Chapter 066 – Xue Family Conspiracy

The man’s face was always calm.

The golden silk he wore was obviously very expensive, and even the jade pendant at his waist was shimmering with a faint halo.

That was a Peace Jade.

Wearing it usually had the effect of calming the mind and concentrating the spirit.

Such a small piece of jade was quite valuable.

Ordinary people simply couldn’t afford it.

His gaze swept around, seeing the old man in front of him enthusiastically storytelling.

“Cousin-in-law, please, the second floor. I have reserved a private room.” Xue Hong quickly said.

“Hmm.” He nodded.

In the private room on the second floor, Xue Hong ordered all the signature dishes.

He usually liked to eat at Yan Zhai, where the rice noodle rolls were his favorite, especially the egg and shrimp rice noodle rolls.

The sticky rice noodle rolls contained minced meat, eggs, and shrimp, along with a bit of fresh vegetables, then paired with Yan Zhai’s secret sauce.

One bite, the slippery texture, the aroma of shrimp and egg, the texture of minced meat and the crispness of vegetables, combined with the sauce, was really sweet and delicious.

After swallowing, one could savor the unique aroma of the rice noodle rolls.

Before long, baskets of breakfast items that looked like dim sum were served.

“Xue Hong, many people invite me to dinner, but it’s rare for someone to invite me to breakfast.” The man looked at the food on the table and said.

However, he had never seen these things before.

Even in Zhanhe Residence, there were many varieties of breakfast, but none as diverse as here.

“It’s because their breakfast is really delicious.” Xue Hong laughed and added a shrimp dumpling to the man’s bowl, saying, “Cousin-in-law, try this shrimp dumpling. It’s one of their specialties, very good.”

The man silently picked up the shrimp dumpling.

The man was surprised because he found that the skin of this little thing was actually translucent.

How was that possible?

He took a bite.

The translucent skin had a different texture from ordinary skin, adding a kind of stickiness and an indescribable toughness.

The taste was the fresh sweetness of shrimp, with a crisp texture.

And it was very smooth to eat, without any dry taste. Upon closer inspection, there were quite a few chopped pieces of pork fat inside.

The aroma of pork fat permeated it, further enhancing the smoothness of the shrimp.

The man nodded, the breakfast here was indeed very distinctive.

“You sent me a letter to come here, what’s the matter, just say it.” The man took a sip of tea.

“Cousin-in-law, it’s like this.” Xue Hong recounted the recent events.

“You want to hire a congenital expert?” The man’s face remained calm, as if he didn’t care about such a request.

“Yes.” Xue Hong nodded, “Mainly to deter the Yan family, hoping that the Yan family will not be so excessive.”

“Okay.” The man picked up another rice noodle roll and took a bite, saying, “As long as you can afford it, I can help you hire one. But my share can’t be less.”

“Of course, of course.” Xue Hong quickly said.

“But cousin-in-law, a congenital expert, can we really hire one?” Xue Hong still found it somewhat unbelievable.

“Heh.” The man sneered, “I, Zhou Xun, have not been in Zhanhe Residence for so many years for nothing. It’s not easy to hire a congenital expert from Zhanhe Residence, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know other congenital experts.”

“Cousin-in-law is really capable.” Since Zhou Xun said so, Xue Hong was relieved.

“Then cousin-in-law, about the cost.” Xue Hong quickly asked.

“Three hundred thousand taels of silver can hire a congenital expert to make a move once.” Zhou Xun said indifferently.

“Three hundred thousand taels!”

This number did scare Xue Hong.

It was really expensive.

Although the Yan family’s monthly income was normally five to six hundred thousand taels of silver, this five to six hundred thousand taels of silver was needed for the operation of the Yan family’s business and the cultivation expenses of the family’s children.

Now that they were splitting fifty-fifty with Li Changqing, the Yan family’s income had been halved, and the Yan family was now relying on the wealth accumulated in the past.

That’s why the Yan family took this opportunity to win together with Li Changqing and make more money.

The Bai family and the Zhao family were not as good as the Yan family in terms of income, and they were a bit worse. Excluding operating costs, they could save about seventy to eighty thousand taels of silver a month, which was considered good.

For a small family like the Xue family, being able to save twenty to thirty thousand a month was considered wealthy.

So when it was said that hiring a congenital expert to make a move once would cost three hundred thousand taels of silver, Xue Hong was indeed shocked.

And this three hundred thousand taels of silver did not include the introduction fee for Zhou Xun.

But since this was an order from Bai Jingfei, no matter how expensive, they had to hire.

After all, the Bai family and the Zhao family were the ones who paid the most.

So Xue Hong agreed.

“Do you want the congenital expert to kill the head of the Yan family?” Zhou Xun asked, “This three hundred thousand taels of silver can help you kill a person.”

“Isn’t it bad to kill?” Xue Hong quickly said, “Yan Botao’s daughter is a disciple in Dao Mountain Ancient Land.”


Zhou Xun raised his eyebrows and asked, “The daughter of the Yan family is a disciple of Dao Mountain Ancient Land? Is she an inner disciple?”

“No, she’s an outer disciple.” Xue Hong replied.

“Heh, what’s there to be afraid of with just an outer disciple.” Zhou Xun was relieved, “Even if Yan Botao is killed, his daughter can’t invite a congenital expert to avenge him.”

“Moreover, among the outer disciples of Dao Mountain Ancient Land, those who can become congenital are one in ten thousand.”

“Don’t worry, I’m doing this for your own good. If you don’t kill someone, it’s a waste to hire a congenital expert. If you kill Yan Botao, the Yan family will be in chaos, and your Xue family may not be able to get a share of the pie.”

Zhou Xun poured a cup of tea and gently pushed it in front of Xue Hong, “There are benefits, everyone can make money together, right?”

“This…” Hearing Zhou Xun’s words, Xue Hong was clearly tempted.

Originally, everyone’s intention was to deter the Yan family, not to take action against the Yan family.However, spending three hundred thousand taels of silver to invite a Xiantian just for intimidation in negotiation, isn’t that too wasteful?

So much money, not used for killing, is a big loss.

Moreover, what Zhou Xun said made sense. Previously, all the families were worried that Yan’s little daughter would become a trouble. But Zhou Xun’s words also made sense. How could an outer disciple from Dao Mountain Ancient Land become a Xiantian?

It’s simply a wild goose chase.

“Alright! Then I’ll make the decision.” Xue Hong also steeled his heart, no risk, no gain.

If he didn’t seize this opportunity, how could the Xue family grow and develop?

Once Yan Botao died, the Yan family would be in chaos. At that time, his Xue family could indeed make a move and fight for this benefit.

“Then I’ll have to trouble my brother-in-law. Once my Xue family benefits from this, I will definitely thank you!” Xue Hong respectfully raised his teacup.

“Hmm.” Zhou Xun also picked up his teacup and clinked it.

After discussing for a while, the two walked down from the upstairs. Zhou Xun was ready to go back to Zhanhe Residence to make arrangements.

At this time, the Storytelling Master was also at the exciting part of the story. Everyone was listening attentively, some even didn’t notice their tea was overflowing, completely captivated by the story.

“Only to see Nie Xiaoqian panting lightly, her clothes falling off, leaning entirely on Lu Zhishen’s chest.”

“She coquettishly said, ‘Sir, your chest muscles are so robust.’”

“Lu Zhishen, however, looked regretful and said, ‘It’s a pity that I’m a human, and you’re a ghost!’”

“Is the difference between humans and ghosts really that important? Nie Xiaoqian looked unwilling, ‘What does it matter if I’m a ghost or a human?’”

“Of course it’s important. If you were a human, I would definitely want to become sworn brothers with you!”

Zhou Xun laughed, “This place is quite interesting, and the food is also delicious.”

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