Chapter 94 – Master, the disciple has left

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After leaving, Chen Qingyuan could finally breathe a sigh of relief. Tending to the Black Python every day had put immense psychological pressure on him.


"You, lad, not bad at all!"


Zhao Yichuan stared at Chen Qingyuan, his tone slightly somber.


Chen Qingyuan offered an awkward smile, choosing not to speak.


"Your Master is looking for you, hurry on over!"


If it weren't for this, Zhao Yichuan would definitely have wanted to chat more with Chen Qingyuan, to understand him more deeply.




Chen Qingyuan bowed respectfully and turned to leave, moving swiftly without any hesitation, as if afraid Zhao Yichuan would keep him there.


As Zhao Yichuan's disciple, Song Ningyan had nowhere else to go and had to stay put.


"Now that you've joined my sect, you must be prepared to endure hardships. Follow me."


Although Song Ningyan's performance was acceptable so far, she had yet to truly satisfy Zhao Yichuan. She needed further assessment and tempering.


Song Ningyan followed Zhao Yichuan closely, embarking on a new round of torment.


For the sake of her future, Song Ningyan would not shrink back; she was determined to persevere through the pain.


Chen Qingyuan returned to Yunxi Residence, changed into clean clothes, and headed to his Master Yu Chenran's abode.


Yu Chenran lived in Baiyan Palace, a place of picturesque scenery. No matter from which angle one observed, it resembled a rare and beautiful landscape painting, with wild geese soaring through the clouds and spiritual fish leaping out of the water.


By the lakeside, Yu Chenran sat in an ancient pavilion in the outer courtyard, dressed in a dark cloth robe, his expression kind and benevolent.




Chen Qingyuan approached the pavilion and bowed in greeting.


"Not bad, it seems you've gained quite a bit over the years."


Yu Chenran appraised Chen Qingyuan for a moment and nodded in satisfaction.


"It's alright," Chen Qingyuan said with a simple smile.


"Come, have a seat!"


Yu Chenran gestured.


Thus, Chen Qingyuan sat opposite Yu Chenran, somewhat restrained.


"Master, did you call me here for something?"


After a moment of silence, Chen Qingyuan couldn't help but ask.


"I need you to do something. Go to the Eastern Land."


Yu Chenran said.


"The Eastern Land?" Chen Qingyuan's expression changed, clearly surprised. "Master, what do I need to do there?"


The world was divided into five regions: Imperial Province, Northern Wilderness, Western Border, Southern Region, and Eastern Land.


Each region encompassed thousands of Star Domains, and each Star Domain contained countless stars.


"A long time ago, I owed a favor to a high monk in the Eastern Land. A few days ago, that monk crushed a two-realm communication talisman, sending a message that he needed my help. As my disciple, you should help me repay this favor, right?"


Yu Chenran stated confidently.


"…" Chen Qingyuan really wanted to refuse, but when he saw Yu Chenran's uncompromising gaze, he felt a bit intimidated and said diplomatically, "Master, isn't it a bit improper for your disciple to repay a favor you owe?"


"Are you saying you don't want to help your Master?"


Yu Chenran countered.


"It's not that, disciple just fears that my abilities are insufficient and I might botch things up."


Chen Qingyuan quickly thought of a plausible excuse.


"Don't worry about that. As long as you go, you will definitely be of help. Moreover, with you handling this matter, it will be more efficient."


In fact, Yu Chenran had seen through Chen Qingyuan's reluctance to go, but he didn't point it out.


"I'm just a Golden Elixir Cultivator, isn't that a bit much?"


Chen Qingyuan felt his Master was leading him on, muttering under his breath.


"That's settled then, no room for argument."


To dispel Chen Qingyuan's reluctance to go to the Eastern Land, Yu Chenran put on a stern facade.


"Alright then!"


With the conversation having reached this point, Chen Qingyuan knew he had no choice but to reluctantly agree.


Seeing Chen Qingyuan's agreement, Yu Chenran dropped the stern expression and revealed a kind smile. "Qingyuan is the most understanding, good boy."


Are you coaxing a three-year-old?


Chen Qingyuan's eyes were filled with silent grievances, on the verge of tears.


Chen Qingyuan had thought he could finally live a few peaceful days, but just as he had escaped the Black Python's control, he now had to venture into a new and unknown dangerous place. Life was truly difficult.


"Master, is this trip dangerous?"


With things as they were, Chen Qingyuan needed to understand the specifics of the mission to the Eastern Land.


"Not dangerous."


Yu Chenran replied.


Hearing this answer, Chen Qingyuan tensed up, determined to bring all his life-saving tricks with him, not daring to be the slightest bit negligent.


"Can you tell me what exactly I need to do?"


Chen Qingyuan inquired.


"You'll know once you get there."


Yu Chenran smiled knowingly.


"Master, you can't be setting your disciple up like this!"


Seeing the smile on his Master's lips, Chen Qingyuan felt a chill, his heart sinking.


"What do you mean setting you up? I'm doing this for your own good."


Yu Chenran stroked his beard, speaking righteously.


"Do you think your disciple will believe that?"


Since he was already on the 'thief's ship', Chen Qingyuan was no longer afraid of Yu Chenran. He picked up the teapot from the table, poured himself a cup of tea, and drank it all in one gulp.


"My painstaking efforts will become clear to you in time."


Yu Chenran said with a smile that was not quite a smile.


"Pfft!" Chen Qingyuan pursed his lips, his expression helpless.


These kinds of deceptive words, I've heard them countless times, how could they possibly fool me.


Chen Qingyuan didn't believe a single word, not even a single letter, from Yu Chenran.


"Prepare today, and set off tomorrow morning."


Yu Chenran calculated the time, insisting on a prompt departure without delay.


"That soon!"


Chen Qingyuan's eyes widened upon hearing the schedule.


"The matter is urgent, time is precious, we cannot afford to delay."


Yu Chenran stated.


"The Eastern Land is far away, I might encounter many troubles. Aren't you going to give me some protective treasures, old man?"


Chen Qingyuan's words were quite clear.


"When venturing out to gain experience, one must rely on their own abilities. Having too many protective treasures won't serve to temper you."


Yu Chenran tactfully refused.




Master, you're being too stingy!


Chen Qingyuan thought about throwing in the towel, but after some consideration, he decided to just go with it.


You can't twist an arm stronger than your own; one must learn to bow their head.


Besides, bowing to one's own Master isn't shameful.


The next day, under Yu Chenran's urging, Chen Qingyuan set off on his journey to the Eastern Land.


Yu Chenran told Chen Qingyuan the shortest route and gave him a Teleportation Jade Talisman. With this talisman, he could use the great teleportation arrays scattered across various Star Domains, significantly shortening the travel time.


According to Yu Chenran's arrangements, by using the great teleportation arrays, Chen Qingyuan could reach the Eastern Land in at most a month.


Previously, without access to teleportation arrays, crossing just two Star Domains would take Chen Qingyuan several months. Now that he was better off, his travel speed had increased significantly.


"Master, your disciple is leaving."


"Mm, safe travels."


"Master, I'm really going now."


Chen Qingyuan looked back every three steps, his eyes reluctant, not wanting to be a laborer. Most importantly, he wanted to get some life-saving means from Yu Chenran.


"Go on!"


Yu Chenran waved his hand.


"Master, will you miss your disciple?"


Chen Qingyuan took a few steps, then turned back to ask.




Yu Chenran nodded gently.




Chen Qingyuan turned back again.


This time, before Chen Qingyuan could finish speaking, Yu Chenran kicked him through the air, cursing, "You're not done yet, huh?!"




Chen Qingyuan was kicked out of the small world of Dao Yi Academy and appeared in a corner of a Star Domain in the Northern Wilderness.

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