Chapter 068 – Longevity Sect

The existence of the Ghost Clan was not a rare occurrence.

However, even if there were Ghost Clan members hiding among the crowd, they would conceal themselves very well. Since they looked almost identical to humans, it was extremely difficult to identify them.

Revealing the aura of the Ghost Clan voluntarily was a rare occurrence.

The ghostly aura gradually faded away.

Naturally, Xu Muhai could not just stand by and do nothing.

Jingnan State was also part of the Dao Mountain Ancient Land. Could the Ghost Clan be so rampant within the territory of the Dao Mountain Ancient Land?

Almost no one on the street noticed that the fat man who looked like a beggar at the entrance of the tavern had disappeared.

Following the ghostly aura, he left the city.

Xu Muhai quietly followed, wanting to see where this ghostly aura would eventually lead.

Xu Muhai, using the Snow Feather Zen Wind Technique, didn’t follow too quickly, always maintaining a distance.

He saw a figure entering the deep mountains outside the city from afar.

“What a strong smell of blood.”

From a distance, Xu Muhai frowned. The smell of blood in the mountains was very strong, as if many people had died.

Gradually, noisy sounds came from afar.

In a sunken valley, Xu Muhai squatted on a cliff and looked down, his eyes narrowed.

He saw a shocking scene.

There was a very large altar in the valley.

Around the altar, there were more than a dozen figures. They were sitting there, as if performing some secret technique.

The hand signs in their hands were constantly changing, and the bodies around the altar were shocking.

There were hundreds of them.

These bodies were scattered around, dressed in simple clothes. Their vitality seemed to have been drained, and their death was extremely horrifying.

Seeing this scene, a slow rage rose in Xu Muhai’s heart.

The Ghost Clan had actually killed so many people.

These people should all be the mountain people in these mountains, right?

At this time, the figure Xu Muhai had been following returned here. The man in a black robe knelt directly in front of another figure.

“Master, I have returned,” the figure in the black robe said.

The figure turned around, revealing a slightly old face.

His temples were white, his pupils were black, and his thin body was like a bamboo pole, giving off a strong sense of malice.

The old man nodded slightly, then looked around and said loudly, “Peak Master Xu, since you are here, why not show yourself?”

His voice carried far.

Xu Muhai, who was on a nearby cliff, narrowed his eyes slightly. He was not too surprised, because the previous Ghost Clan member seemed to have led him here.

These people in front of him were just a mob. Xu Muhai could tell that there was only one at the Prenatal Realm.

What was there to be afraid of?

So Xu Muhai jumped down from the cliff and landed on the altar.

With the appearance of Xu Muhai, the people around the altar who were performing the mysterious technique also stopped their movements and stared at Xu Muhai.

They were all at the Postnatal Realm, but when facing Xu Muhai, there was not the slightest fear in their eyes.

As if Xu Muhai posed no threat to them.

“Welcome, Peak Master Xu.”

The old man saw Xu Muhai appear, gently clapped his hands, and said with a smile, “Mu Haifeng, the Peak Master of Dao Mountain Ancient Land, it is indeed a great honor to meet you today.”

“You are not from the Ghost Clan.” Xu Muhai looked at the old man in front of him, not sensing any ghostly aura from him.

He was just an ordinary person.

But after saying this, Xu Muhai paused, finding the face in front of him somewhat familiar.

“If I’m not mistaken, you are Xu Jing from Zhanhe Residence, right?” Xu Muhai frowned and said, “I didn’t expect a master from Zhanhe Residence to get involved with the Ghost Clan. It’s a shame to share the same surname with you.”

“I didn’t expect the famous Xu Muhai to recognize me. It’s truly an honor.” Xu Jing said with a laugh, “You don’t have to say that, because you will soon be one of us.”

“How can the living and the dead be the same?” Xu Muhai said indifferently, “You have committed such heinous acts on the territory of my Dao Mountain Ancient Land. None of you will leave here alive today.”

“Hehehe.” To Xu Muhai’s surprise, Xu Jing just laughed, “Peak Master Xu, don’t be angry.”

“I haven’t introduced us yet.” Xu Jing’s green eyes flashed with a cold light, and he grinned, “We are the Longevity Sect. We welcome the arrival of Peak Master Xu. We should get along well in the future.”

“Longevity Sect?” Xu Muhai immediately thought of the Cold Chisel Ancient Temple.

The ancient painting!

The ghost child in the ancient painting also mentioned the term Longevity Sect.Unexpectedly, it appeared so soon.

Previously, Xu Muhai thought that the Longevity Sect was a newly rising power of the Ghost Clan, but now it seems, it’s not that simple.

There are actually humans in the Longevity Sect.

Humans and the Ghost Clan coexist.

He even wondered if there were other races involved.

“What exactly is the Longevity Sect?” Xu Muhai didn’t rush to act, but first wanted to understand clearly.

Xu Jing stood with his hands behind his back, a smug look on his face, “The Longevity Sect, as the name suggests, naturally seeks immortality. Once our ancestors are resurrected, they will grant us immortality. By then, we will become the supreme beings standing at the peak of the Cangyuan Realm, achieving immortality, and living as long as heaven and earth!”


“What are these ancestors?” Xu Muhai asked in a deep voice, “Who is the leader of your Longevity Sect? And how many forces are involved in it?”

“Don’t rush.” Xu Jing didn’t answer Xu Muhai’s questions, but smiled and said, “You will understand all of this once you join the Longevity Sect.”

With that, Xu Jing took out a small bottle from his sleeve.

He then said, “We have already prepared the sacrificial ceremony for you. As long as you sacrifice a strand of your soul, you can officially join our Longevity Sect, and we will officially become one of our own.”

“What if I refuse?” Xu Muhai knew that he couldn’t get any more information at the moment, but only a fool would sacrifice his own soul.

“Not only will I not join your damn Longevity Sect, but I will also kill all of you bastards to avenge these mountain people.” Xu Muhai’s killing intent was slowly seeping out.


Xu Jing just laughed heartily, “Peak Master Xu, I advise you not to bring trouble upon yourself.”

“Just with you bunch of worthless shrimps? You think you’re worthy?” Xu Muhai asked calmly.

“With my strength, naturally, I can’t be a match for Peak Master Xu.” Xu Jing knew that although he and Xu Muhai were both innate, his strength was far inferior to Xu Muhai’s.

But Xu Jing was not afraid.

He had a trump card in his hand that could counter Xu Muhai!

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