Chapter 97 – Under the Buddhist Cauldron, the Demon Head

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The Buddhist Sect has always taken it upon themselves to bring salvation to all beings, indeed allowing countless ordinary creatures in the Eastern Land to live in peace, a feat worthy of admiration.


Once faced with a great trouble from the Imperial Province, the Buddhist Sect of the Eastern Land, knowing their own limitations, chose to seek safety in isolation.


At this moment, a sentence within Yu Chenran's jade slip affected the Old Monk's Dao Heart.


"Master Xuankong, if the Buddhist Sect of the Eastern Land cannot save all beings, can they save the successor of the Qing Sect who is trying to save them?"


This sentence echoed in the Old Monk's ears, lingering for a long time.


Old Yu, the next time we meet, I must "thank" you properly.


Looking across the entire Academy, the only person who could match the Old Monk in arm wrestling was the Dean who had disappeared for five thousand years.


Although the two Vice Deans were powerful, they still couldn't defeat the Old Monk.


"Enough, fate has arrived, the Buddhist Sect cannot avoid it."


After pondering for two whole days, the Old Monk finally decided to involve himself in this karma. He didn't have the ability to resolve the demon abyss, but he must protect Chen Qingyuan and not let the successor of the Qing Sect be secretly harmed by the thieves of this world.


Apart from the karma of the Qing Sect, there was also unrest within the Buddhist Sect.


This time, the Old Monk crushed a Sound Transmission talisman between realms, hoping to get Yu Chenran to come over and help, using the Academy's Secret Art to eliminate demonic obstacles and suppress an evildoer.


Although the Buddhist Sect of the Eastern Land was powerful, that demon was not simple, having been suppressed for tens of thousands of years without dying. Even with the Buddhist Sect's astonishing methods, it was very difficult to eradicate it.


"The Buddhist Sect speaks of karma, and if we could borrow a strand of the Qing Sect's power from young donor Chen, we could surely suppress the demon."


As it turned out, Chen Qingyuan's arrival was indeed more effective than any other method.


The Qing Sect had suppressed the demon abyss for three hundred thousand years, and its successor naturally possessed absolute suppressive power over the demon.


Under normal circumstances, one would need to awaken the memories of their inheritance to exert amazing strength. However, the Buddhist Sect had many Secret Arts that could force out the invisible karma from Chen Qingyuan in a short time.


When the time came, Daochen Monk stood outside the guest room and knocked gently: "Donor Chen."




The door opened, and Chen Qingyuan, dressed in a light white robe, stepped out with long strides.


"Please follow me."


Daochen Monk said with his hands clasped together.


With doubts in his heart, Chen Qingyuan said nothing and followed closely.


In the inner courtyard of the Buddhist Sect, there stood a black colossal cauldron, about a hundred meters tall.


The cauldron was pitch-black, engraved with countless ancient Sanskrit characters, and bore the mottled marks of the ages, having withstood the test of time.


Upon arriving, Chen Qingyuan saw hundreds of monks surrounding the black cauldron, sitting in meditation and chanting. In the Void, a Buddha statue with closed eyes condensed, exuding an overwhelming presence.


The Old Monk stood in front, facing the cauldron, with a faint golden Buddha light emerging from his body.




Daochen Monk gave Chen Qingyuan a look, signaling him to approach the Old Monk's position.


Chen Qingyuan, with a look of deep confusion, walked slowly.


"Master," Chen Qingyuan greeted with a bow.


"Donor Chen, this is the Buddhist Cauldron of Tianxu Temple, containing supreme Buddhist teachings."


The Old Monk turned his head and smiled at Chen Qingyuan, explaining, "Fifty thousand years ago, a very powerful demon appeared in the Eastern Land, who had refined a life star for cultivation, causing the fall of countless beings."


"Tianxu Temple and many strong individuals from the Buddhist Sect took action, and with great difficulty subdued the demon. Later, the Buddhist Sect spent much effort but could not completely eradicate the demon, so they had to suppress it under the Buddhist Cauldron, hoping to slowly eliminate it with the power of Buddhist teachings."


"Unfortunately, although the demon's physical body was destroyed, its demonic thoughts still lingered within the cauldron, and in recent years, there have even been tremors in the cauldron, indicating it might break free."


"A certain Secret Art of the Academy is quite effective in suppressing divine thoughts. Originally, the Buddhist Sect wanted to ask your Master to take action, but due to an unexpected turn of events, you, Donor Chen, have come instead."


After the Old Monk's explanation, Chen Qingyuan roughly understood the situation.


"Master, is the demon inside the Buddhist Cauldron really that terrifying?"


Fifty thousand years of Buddhist salvation had not been able to eradicate the demon, which was quite frightening!


"Extremely terrifying," the Old Monk said solemnly, "If the demonic thoughts escape the cauldron, countless innocent beings in the Eastern Land will suffer."


"I have just become a disciple of the Academy and have not yet learned the Supernatural Powers and Secret Arts you mentioned, Master. I'm afraid I won't be of much help."


Chen Qingyuan felt frustrated in his heart; with the situation being so serious, his Master sending him to the Eastern Land was nonsensical.


"No, Donor Chen, you can be of great help."


The Old Monk's words were laden with deep meaning.


Hearing this, Chen Qingyuan looked puzzled, his mind filled with question marks.


What help could I, a Golden Core stage Cultivator, possibly offer?


Chen Qingyuan glanced around casually; any of the monks sitting near the black cauldron was a terrifying figure in the Mahayana Realm. In the past, it would have been difficult for Chen Qingyuan to even see one, let alone so many.


Not only was Chen Qingyuan bewildered, but the monks present were also confused, chanting Buddhist scriptures while their eyes involuntarily glanced at Chen Qingyuan.


What role could Chen Qingyuan, a Golden Core stage Cultivator, possibly play?


Aside from the Old Monk, no one else believed it, including Chen Qingyuan himself.


"Master, you must be joking with me!" Chen Qingyuan said, "With my abilities, not only can I not help, but I might also cause more trouble."


"Do not worry, just follow this monk's instructions, and all will be settled."


The Old Monk gave a reassuring smile and then walked towards the Buddhist Cauldron.


The cauldron had four legs, and the Sanskrit on it was left by successive high-ranking monks of the Buddhist Sect, accumulating extremely powerful Buddhist teachings. Even so, the cauldron could only barely suppress the demon.


One could imagine how terrifying the demon inside the cauldron was, and it was unknown where it had come from.




The Old Monk placed his left hand on the body of the cauldron, activating Buddhist techniques, causing the cauldron to tremble.


The strand of demonic thought suppressed within the cauldron sensed unrest and wanted to break free, emitting a soul-piercing demonic sound that drew out the dark side of human nature.


Fortunately, those present were all enlightened monks, not so easily deceived. If it were monks of ordinary cultivation, they would have already lost their minds and become demonic beings by now.


As for Chen Qingyuan, he listened to the demonic sound without being affected at all, finding it quite ordinary.




A fierce wind howled like the cries of ghosts and the wails of wolves.


Dark clouds gathered, obscuring the sun, and the realm of Tianxu Temple lost its sunlight, becoming dark and oppressive, making one's soul feel suffocated.


"Evildoer, this monk already knows your intentions, and will not let you harm the world."


A few years ago, the Buddhist Cauldron's Law showed anomalies, and after many deductions, the Old Monk knew that the demonic thought inside had found an opportunity. To prevent the situation from worsening, the Old Monk naturally had to find a way to resolve it.


"If I break the cauldron, I will surely kill you bald donkeys!"


The demonic thought no longer hid, erupting with terrifying demonic might, and despite the suppression of the Buddhist Cauldron, it could not be concealed.

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