Chapter 91 – A virgin body of ten thousand years

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"Every disciple of our Dao Yi Academy can enter the ancient tower three times. Don't worry, there will be more opportunities in the future."


Zhao Yichuan's attitude improved significantly after witnessing Chen Qingyuan's performance inside the ancient tower, and he spoke in a gentle voice.


Although Chen Qingyuan's limits were not yet clear, it was evident that his foundation was exceptionally solid and flawless.


In contrast, Song Ningyan was far behind Chen Qingyuan.


Whether it was the tempering of foundations across various realms or the assessment of one's Dao Heart, she couldn't compare to Chen Qingyuan.


Of course, finding another evildoer like Chen Qingyuan in the Northern Wilderness would be extremely difficult.


Zhao Yichuan was quite satisfied with Song Ningyan's performance and deemed her worthy of becoming his disciple.


"After three times, I won't be able to enter again?"


Chen Qingyuan asked.


"Mhm." Zhao Yichuan nodded gently: "It's a test and a way to temper oneself."


"That's not absolute. If you can reach the top and gain the tower's recognition, there will be no restrictions."


Lin Changsheng, who stood by, said with a smile in his eyes.


"May I ask who this predecessor is?"


Chen Qingyuan bowed in greeting.


"Just like your master, I am the Vice Dean of Dao Yi Academy, Lin Changsheng."


Lin Changsheng introduced himself, his gaze fixed on Chen Qingyuan, sizing him up.


Vice Dean!


Upon hearing this, Chen Qingyuan was startled and quickly bowed: "I pay my respects to Vice Dean Lin."


"No need for such formalities."


Lin Changsheng's face was full of kindness.


"You mentioned that once someone reaches the top, they can freely enter and exit the ancient tower. Is it very difficult?"


Chen Qingyuan felt that the trials within the tower were greatly beneficial, and if he could enter regularly for cultivation, the gains would be tremendous.


"It's not very difficult." Lin Changsheng began, and Chen Qingyuan felt a glimmer of hope. But the rest of the sentence made Chen Qingyuan's face change dramatically: "It's extremely difficult. The last person to reach the top did so twenty thousand years ago."


"What? Twenty thousand years ago?"


Chen Qingyuan exclaimed in shock.


"Little Chen, I believe you have a slim chance of reaching the top. Give it your all."


Lin Changsheng held high hopes for Chen Qingyuan after seeing his exceptional performance.


Had it not been for Yu Chenran taking the initiative first, Lin Changsheng would have certainly set aside his pride to take on a disciple. To have a suitable successor to carry on his legacy would allow him to die without regrets.


"Forget it! I don't have that kind of ability."


Chen Qingyuan modestly declined to boast.


"Young man, don't be too modest. Be proud when you should be proud, be arrogant when you should be arrogant. How else can you call yourself young? But there's one premise: be aware of what you're doing and don't cross the line."


Lin Changsheng's temperament was similar to Yu Chenran's; both were mischievous old men.


Who teaches young people like this? It's headache-inducing.


Zhao Yichuan interjected sternly to Chen Qingyuan: "Don't listen to Lin's nonsense. Acting as he suggests will only invite trouble."


Bro, he's the Vice Dean! Is it really okay for you to talk about him like that?


Chen Qingyuan widened his eyes, not understanding why an elder like Zhao Yichuan dared to disregard the Vice Dean.


Stealing a glance at Lin Changsheng, who was not angry but smiling as if accustomed to such treatment and unconcerned.


"I understand."


Chen Qingyuan suppressed his confusion and bowed in acknowledgment.


"Rest for a few days, and then I'll take you to handle a matter."


Zhao Yichuan intended to cultivate both Chen Qingyuan and Song Ningyan and decided to teach them well.


"What matter?"


Chen Qingyuan asked instinctively.


"You'll know when the time comes."


Zhao Yichuan did not explain, remaining mysterious.


Then, Zhao Yichuan left the ancient tower with the dazed Song Ningyan, needing to personally help her exit the illusion to prevent the formation of inner demons that could shake her foundation.


"Vice Dean Lin, I shall take my leave now."


Before departing, Chen Qingyuan bowed to Lin Changsheng.


Watching Chen Qingyuan leave, Lin Changsheng sipped his wine, his previously smiling face now stern as he muttered to himself: "This young man has immense talent. Can the Mystic Azure Sect return to its peak in this era? And what about the Demon's Lair in the Imperial Province? How should it be resolved?"


Back at Yunxi Residence, Chen Qingyuan immediately sat down to meditate and regulate his breath.


It took several hours for his heart to truly calm down, no longer troubled by the illusions of the ancient tower.


The trip to the ancient tower had been highly rewarding for Chen Qingyuan, further solidifying his foundation. Moreover, after four years of tempering, he felt his realm loosening and estimated that it wouldn't be long before he could break through to the mid-stage of the Golden Elixir Realm.


Resuming cultivation, Chen Qingyuan understood that rapidly increasing his Cultivation Level was not beneficial unless his foundation reached an Imperfectionless state, which would allow him to reach greater heights in the future.


With a long exhale, Chen Qingyuan walked to the edge of the clear lake, stood under a willow tree, and touched its soft branches, missing his family back at the Mystic Azure Sect.


The illusions in the ancient tower had presented the calamity of the Demon's Lair before Chen Qingyuan, causing a trace of worry in his heart and making him restless.


Chen Qingyuan pushed open the door of Yunxi Residence and headed to a certain hall of Dao Yi Academy.


Chenxin Hall, guarded by an Elder who was well-informed. For a certain number of Spirit Stones, one could learn much of the information they sought.


"I pay my respects to the Elder."


Chen Qingyuan entered the hall and bowed.


"No need for formalities."


A white-bearded old man was lying on a rocking chair, legs crossed, fanning himself, surrounded by fine fruits and wine, enjoying life leisurely.


The white-bearded old man got up lazily, took a few looks at Chen Qingyuan, recognized him immediately, and his attitude became much friendlier, asking with a smile: "So it's Vice Dean Yu's distinguished disciple. What brings you to Chenxin Hall?"


"I wish to inquire about some news."


Chen Qingyuan took out a Heaven and Earth Bag from his waist and placed it on the table.


"Sure thing." The white-bearded old man glanced at the Heaven and Earth Bag, his smile brightening: "What would you like to know, Nephew Chen?"


"The latest news of the Mystic Azure Sect and the matter of the Demon's Lair in the Flow Star Domain," Chen Qingyuan said.


"Wait a moment, let me check."


The white-bearded old man went to the back of the hall, where many jade slips containing important messages from various Star Domains and miscellaneous affairs were arranged according to a special order.


Before long, the white-bearded old man came out with a blue jade slip and handed it to Chen Qingyuan: "By the rules, this information is worth a thousand High-Quality Spirit Stones. However, since it's your first time seeking information at Dao Yi Academy, let's waive the fee. Take back your Heaven and Earth Bag."


"Is that really okay?"


Chen Qingyuan felt uneasy.


"If you don't take it back, you're disrespecting me."


The white-bearded old man feigned displeasure.


"Since the Elder has said so, I'll accept it gratefully. Thank you."


Sometimes, the things given for free are the most expensive.


"No need to thank me."


A thousand High-Quality Spirit Stones were nothing; the white-bearded old man could cover it for Chen Qingyuan, creating a good bond.


Yu Chenran had lived for so many years and finally took on a disciple like Chen Qingyuan, who would undoubtedly be cultivated well. Without accidents, Chen Qingyuan was bound to become a great figure, and now was the best time to forge a good relationship.


Chen Qingyuan's consciousness entered the blue jade slip, learning about the recent events in the Flow Star Domain.


Seeing that Lin Changsheng had entered the Demon's Lair alone, his heart skipped a beat, and his brow furrowed with worry. Fortunately, Lin Changsheng emerged from the Demon's Lair alive and unharmed.


After reading, Chen Qingyuan breathed a sigh of relief.


At the same time, a rumor about "a virgin body of ten thousand years" reached Zhao Yichuan's ears, causing him to fly into a rage, chasing down some Elders to give them a thrashing.


Previously, Zhao Yichuan was cut off from news while guarding the ancient tower. Now, he went door to door, beating up those Elders who had laughed the hardest back then.




Then they'd get beaten together!


Consequently, cries of pain echoed from a corner of Dao Yi Academy, causing the newly admitted disciples to shudder in fear.

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