Chapter 074 – Senior brother takes you to find chicken

This inexplicable smile made Li Hengsheng shiver in his heart.

What did this smile mean?

However, what Xu Muhai said did strengthen Li Hengsheng’s desire to take on the challenge.

“I’ll give it a try later.” Li Hengsheng wasn’t so hot-blooded as to rush in without thinking. He would at least ask his third senior brother, Zhou Jun, for his opinion first.

“Alright, practice well. If you have any questions, come to me.”

After Xu Muhai finished speaking, he left.

In the past, Xu Muhai didn’t hold much hope for his disciple, but today, seeing that Li Hengsheng had comprehended the “Zhaoshan Wangxian Diagram” and was practicing the “Overlord Immortal Spear Technique”, Xu Muhai became interested.

He wanted to see how far Li Hengsheng could go.

With the backing of his father, Li Changqing, a big shot, the future of the Postnatal Realm seemed promising!

After Xu Muhai left, Li Hengsheng went back and practiced with the Chasing Immortal Spear in the bamboo forest behind the mountain.

The feel of the Chasing Immortal Spear was beyond words.

Li Hengsheng loved it very much.

Strong yet flexible, it was a perfect match with the “Overlord Immortal Spear Technique”.

It was nothing like the ordinary iron spears he had used before.

Li Hengsheng had now cultivated two bloodlines.

When he used the Overlord Immortal Spear Technique at full strength, he could unleash the fourth spear.

But that was the limit.

Li Hengsheng felt that if he was willing to risk his life, it might be possible to unleash the fifth spear.

But if he did that, he might really die.

Each spear of the Overlord Immortal Spear Technique was more explosive than the last. Although Li Hengsheng’s physical body and blood were strong, there was a limit.

“The power of the Overlord Immortal Spear Technique unleashed by the Chasing Immortal Spear has gone up a notch.” Li Hengsheng, feeling the surging blood in his body that was almost impossible to suppress, gasped, “But this spear technique is really hard to practice.”

“This is just the beginning. The later spears are harder than the previous ones. I should be doing pretty well in my practice.” Li Hengsheng thought to himself.

If the Pavilion Master of the Floating Image Pavilion and Xu Muhai knew that Li Hengsheng, who was only at the seventh level of the Transcendence Realm, could unleash the fourth spear, they would probably be speechless with astonishment.

Because among the four people who had practiced the “Overlord Immortal Spear Technique” and died, only one could unleash two spears.

Another one could unleash the third spear.

The last one, the strongest, could only unleash the fifth spear.

However, all four of them had entered the Postnatal Realm.

Especially the disciple who could barely unleash the fifth spear, he had already reached the peak of the Postnatal Realm.

“In actual combat, relying solely on these four spears, it’s really easy to get into trouble.”

Li Hengsheng now understood what the Pavilion Master of the Floating Image Pavilion had said.

This spear technique was indeed domineering and powerful.

In a one-on-one fight where the strength difference was not significant, it would definitely have the upper hand, and could even kill enemies of higher levels.

But if there were more enemies, it would be dangerous.

In the evening.

When Li Hengsheng came back from the back mountain, he said to Xu Kui, “Uncle Xu, I won’t be eating at home tonight. I’m going out.”

“Alright, do you need me to accompany you?” Xu Kui asked.

“No need, I’m not leaving the mountain gate. I’m going to visit my third senior brother.” Li Hengsheng said with a smile.

“Alright.” Xu Kui nodded.

If Li Hengsheng were to leave Dao Mountain Ancient Land and go outside, Xu Kui would definitely follow. Each of the direct disciples was precious and couldn’t afford to have any accidents.

Zhou Jun lived on Sanjun Peak.

This was Li Hengsheng’s first visit.

After arriving here, Li Hengsheng truly felt that Qingyu Mountain was indeed very good, with the spiritual energy in the entire mountain being a notch higher.

The one who greeted Li Hengsheng was the steward of Zhou Jun’s mansion.

“Please wait a moment, I’ll go and call the young master.” The steward served tea to Li Hengsheng and then left.

Li Hengsheng sipped his tea while looking around the room.

Not long after, Zhou Jun’s voice came from outside, “Hahaha, Fourth Brother, is that you? What a rare visitor! If you didn’t come tonight, I was planning to visit you.”

Then Zhou Jun, looking spirited, walked in from outside.

Seeing Zhou Jun’s excited face, Li Hengsheng was taken aback. Was there a need to be so excited?

Something was off about his gaze.

Could it be that his third senior brother had some kind of unspoken interest in him?

Wasn’t he walking into a trap then?

Li Hengsheng became a little wary.

“You came at the right time, Fourth Brother. I’m going to take you out for some fun.” Zhou Jun said with a big laugh.

“Go out?”

Li Hengsheng was surprised, “Where to?”

“Of course, I’m taking you to find some excitement.” Zhou Jun said with a grin, “You, ever since you became a disciple of our master, you’ve been practicing on Qingyu Mountain almost all the time. Don’t you find it boring? It’s best to balance work and rest in cultivation.”

“I heard that you rarely went out when you were on the Peak of Ten Thousand Slaughters. This kind of mentality is not good, it affects the speed of cultivation. I’ll take you out for some fun!”

Zhou Jun was full of nonsense, telling Li Hengsheng about the various benefits of going out for fun.

Li Hengsheng’s mouth twitched.

Affect the speed of cultivation?

Did his cultivation speed need to be affected?

Was there any room for it to decrease?

“Senior Brother, I came to ask you something.” Li Hengsheng started to speak.

“Let’s put everything else aside for now.” Zhou Jun looked outside and said, “It’s almost time. It’s getting dark. We should get ready to go. We can talk about other things when we come back.”

“Alright then.” Since Zhou Jun had said so, Li Hengsheng naturally couldn’t say anything else.

Zhou Jun took Li Hengsheng and rode out on the Purple Lightning.

“Senior Brother, where are we going?”

“I’m taking you to find some chicks.” Zhou Jun said mysteriously.

“What!” Li Hengsheng was taken aback.

“I’m still a child, Senior Brother!”

“What’s wrong with being a child? Children will grow up sooner or later.” Zhou Jun said nonchalantly, “There are some things that you will have to experience sooner or later. Otherwise, how will you survive in the Cangyuan Realm in the future?”

“But, but…” Li Hengsheng stammered, with Lu Qiaoqiao’s face appearing in his mind.

Seeing Li Hengsheng’s hesitation, Zhou Jun laughed, “I was also very hesitant the first time. I felt that it was somewhat wrong to do this. But after experiencing it…”

“Ah, the feeling is really indescribable!” Zhou Jun seemed to be reminiscing.”You, young man, should just follow your senior brother and enjoy the good life,” Zhou Jun said with a beaming smile to Li Hengsheng.

Li Hengsheng’s heart was in turmoil. The world of adults was indeed complex, but he knew he would have to face it all sooner or later. He would have to grow up.

“Are we going down the mountain to the city?” Li Hengsheng thought of the times at the Peak of Ten Thousand Slaughters when he would accompany the elders down the mountain to make purchases. He remembered the warm and inviting pavilion in the city, and the young girls at the entrance, their beauty enhanced by the fluttering flowers.

Each one was so charming and alluring.

Every time they passed by, his fellow disciples couldn’t help but steal a few more glances.

Li Hengsheng had thought that such places would have nothing to do with him in this lifetime, but now, unexpectedly…

Today, he was going to experience it all.

“Senior brother,” Li Hengsheng mustered the courage to ask, “I… I heard that the first time can be painful, is that true?”

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