Chapter 067 – Did my dad get possessed?

Qingyu Mountain.

As dawn was just breaking, a figure darted through a bamboo forest on the back of Qingyu Mountain, weaving through the bamboo like a dragon swimming through the sea.

This figure was none other than Li Hengsheng.

After cultivating the Sun-Moon Immortal-Demon Divine Body, Li Hengsheng found that not only had his physical strength increased, but his control over his body had also become extremely precise.

Although he hadn’t comprehended any movement techniques, he could match some ordinary movement techniques just by relying on the explosive power of his body.

Fast speed, strong explosive power, that was the current state of Li Hengsheng’s body.

At the same time, a long spear was swinging in Li Hengsheng’s hand.

Li Hengsheng was getting used to the feeling of the spear technique.

“Stacking Waves!”

With a soft shout, Li Hengsheng’s blood and qi rolled, and an explosive power was instantly released, transferring from his body to the long spear!


A terrifying power burst out, but at this moment, the long spear in Li Hengsheng’s hand suddenly bent. The spear pierced a huge rock, creating a deep pit in it!

Immediately after, the huge rock cracked with countless fissures, spreading out in all directions.

The power was astonishing.

If anyone saw it, they would even doubt whether this spear was the power burst out by a warrior in the Postnatal Realm.

However, that was not all. After the first spear, the surging power of Li Hengsheng’s blood and qi did not calm down, but rolled like waves, and an even stronger momentum killed out from the iron spear.

This spear seemed to tear the air apart, and the piercing sound came. The huge rock was pierced by this power!

It was directly shattered into pieces.

Such a huge rock was shattered by Li Hengsheng with just two spears, something that the previous Li Hengsheng would not dare to imagine.

Li Hengsheng steadied his body, feeling the rolling blood and qi in his body.

He slowly suppressed the power of his blood and qi.

If possible, Li Hengsheng could even launch a third spear.

The power of the third spear was even greater than the second one, but to perform the Overlord Immortal Spear technique, the power of blood and qi in his body really needed to be suppressed for a while.

“Another one wasted.”

Looking at the iron spear in his hand that had already bent out of shape, Li Hengsheng gave a bitter smile.

The Overlord Immortal Spear technique was indeed very powerful, but the instantaneous explosive power made ordinary weapons unable to withstand it.

In the past few days, Li Hengsheng had already wasted four ordinary iron spears.

The Condensed Light Star Iron and the Elemental Water Spirit had already been sent to the most powerful blacksmith in Dao Mountain Ancient Land to forge a spear.

It just hadn’t been made yet.

So Li Hengsheng had to use ordinary iron spears for cultivation.

He threw the spear to the side, it was already bent out of shape.

At this time, the rolling blood and qi in his body had already calmed down.

According to the apparent power of the Overlord Immortal Spear technique, the rolling blood and qi would not have calmed down so quickly, but Li Hengsheng’s Sun-Moon Immortal-Demon Divine Body was also a freakish thing.

The two of them paired up really well.

“Young Master.”

At this time, Xu Kui’s voice came from outside the bamboo forest.

“Uncle Xu, why are you here?” Seeing Xu Kui coming in, Li Hengsheng went up to ask.

“Young Master’s letter.” Xu Kui handed the letter to Li Hengsheng and said, “There will be someone at the mansion every day to check if there is a letter from the Young Master. Today I found one, so I brought it to the Young Master.”

“Thank you, Uncle Xu.” Li Hengsheng took the letter, took a look, and it was from Li Changqing.

“It’s from my dad.” Li Hengsheng grinned.

Ever since the last letter, Li Hengsheng had felt a fatherly love that he hadn’t felt for many years. Seeing another letter from Li Changqing, Li Hengsheng was genuinely happy.

“Well, Young Master, take your time to read it. I’ll leave first.” Xu Kui finished speaking, glanced at the shattered huge rock not far away, and his pupils shrank.

But he didn’t say anything.

He turned around and left.

Li Hengsheng turned around to find the big green rock where he usually rested to sit down and read, but after looking back for a long time.

Where was the rock?

Oh right, he had just carelessly shattered it.

He could only find another shorter one, sit down, and open the envelope.

Before he could read the letter, five silver tickets fell out.

“Why is my dad sending me money again?” Li Hengsheng picked up the silver tickets.

He originally thought it would be at most a thousand taels each, or maybe Li Changqing had made some money and was worried that he wouldn’t have enough, so he sent him some money.

But when Li Hengsheng saw the number on the silver ticket, his eyes almost popped out.

One hundred thousand taels!

Li Hengsheng quickly grabbed the other tickets and looked at them.

One hundred thousand taels.

Again, one hundred thousand taels.

All were one hundred thousand taels.

A total of five hundred thousand taels of silver.

“Did my dad rob a bank?” Li Hengsheng couldn’t believe it, and then he remembered that there was still a letter.

He then took the letter and read it.

When he saw that Li Changqing was now appointed as the Grand Offering by the Yan family, Li Hengsheng felt it was a bit unbelievable.

Didn’t he know what level his dad was at?

Was the Yan family crazy?

Or did his dad really come to his senses recently.

The more he read the letter, the more incredible he felt.

However, the content of the letter moved Li Hengsheng, he could feel the genuine concern from the letter.

Until Li Hengsheng saw the last sentence written by Li Changqing.

Life is getting better, and I’m starting to miss your mother.

Li Hengsheng frowned, feeling that something was wrong.

After pondering for a long time.

“Did my dad get possessed?”

Li Hengsheng had heard before that there were some secret methods in the Ghost Clan that would possess others, occupy that person’s body, and completely replace another person.

For the recent changes in Li Changqing, Li Hengsheng could only think of this explanation.

Otherwise, the recent changes in Li Changqing were really too great.

“Maybe I’m just being paranoid?” Thinking back, Li Hengsheng felt that what he was thinking was a bit unbelievable.

His old dad was a very ordinary painter, who couldn’t even get started, why would anyone want to occupy his body?

Possess him?

What for?

To not bathe?

But what does the last sentence mean?

Missing your mother?

Li Hengsheng sighed softly, “But who is my mother? All these years, every time I asked you this question, you beat me. Now you tell me to miss my mother. I do miss her, but I have no idea what she looks like.”

He put away the letter.

Looking at these five hundred thousand silver tickets, Li Hengsheng was also happy.

He had to work hard to cultivate, to become a strong person in the future. Naturally, there would be plenty of opportunities to make money to honor his father.

He was too short of money now.

The Sun-Moon Immortal-Demon Divine Body was simply an insatiable little demon.

It drained him dry.

With these silver tickets, he should have enough.

Li Hengsheng quickly took the silver tickets to buy things.

First was the Gold Domain Pill, which was what he needed most at the moment.

Over a thousand silver for one.

Li Hengsheng directly bought two hundred.

Li Hengsheng felt that two hundred should be enough for him to cultivate to the ninth level of the Transcendence Realm.

After buying the pills, Li Hengsheng once again entered the closed-door cultivation mode.

He decided to cultivate to the ninth level of the Transcendence Realm as soon as possible.

Jingnan Prefecture.

This place and Minghong Prefecture were in two different directions.

Outside a tavern, a fat man in ragged clothes was sitting on the ground, with a small Buddha statue hanging around his neck.

Xu Muhai had been out looking for their sect leader for a long time.

But there was still no news.

Xu Muhai decided that if there was no news today, he would return to Dao Mountain Ancient Land.

But just as Xu Muhai was full and ready to take a short rest at the entrance of the tavern, he suddenly felt a trace of ghostly aura.

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