrown into chaos!"


Lin Changsheng patted the Big Elder's shoulder, giving him a firm look.


Then, seizing the moment, Lin Changsheng pointed a finger, temporarily immobilizing the Big Elder.


"Sect Master!"


The Big Elder rolled his eyes towards Lin Changsheng, calling out with a trembling voice.


"Everything at home has been arranged; there's no need to worry, even if I don't return."


Lin Changsheng spoke softly.


"That's still unacceptable. As the Sect Master, you cannot risk your life."


No matter what, the Big Elder still disagreed.


Lin Changsheng no longer responded but walked straight up to Qin Yang.


"Give it to me." Lin Changsheng gave Qin Yang a look.


"Sect Master Lin, are you truly willing to risk your life?"


Qin Yang was somewhat incredulous.


Not just Qin Yang, but all the powerful figures present were skeptical and found it hard to believe.


"If Master Qin doesn't believe me, you can accompany me inside to see for yourself."


Lin Changsheng said coldly.


"Knowing my own limitations, there's no need for that."


Qin Yang wasn't angered by Lin Changsheng's retort. After all, Lin Changsheng was facing certain death, and letting him vent a little was bearable.


"The items." Lin Changsheng gestured again.


This time, Qin Yang hesitated no longer and handed over the Barrier Spiritual Pearl and the space ring filled with resources to Lin Changsheng.


Lin Changsheng turned and walked back to the Big Elder, checked the space ring for any tampering, placed it in the Big Elder's hand, and whispered, "Go straight back later, don't linger here, lest others covet it."


Whether the Heavenly Jade Sect would provide the resources or not, Lin Changsheng was determined to enter the Demon's Lair. He happened to arrive at the right time and naturally took the resources.


"Senior Brother…"


At this moment, it was a matter of life and death for the Big Elder, who no longer addressed Lin Changsheng as Sect Master but with the intimacy of brotherhood in his eyes.


"Just like when we were kids, you need to be obedient."


Lin Changsheng patted the Big Elder's head and smiled.


As kids, whenever his junior brothers were bullied, it was Lin Changsheng, the Big Senior Brother, who stepped in to solve the problems and regain their honor. Apart from the Sect elders, only he had the right to discipline his junior brothers; no one else could.


"Yes." The Big Elder choked up, tears glistening in his eyes. He understood Lin Changsheng's nature; once a decision was made, there was no turning back.


"If I die, Junior Brother Dong can temporarily take the position of Sect Master. You should stay at the Sect and become an Elder of Protecting Sect in the future!"


Lin Changsheng's decision had already been communicated to the Sect's higher-ups. Although everyone disagreed, they couldn't stop him and were forced to accept it in the end.


After giving these instructions, Lin Changsheng gripped the Barrier Spiritual Pearl tightly, ready to step into the Demon's Lair.


"Sect Master Lin's righteousness is beyond us."


The powerful figures from various Sects bowed their fists in respect.


"May Sect Master Lin return victorious."


Qin Yang loudly offered his insincere well-wishes.


"Sect Master Lin…"


The powerful figures began to speak, expressing their admiration and sincerely wishing him success on his journey.


Lin Changsheng's successful completion of the task would benefit everyone.


"I enter the Demon's Lair not for you, but for the common people of the Flow Star Domain. The innocent beings living in this territory should not suffer because of the foolish actions of some."


Lin Changsheng's words were pointed, leaving the people of the Heavenly Jade Sect red-faced and without a retort.


"Open the Barrier!"


Lin Changsheng arrived above the Demon's Lair and shouted loudly.


The powerful figures immediately used their Dao Techniques, creating a small passage above the Barrier.


Instantly, a surge of demonic energy took the opportunity to escape from the Barrier.


With a palm strike, Lin Changsheng dispersed the demonic energy and stepped into the formation.




As soon as Lin Changsheng stepped into the formation, the others quickly sealed the Barrier to prevent the demonic energy from leaking out.


Once inside the Barrier, Lin Changsheng released the Prohibition on the Big Elder, allowing him to move.


"Senior Brother!"


The Big Elder immediately turned around, looking at Lin Changsheng inside the formation, calling out with tears, his voice hoarse with emotion.


"Go home."


Lin Changsheng said softly.


The Big Elder's fingernails pierced his palm, and despite his reluctance, he had to obey Lin Changsheng's command and hurried back to the Mystic Azure Sect to avoid attracting the attention of any rogues to the resources.


Before leaving, the Big Elder gazed deeply at Lin Changsheng's figure. This might be the last time he saw him, and the pain in his heart was beyond words.




The moment he turned to leave, the Big Elder's heart ached unbearably. However, for the greater good, he had to steady his emotions and return home quickly.


Lin Changsheng looked down into the abyss of the Demon's Lair, pitch-black and seemingly endless, with no bottom in sight.


Prepared, Lin Changsheng plunged into the Demon's Lair.




In an instant, endless demonic energy surged towards Lin Changsheng, seeking to devour his mind and turn him into a mindless demon.


Lin Changsheng used the Calming Heart Dao Technique to keep himself composed, keeping the dense demonic energy outside his protective Barrier.


"Lin Changsheng really isn't afraid of death!"


Only when Lin Changsheng truly entered the Demon's Lair did the powerful figures believe this wasn't an illusion. They couldn't understand his actions, even secretly calling him a fool in their hearts.


Cultivation is not easy, especially for a Powerful Figure like Lin Changsheng who is at the Tribulation Crossing stage.


If the Demon's Lair were to truly erupt, it couldn't possibly harm Lin Changsheng; at worst, he would just leave the Flow Star Domain.


"He thinks he's a savior!"


Since Lin Changsheng had already gone in, some people no longer needed to wear their masks of pretense, sneering and whispering.


"If Lin Changsheng can place the Barrier Spiritual Pearl in the right spot, providing us with great assistance, whether we resolve the Demon's Lair or move away from the Flow Star Domain, we will have enough time."


The people would not owe Lin Changsheng any favors.


When a favor exceeds a certain limit, it is ignored by the common people, as it is too great to repay or even to want to repay.

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