Chapter 069 – Ma Sandao


Xu Muhai couldn’t be bothered to waste words with Xu Jing. His figure moved, and the Snow Feather Zen Wind Technique was displayed to its extreme. He raised his hand, ready to strike.

At this moment, Xu Jing grinned, “It seems I need to make you understand your current situation, Peak Master Xu!”

With that, a talisman suddenly appeared in Xu Jing’s hand!

The talisman ignited instantly between Xu Jing’s fingers!

As the talisman burned, a wisp of black smoke rose from it, and the smoke unexpectedly transformed into a ghost face, emitting a mournful shriek.

It was eerily strange.

Such a strange thing, coupled with Xu Jing’s smug expression, even made Xu Muhai cautious. He withdrew his palm force and retreated two steps.

After all, Xu Muhai was always wary of things he had never seen before.

Who knew what that thing was.

Caution was paramount!

As the ghost face in the black smoke continued to shriek, the small ghost hand mark on Xu Muhai’s neck began to squirm.

However, just as the ghost hand started to move, the statue of the Earth Store Bodhisattva hanging on Xu Muhai’s chest also changed!

The Earth Store Bodhisattva slowly opened his eyes!

With the opening of the Earth Store Bodhisattva’s eyes, the ghost hand dared not move anymore and obediently lay on Xu Muhai’s neck.

Xu Muhai didn’t notice any of this.

Just as the talisman was about to burn out, Xu Muhai looked around and it seemed like nothing had happened.

“Trying to scare me?” Xu Muhai said irritably.

Xu Jing and the surrounding Ghost Clan members were also dumbfounded.

What happened?

Why didn’t anything happen?

“Impossible!” Xu Jing was somewhat panicked, and he took out another talisman, then lit it.

The scene was the same as before.

But this time, the ghost hand on Xu Muhai’s neck didn’t even move, as if it was saying to the Earth Store Bodhisattva wooden pendant, “See, I’m behaving, right?”

Another talisman was about to burn out, but Xu Muhai was still standing there unscathed.

“How is this possible!” Xu Jing was truly panicked!

Why didn’t it work?

This was his trump card against Xu Muhai. Without it, how could he possibly confront Xu Muhai?

“Why isn’t your Ghost Resentment Curse reacting?” Xu Jing looked at Xu Muhai in shock.

Hearing this, Xu Muhai understood. The talisman was used to trigger his Ghost Resentment Curse. No wonder Xu Jing was so confident before.

Xu Muhai knew the power of the Ghost Resentment Curse. It was truly torturous.

“Heh heh.” Xu Muhai grinned. Now that he knew what it was, there was nothing to fear. With the wooden carving given by Li Changqing to suppress it, what was the Ghost Resentment Curse but a cute little thing?

Seeing Xu Muhai step forward, Xu Jing took out all his talismans. For safety’s sake, he had brought a lot of them, and now he took them all out.

All of them began to burn. He didn’t believe that Xu Muhai could truly be indifferent to the Ghost Resentment Curse.

“Knowing you’re about to die, so you’re burning paper for yourself in advance? It’s a wise choice. Then let me send you on your way.” Xu Muhai sneered at Xu Jing.

The next moment, the entire valley was filled with miserable screams.

The Ghost Clan members who were still in the Houtian stage couldn’t escape Xu Muhai’s onslaught. In just two breaths’ time, they all died under Xu Muhai’s palm.

As for Xu Jing, despite his desperate resistance, his legs were broken by Xu Muhai’s palm.

Xu Muhai wanted to force Xu Jing to reveal information about the Longevity Sect.

However, Xu Jing refused to speak.

“Xu Muhai, the Longevity Sect won’t let you go. Those of you with the Ghost Resentment Curse are destined to become members of the Longevity Sect!” Xu Jing’s green eyes were filled with bloodshot, and blood flowed from the corner of his mouth, “Our ancestors will eventually descend upon the Cangyuan Realm. By then, you will all die!”

After saying this, Xu Jing’s pupils gradually lost their luster, and his life force faded.

Only then did Xu Muhai realize that Xu Jing had committed suicide by poison.

“Longevity Sect…” Xu Muhai had a feeling that the peace of the Cangyuan Realm wouldn’t last much longer.

The Longevity Sect was ultimately a disaster.

It was bad enough with just the Ghost Clan, but there were also humans involved. Xu Jing was from the Zhanhe Residence, but the Zhanhe Residence had no idea. Perhaps there were followers of the Longevity Sect in other sects as well.

Thinking of this, Xu Muhai felt a chill. The Dao Mountain Ancient Land might also be affected.

“Let’s go back to the mountain first.”

Since he couldn’t find the sect master, Xu Muhai decided to return to the Dao Mountain Ancient Land first.

Additionally, Xu Muhai felt it necessary to inform Mu Qingge of the Medical King Valley about this matter.

He wanted Mu Qingge to be careful.

And he reminded Mu Qingge to always wear the wooden pendant!

If it weren’t for Li Changqing’s wooden pendant today, he might have fallen here.

The terror of the Ghost Resentment Curse made even a man like Xu Muhai shiver.

Two days later.

Changting Town, Jinhong Tower.

Bai Jingfei, Zhao Yiqiu, and others gathered here, but they could only stand respectfully, none of them daring to sit.

In front of them, a man with an iron knife on his back was slowly drinking tea.

The pressure emanating from this man made them all feel an intense sense of oppression.

No one dared to speak.

After waiting for the time it took to burn an incense stick, the man finished his tea and finally looked at them.

“I’ve received the silver, and I’ll do the job for you.” The man said, “I, Ma Sandao, always keep my word. Tonight, the Yan family will be in chaos.”

“Thank you, Elder Ma!”

Everyone hurriedly thanked him.

After their discussion and Xue Hong’s instigation, everyone thought that killing Yan Botao and causing chaos in the Yan family was a good plan. They could all take advantage of the situation.

They also weren’t worried about Yan Botao’s little daughter.

Just like Zhou Xun said, an outer sect disciple becoming a Xiantian?

The probability was too low, right?

There was no need to worry at all.

In that case, they might as well go all out.

And the man in front of them was the Xiantian expert Zhou Xun had found.They had originally thought that the innate expert Zhou had found would be a master from the Zhanhe Residence. Who would have thought it would be this man.

Ma Sandao!

This man was infamous and was on the Black List.

Those on the Black List were all extremely evil individuals who had committed countless crimes and were hunted by hunters.

Every place had its own Black List.

And Ma Sandao was on the Black List of Zhanhe Residence.

Moreover, it was rumored that this man was once a strong man of the Zhanhe Residence, but later, for a Painting Treasure, he killed people from the Zhanhe Residence and escaped.

Working with such a person, they were also terrified.

They just hoped that after they paid the money and killed Yan Botao, they would no longer have any involvement with such people.

“Where’s the money?” Ma Sandao asked.

“The money has been prepared long ago.” Bai Jingfei hurriedly stepped forward, took out three silver tickets of one hundred thousand taels each, and handed them to Ma Sandao.

After Ma Sandao confirmed the amount, he put the silver tickets into his pocket.

“Tonight, let’s see the Yan family collect Yan Botao’s corpse.” Ma Sandao took a sip of tea.

A murderous aura spread out, making everyone feel a sense of suffocation.

Ma Sandao was truly terrifying!

They seemed to regret provoking this bloodthirsty guy a bit.

But the arrow was on the string, and they had to let it fly.

On this day, the whole Changting Town seemed very oppressive.

When night fell.

The dark clouds in the sky covered the moon.

The Yan family also gradually quieted down.

Li Changqing had already gone to bed.

A figure, like stepping on clouds, entered the Yan family.

It was Ma Sandao who had come to kill Yan Botao.

However, as soon as he arrived at the Yan family, he frowned and looked around.

The Yan family was so big, where did Yan Botao live?

The courtyard in front of him looked very luxurious, could this be where Yan Botao lived?


After taking two steps, Ma Sandao saw a cute little earth dog blocking his way.

Blocking his path.

“Where did this damn dog come from, get out of the way.” Ma Sandao shouted coldly.

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