Category: My Father Has Definitely Been Possessed

“With each stroke, a river and a sea are painted, and with a brush, mountains and rivers are determined.

Some people admire a painting depicting a fierce ox toppling a mountain and comprehend the profound martial art technique called ‘Crushing Mountain Force.’ With boundless strength, one can move mountains barehanded!

Others gaze upon a sword shining with a cold moonlight in the painting, thus realizing the ‘Cold Moon Divine Sword Art.’ With this sword, they can slay otherworldly beings and gain fame that resounds in all directions.

Li Changqing, a top woodcarver, transmigrates into the world of Cangyuan. He discovers that his woodcarvings are more enlightening than his paintings. From being a destitute and worthless painter, he rises to the pinnacle of the Cangyuan world.

In his previous life, he indulged in sculpture and ended up raising a wayward child. However, in this world of Cangyuan, he has a well-behaved and filial son who lacks talent but dreams of becoming an immortal through cultivation.

If my son wants to become an immortal, then as his father, I will help him achieve it!

However, Li Hengsheng, the son, begins to suspect that his useless daydreaming and money-begging father may have been possessed by someone else!”

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