Chapter 073 – Gun name ‘Chasing Immortality’

This spear is exactly like the Overlord Immortal Spear.

Xu Muhai had seen the image of the Overlord Immortal Spear in the Floating Image Pavilion, and this spear was crafted exactly according to its design.

Could it be…

“You’re practicing the Overlord Immortal Spear Technique?” Xu Muhai looked at Li Hengsheng in shock.

“Yes.” Li Hengsheng didn’t hide it.

“Nonsense!” Xu Muhai was really anxious, “The Overlord Immortal Spear Technique is a forbidden spear technique. Everyone who practiced it ended up in trouble. What was Li Jinsong thinking, allowing you to practice this!”

“Master, it’s not the Pavilion Master’s fault. I asked to practice this myself.” Li Hengsheng explained, “My body refining martial arts are very strong, my physical strength and vitality are superior to others, which perfectly matches the explosive training method of the Overlord Immortal Spear Technique, so I chose it.”

“Don’t worry, Master, I’ll be careful.” Li Hengsheng added.

He really liked the Overlord Immortal Spear Technique.

When Xu Kui came to find him just now, Li Hengsheng was practicing the Overlord Immortal Spear Technique. However, Li Hengsheng didn’t have a suitable spear, and it wasn’t convenient to practice in the training room.

So, Li Hengsheng created a new way to practice.

Practicing with finger techniques!

If those who had practiced the Overlord Immortal Spear Technique before knew about this, they would probably jump out of their graves in fright.

The Overlord Immortal Spear Technique is all about extreme explosion.

Every time the spear is used, it releases a vast amount of inner strength or vitality from a small outlet, resulting in an explosive output.

Even using an iron spear to its full extent would render the spear useless, let alone a human finger.

Even the fingers might be blown off.

However, when Li Hengsheng’s cultivation reached the seventh level of the Transcendence Realm, he found that there was an additional bloodline in the figure within the Sun-Moon Divine Light of his Sun-Moon Immortal-Demon Divine Body!

The addition of this bloodline not only made Li Hengsheng’s body stronger and his vitality more vigorous, but more importantly, Li Hengsheng clearly felt that his control over the vitality within his body had become more precise.

After several attempts, Li Hengsheng was able to simulate the thirty-three layers of the Overlord Immortal Spear Technique through finger techniques.

Li Hengsheng kept trying and became more and more familiar with it.

In the end, Li Hengsheng named this finger technique.

He called it the Layered Wave Finger.

With Li Hengsheng’s current control over his body, he could precisely control the amount of vitality output, achieving a state where he could maximize the finger technique without hurting himself.

However, its power naturally couldn’t compare with the real Overlord Immortal Spear Technique.

Moreover, the Layered Wave Finger was already at its limit when Li Hengsheng used the fifth finger.

If he forced himself to use the sixth finger, he wouldn’t be able to suppress the rolling vitality.

“If something happens to you, I won’t be able to explain to your father. The Overlord Immortal Spear Technique is too demonic, you’d better use it less.”

Xu Muhai frowned and said, “If you really like spear techniques, it’s best to comprehend another spear technique to use in combination.”

“My father?” Li Hengsheng asked in surprise, “Master, do you know my father?”

“Huh?” Xu Muhai saw Li Hengsheng looking at him strangely. Xu Muhai remembered what Li Changqing had told him before, not to let Li Hengsheng know about him.

“I don’t know him.” Xu Muhai lied without blushing or panting, “What I meant was, you are your father’s precious son. If something happens to you, your father will be heartbroken. How am I going to explain to your father then?”

So that’s what he meant.

Li Hengsheng didn’t doubt him.

Thinking about it, Xu Muhai was the Peak Master of Dao Mountain Ancient Land.

With such a status, how could his father possibly know him?

“Thank you for your concern, Master. I’ll remember.” Li Hengsheng said, taking out the long spear. The heavy power in his hand felt very comfortable.

Moreover, when he held this spear, Li Hengsheng could feel the hardness of the spear, which was not comparable to ordinary iron spears.

If he fully exerted the Overlord Immortal Spear Technique, this spear could completely withstand it in terms of hardness and toughness.

He was so fond of this spear that he couldn’t put it down. Li Hengsheng tried to swing it a few times, and the feeling of the fierce wind told him that this was an excellent spear.

“Looking at the water ripple pattern on the spear body, it should have been infused with elemental water, right?” Xu Muhai came over and said.

“It was given to me by the Pavilion Master of the Floating Image Pavilion.” Li Hengsheng said with a happy face.

“That old guy does have some conscience.” Xu Muhai snorted coldly.”Master.” Li Hengsheng suddenly turned to Xu Muhai and said, “Since there is the ‘Overlord Immortal Spear Technique’, there should be a real Overlord Immortal Spear, right? Do you know where the real Overlord Immortal Spear is?”

“The Overlord Immortal Spear?”

Xu Muhai raised his eyebrows: “Of course there is, otherwise, the diagram of the Overlord Immortal Spear wouldn’t exist. But as for where it is, I’m not quite sure, and the Overlord Immortal Spear is not so easy to obtain.”

“There are many divine weapons in the world, all of which are famous treasures. Some weapons even have spirits and become real divine weapons, which can only be controlled by a dominant force. The Battle Pavilion of the Cangyuan Realm once ranked a Divine Weapon List.”

“The seventh divine weapon on the Divine Weapon List, if I remember correctly, should be the Overlord Immortal Spear.” Xu Muhai pondered and said.

“The seventh on the Divine Weapon List?” Li Hengsheng’s eyes lit up.

The Overlord Immortal Spear was indeed extraordinary!

It could actually rank seventh among all the divine weapons in the world.

However, the bad news was that such a divine weapon was probably coveted by all the masters in the world. The difficulty of obtaining the real Overlord Immortal Spear was not ordinary.

“You should stop thinking about the real Overlord Immortal Spear. With your current strength, you can’t control it. The spear in your hand is also very good, it will accompany you for a long time, you should name it!”

Xu Muhai said with a smile, the weapons on the Divine Weapon List were not so easy to obtain.

Especially the Overlord Immortal Spear, which ranked seventh.

Even Xue Qianbai’s Thousand Snow Sword only ranked eleventh.

“Name it…”

Li Hengsheng looked at the long spear in his hand, its luster was dazzling, and its domineering aura was restrained. Although it looked the same as the Overlord Immortal Spear, it didn’t have the unrivaled fierceness of the Overlord Immortal Spear.

After pondering for a moment, Li Hengsheng said, “Since it was made in imitation of the Overlord Immortal Spear, let’s also give you a ‘Immortal’ character in your name, let’s call you Chasing Immortal.”

“Chasing Immortal?”

Xu Muhai nodded: “It’s a good name.”

“Master, I want to go to the Nine-Level Battle Pavilion and the Beast Gathering to try.” Li Hengsheng held the Chasing Immortal Spear, looking eager to try.


Xu Muhai was taken aback: “You are only at the seventh level of the Transcendence Realm, it’s too early to go to the Nine-Level Battle Pavilion. But you can try the Beast Gathering if you want.”

“Are there no Transcendence Realm disciples challenging the Nine-Level Battle Pavilion?” Li Hengsheng asked curiously.

“There are, but it’s not very meaningful.” Xu Muhai said: “The Mortal Realm List of the Nine-Level Battle Pavilion hasn’t seen a new Transcendence Realm for hundreds of years. The last time someone made it onto the Mortal Realm List was four hundred and thirty years ago.”

“There are a total of seven people on the Mortal Realm List, but they all challenged the Nine-Level Battle Pavilion when they were at the ninth level of the Transcendence Realm. You are only at the seventh level of the Transcendence Realm, there is no chance of winning. But if you insist on experiencing it, you can.”

Xu Muhai revealed a slightly strange smile.

He thought to himself: Just don’t come back crying.

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