Chapter 076 – Nine Truths Spear Diagram

“What do you mean?”

Upon hearing Zhou Jun’s words and recalling the eerie smile on Xu Muhai’s face when he mentioned this matter, Li Hengsheng felt there was a trap.

“The Gathering of Ten Thousand Beasts and the Ninefold Battle Pavilion, I’ve told you about them before, right? In fact, these two places are more akin to two powerful Painting Treasures.”

Zhou Jun’s face turned serious, a rare sight.

Li Hengsheng nodded. Zhou Jun had mentioned this before.

“The entrances to the Gathering of Ten Thousand Beasts and the Ninefold Battle Pavilion are located in the Mirror Heart Lake,” Zhou Jun said. “The Mirror Heart Lake is also a very powerful Painting Treasure. Its function is to allow people to enter a virtual illusion, and the Gathering of Ten Thousand Beasts and the Ninefold Battle Pavilion are hidden within it.”

“In this way, disciples who enter the Gathering of Ten Thousand Beasts or the Ninefold Battle Pavilion, even if they die in battle inside, will not truly die. It’s more of a virtual fall.”

“That’s amazing!” Li Hengsheng was somewhat surprised. There was such a treasure!

“Both the Ninefold Battle Pavilion and the Gathering of Ten Thousand Beasts are extremely dangerous places. The death rate is as high as ninety-nine percent. Without the Mirror Heart Lake, no one would dare to enter.”

“But with the Mirror Heart Lake, the disciples of our Dao Mountain Ancient Land can continuously enter and grow.”

“However, although the physical body will not truly die, the mental torment is immense,” Zhou Jun sighed lightly. “After all, the feeling of death can easily cause psychological trauma. If one dies too many times, it can lead to numbness and even affect one’s character in reality.”

“That’s why the sect limits the number of times disciples can enter.”

Li Hengsheng seemed to understand. If one were to die repeatedly, over time, one might become indifferent to life.

In reality, when faced with danger, one might forget that they are in reality, leading to a significant increase in their death rate.

“The feeling of death in the Gathering of Ten Thousand Beasts is terrifying, but the Ninefold Battle Pavilion is the real place where one’s Dao heart collapses,” Zhou Jun said helplessly. “There are nine guardians in the Ninefold Battle Pavilion. As long as you defeat the nine guardians, you can pass. But their strength is…”

At this point, Zhou Jun seemed to shiver involuntarily.

“I don’t know how many disciples began to question their lives after challenging the Ninefold Battle Pavilion, and their Dao hearts were obstructed, and their cultivation stagnated,” Zhou Jun said with lingering fear.

“Is it that powerful?”

Li Hengsheng was somewhat surprised.

“Yes,” Zhou Jun nodded. “The guardians of the Ninefold Battle Pavilion are all freakishly strong. They represent the pinnacle of each realm. I challenge them once a month.”

“Which level have you challenged, senior brother?” Li Hengsheng asked curiously.

“The third level,” Zhou Jun’s face showed a trace of bitterness.

“The third level?” Li Hengsheng found it hard to believe. Zhou Jun was very strong, but he only reached the third level?

“The guardian of the third level is actually only at the peak of the acquired realm, but even so, I barely made it through last month,” Zhou Jun sighed lightly. “As for the guardian of the fourth level of the Ninefold Battle Pavilion, who is at the same cultivation level as me…”

“I was killed by him before I could even withstand a single move,” Zhou Jun shrugged, seemingly accustomed to it.

Li Hengsheng was deeply shocked.

Both were at the peak of the acquired realm, and Zhou Jun’s cultivation should be quite strong among them, but…

He couldn’t even block a single move?

That’s too terrifying, right?

No wonder many people’s Dao hearts collapsed.

They thought their strength was not bad, but they were easily killed by someone of the same realm. If their mentality was not good, they would really collapse, right?

“So, Fourth Brother, if you want to challenge, you need to be mentally prepared,” Zhou Jun looked at Li Hengsheng and said. “I see that your vitality is strong, and I’ve heard that you practice the Overlord Immortal Spear Technique. You might be able to challenge the Ninefold Battle Pavilion one-on-one, but you’ll be at a disadvantage in the Gathering of Ten Thousand Beasts.”

“After all, what you’re challenging in the Gathering of Ten Thousand Beasts are countless Spirit Beasts. Your Overlord Immortal Spear Technique doesn’t seem to have much advantage in group battles.”

Zhou Jun analyzed for Li Hengsheng.

Li Hengsheng understood.

“I see. I’ll go to the Floating Image Pavilion again tomorrow.” Li Hengsheng decided to find another spear technique to try and practice, to make up for his shortcomings.

“No need to go to the Floating Image Pavilion,” Zhou Jun said with a smile. “Just wait here.”

With that, Zhou Jun stood up and left.

It was not until an incense stick’s time later that Zhou Jun returned, holding a scroll in his hand.

He handed the scroll to Li Hengsheng: “This is the ‘Nine True Divine Spear Diagram’. It’s not the original, just a copy, but I believe in your comprehension, Fourth Brother. It shouldn’t be difficult for you to comprehend the spear technique within.”

“Nine True Divine Spear Diagram?”

Li Hengsheng curiously opened the scroll.

He found that it depicted a long, earthy-yellow spear.

This spear was different from the Overlord Immortal Spear, it was much larger, giving a particularly heavy and solid feeling.

“This spear technique is expansive and heavy, integrating offense and defense. Whether it’s attacking or defending, it’s very powerful,” Zhou Jun said. “It’s more suitable for you. The Overlord Immortal Spear is indeed strong, but it consumes too much!”

“If you can comprehend it, understanding two spear techniques will be beneficial for you.”

If it were someone else, Zhou Jun would definitely not suggest this.For a person to comprehend a single spear technique is already quite remarkable, devoting all their energy to understanding a second one would only hinder their cultivation.

But Li Hengsheng was different.

His comprehension was astonishing.

In Zhou Jun’s view, two types of spear techniques had no effect on Li Hengsheng.

“Thank you, third senior brother.” Li Hengsheng was deeply moved.

Although Zhou Jun seemed a bit eccentric, he was truly beyond reproach.

“I have no use for this thing either.” Zhou Jun said with a smile, “If you can make use of it, that would be best.”

“By the way, senior brother, is this Nine Truths Spear also on the Divine Weapon List?” Li Hengsheng suddenly asked curiously.

“You know about the Divine Weapon List?” Zhou Jun looked at Li Hengsheng in surprise, then nodded and said, “Yes, the Nine Truths Spear, ranked sixty-seventh on the Divine Weapon List. It is rumored that the current owner of the Nine Truths Spear is Zhao Beiming, the Great General of the North Cold Country.”

“North Cold Country…” Li Hengsheng had heard of this name. In the Cangyuan Realm, the North Cold Country was one of the top nations.

Its strength was extremely formidable.

Looking at the “Nine Truths Spear Diagram” in his hand, Li Hengsheng decided to go back and try to comprehend it.

Otherwise, as Zhou Jun said, with the countless Spirit Beasts in the Beast Gathering, his Overlord Immortal Spear would not be able to survive.

However, he could first try the Nine-Tier Battle Pavilion.

Having heard about the terrifying Nine-Tier Battle Pavilion from Zhou Jun, Li Hengsheng became interested.

He wondered what kind of level those top-notch powerhouses were at.

He really wanted to have a good fight to test his current level.

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