Chapter 075 – An exciting night

This was something Li Changqing had overheard while he was at the Peak of Ten Thousand Slaughters, during a casual conversation between two senior sisters.

“Hmm? Does it hurt?”

Zhou Jun looked at Li Hengsheng in surprise, “It can hurt, but it’s not always the case. It depends on the situation. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t.”

“Moreover, we don’t need to go out. We have it right here in our Dao Mountain Ancient Land.” Zhou Jun said, “What are those things outside compared to what we have here in Dao Mountain Ancient Land?”

“We have it here too?”

Li Hengsheng was taken aback.

He had been in Dao Mountain Ancient Land for several years and had no idea.

He didn’t expect the entertainment options in Dao Mountain Ancient Land to be… quite thrilling.

Gradually, Zhou Jun led Li Hengsheng to a mountain peak. The peak was somewhat quiet, with the sound of the wind rustling the grass. Looking up, they could vaguely see a large manor in the distance.

“Is that the place?” Li Hengsheng felt his heart pounding with nervousness.

“Yes.” Zhou Jun jumped off his horse and said, “Let’s walk over there.”

“Oh.” Li Hengsheng obediently dismounted, although he didn’t understand, he trusted Zhou Jun. After all, his third senior brother seemed very experienced.

Following Zhou Jun, they headed towards the manor. However, the further they walked, the more Li Hengsheng felt something was off.

Why wasn’t this place bustling?

In his impression, such places were usually filled with lights and music, with beautiful ladies everywhere trying to attract customers. Why was it so quiet here?

Just as he was thinking, the two of them had arrived outside the manor. Zhou Jun looked around and then climbed over the wall.

Li Hengsheng followed suit.

Once inside the manor, a scent of herbs wafted over.

Li Hengsheng looked closely and found that it was a huge herb garden, even larger than the one on Qingyu Mountain, and it was planted with a wide variety of medicinal herbs.

“Senior Brother, where is this?”

Li Hengsheng was a bit confused.

“Bai Ling Peak.” Zhou Jun didn’t turn his head, but squatted in the grass as if observing something.

“Bai Ling Peak?” Li Hengsheng blinked, the name sounded familiar.

Wasn’t this the mountain where the legendary second senior sister lived?

“Senior Brother, did you say you brought me here to find chickens?” Li Hengsheng asked with a puzzled face.

“Yes, didn’t I bring you here to catch spirit chickens? Tonight is a full moon, the peak time for moon essence, and the spirit chickens love to quietly absorb the moon essence. So, it’s easier to catch them tonight.” Zhou Jun explained to Li Hengsheng, “And our second senior sister hasn’t returned yet, so we have a great chance.”

Li Hengsheng felt like he had been hit by a ton of bricks.

All his mental preparation was for this?

“Third Senior Brother, what did you mean when you said it hurt the first time?”

“Ah, the first time I stole a spirit chicken, I was caught by the second senior sister and got beaten up. Of course, it hurt.” Zhou Jun said calmly, “But as long as we’re not caught, the second senior sister won’t have any evidence, and we won’t get beaten. Don’t worry.”

“Let’s take advantage of the second senior sister’s absence and catch a couple.”

At this moment, they could see from a distance that as the moonlight shone down, many spirit chickens were coming out of their nests.

The spirit chickens had blue feathers and colorful combs, making them look very beautiful.

Each one was robust, about the size of a large dog.

At this moment, they were leisurely walking out, then quietly lying down, half-closing their eyes, as if enjoying the touch of the moonlight.

“Hehe, they’re out.” Zhou Jun whispered, “We need to be careful. Although the second senior sister is not at home, there are still many servants in her manor. If they see us, it will be troublesome.”

“Oh.” Li Hengsheng responded, clearly lacking enthusiasm.

“Action!” As if the timing was right, Zhou Jun suddenly shouted, and his figure shot out like an arrow.

Li Hengsheng followed closely behind.

Anyway, he was already on the thief’s ship.

He might as well catch one and taste it. Maybe it’s really delicious.

After all, it’s just a chicken. What’s the difference in eating it?

The two quickly approached the spirit chickens. Zhou Jun reached out and grabbed a chicken by the neck, holding it tightly. The spirit chicken flapped its wings violently, trying to struggle.

But who was Zhou Jun?

With his extraordinary skills, how could he let a spirit chicken escape?

Li Hengsheng also followed suit and grabbed one.

Although the spirit chicken was very strong, Li Hengsheng’s Sun-Moon Immortal-Demon Divine Body was not trained in vain. A spirit chicken couldn’t escape from him.

“Haha, we got them. Let’s go quickly and roast them when we get back.” Zhou Jun said hurriedly.

The two climbed over the wall and rode away on their horses.

“Fourth Brother, was it exciting?”

Zhou Jun asked with an excited look on his face.

Li Hengsheng: “Oh.”

Upon returning to Sanjun Peak, Zhou Jun immediately got busy.

Killing a chicken.

Plucking its feathers.

Then cleaning it, and soon after, he started roasting it over the fire.

Before long, the delicious aroma began to waft through the air.

Upon smelling this, Li Hengsheng’s eyes lit up.

He had eaten roast chicken before, but the aroma of this one was truly enticing.

Beside the fire, Zhou Jun was sprinkling spices, the chicken meat was golden and glistening. As it slowly roasted over the small fire, droplets of oil began to drip down.

What’s more, the aroma of the chicken was mixed with a hint of herbal fragrance.

It was incredibly tempting.

“Haha, a great harvest, a great harvest. It’s been a long time since I’ve eaten this,” Zhou Jun said, looking extremely excited.

After more than an hour, Zhou Jun felt that the chicken was almost done. He reached out, tore off a chicken leg, and handed it to Li Hengsheng.

“Fourth Brother, have a taste,” Zhou Jun said, “Once you take a bite, you’ll fall in love with it.”

Li Hengsheng took it, the aroma was intoxicating.

The herbal fragrance was not at all overpowering, but rather it enhanced the meaty aroma. The meaty aroma mixed with the fresh fragrance, completely elevating the taste.

The meat was tender and juicy, the golden chicken skin was oily, making it look very appetizing.

Li Hengsheng took a bite, the rich juice from the chicken leg seeped out, the aroma of the chicken skin’s fat instantly filled his mouth, while the faint herbal fragrance perfectly balanced the greasiness.

Li Hengsheng’s eyes also lit up!

This chicken was too delicious.

The mouth was full of lingering aroma, the tender chicken meat had no hint of toughness. Not too many heavy seasonings were used, just some basic salt and the like, which preserved the original flavor of the meat to a greater extent.

Li Hengsheng couldn’t help but take a few more bites.

“Hehe, it’s delicious, isn’t it?” Zhou Jun winked, “It was worth the trip, wasn’t it?”

“Mm-hmm.” Li Hengsheng nodded.

The two of them ate like a whirlwind, and the two chickens quickly disappeared into their stomachs.

Li Hengsheng felt that this was the most satisfying chicken meal he had ever had.

Zhou Jun’s stomach was also bulging. He lay on the ground with a blissful expression and said, “So satisfying, even if Second Sister comes to kill me, I’d accept it.”

“By the way, Fourth Brother, you came to see me today because you wanted to ask me something, right?”

Zhou Jun suddenly remembered that Li Hengsheng had said he wanted to ask him something.

If Zhou Jun hadn’t mentioned it, Li Hengsheng would have almost forgotten.

“Master suggested that I go out and explore, and try challenging the Nine-Tier Battle Pavilion and the Beast Gathering. But I’ve never been there before, so I wanted to ask you what I need to prepare.”

“You? Challenge the Nine-Tier Battle Pavilion?” Zhou Jun was surprised, “Has Master gone mad? You’re at the seventh level of the Transcendence Realm, and he’s letting you try the Nine-Tier Battle Pavilion?”

“Isn’t Master afraid you’ll become disheartened?” Zhou Jun rubbed his head, “Many people have had their cultivation spirit crushed in the Nine-Tier Battle Pavilion. Master is really daring.”

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