Chapter 063 – Li Changqing’s Probe

Although Li Changqing’s hands were not dirty, he still rubbed them on his clothes before taking the letter.

He sat down on the steps in front of the Wan Shu Tower.

“Great Worshipper, there are chairs here.” Yan Botao hurriedly wanted to move a chair over, but Li Changqing waved his hand to indicate that it didn’t matter, and eagerly opened the letter.

He wanted to see how his adopted son had been doing recently.

Li Changqing slowly read the letter, far more seriously than when he was reading in the Wan Shu Tower.

The letter detailed recent events in the Dao Mountain Ancient Land, including Li Hengsheng’s inexplicable acceptance as a direct disciple.

Moreover, he had even comprehended a new Martial Art and obtained a very powerful body refining technique.

Since becoming a direct disciple, the resources for cultivation were far beyond what he had before.

He also thanked Li Changqing in the letter for the Silver Tickets he had sent.

He urged Li Changqing to take care of his health and sent back four hundred taels of Silver Tickets for Li Changqing to use for the time being, promising to send more once the resources for the direct disciples were distributed.

He reassured his father that he was doing well in the Dao Mountain Ancient Land and would definitely return once he had achieved certain results.

The emotions in the letter were very sincere.

Li Changqing read the letter three times from beginning to end, a faint smile always on his face.

He truly enjoyed the feeling of having a filial son.

Looking at the four Silver Tickets worth a hundred taels each, Li Changqing knew that this was probably all Li Hengsheng could give, and he had sent it all back to him.

He was afraid that his father was not living well.

Where could he find such a good son?

“Chief Yan.” Li Changqing looked up at Yan Botao and asked, “I don’t know much about cultivation. When one reaches the Transcendence Realm and practices body refining Martial Arts, if it’s a very powerful Martial Art, does it require a lot of resources?”

“A powerful Martial Art?” Yan Botao didn’t doubt Li Changqing’s ignorance.

After all, the cultivation methods of Painters and Martial Artists were different, so it was normal not to understand.

Yan Botao pondered for a moment and said, “Naturally, the more powerful the body refining Martial Art, the more resources are needed to perfect the body or enhance the strength of the blood. This requires a lot of treasures or Pills. Otherwise, the body’s needs cannot be met.”

“If you can’t meet the standard, then it’s like practicing in vain.”

Hearing Yan Botao’s explanation, Li Changqing was stunned, then asked, “How much money would that roughly require?”

“It’s hard to say. From the fifth level of the Transcendence Realm to the ninth level, if you’re practicing a really powerful body refining Martial Art, the resources needed are like a bottomless pit.”

“This also depends on the individual’s aptitude.” Yan Botao added.

“A bottomless pit, huh.” Li Changqing murmured.

However, Li Changqing had made up his mind, even if it was a bottomless pit, he would fill it.

This was like many families in his previous life who were not well-off, but when their children were admitted to Peking University or Tsinghua University, the parents would rather sell their blood to send their children there.

That was something that could affect a child’s entire life.

Li Changqing was such a person.

Unfortunately, in his previous life, Li Changqing’s child didn’t give him the opportunity, barely managing to get into a vocational school.

“Chief Yan, can I get my monthly salary in advance this month?” Li Changqing looked up and asked.

“Of course.” Yan Botao didn’t hesitate at all. He was definitely going to fulfill Li Changqing’s request. Without Li Changqing, how could his Yan family’s business suddenly improve so much?

Not to mention the mine, even the business of the restaurant and cloth shop had improved greatly.

“I’ll have someone bring it to you in a moment.” Yan Botao said respectfully.

“Have someone send it to my courtyard later.” Li Changqing said, then returned to his mansion, took out paper and pen, and prepared to write a letter back to Li Hengsheng.

Your father is well.

Li Changqing wrote these four words to reassure Li Changqing.

Recently, I’ve made some breakthroughs in my paintings, and the business of Changqing Painting Shop is doing very well. I’ve made a lot of money.

I’ve also met many influential people. The Yan family has now recruited me as their worshipper, giving me a generous income every month. So, my son, don’t worry about money.

Practice well in the Dao Mountain Ancient Land, listen to your master, don’t work too hard, and remember to eat on time.

If you encounter any danger, don’t foolishly rush forward. Run as far as you can, hide in the back, it’s not shameful.

Because only by staying alive can you do what you want to do, right?

Get along well with your fellow disciples. In the future, you will understand that in addition to your own strength, interpersonal relationships are also very important when you walk in the world.

Also, if you don’t have enough resources for cultivation in the future, write to me. Your father will find a way for you. Don’t be embarrassed to ask. Your father is now a somewhat capable person.

Time flies, and in the blink of an eye, you’ve been away from Changting Town for more than three years.

Thinking back to the past between us, your father has had some insights. These years you’ve been alone outside, it’s been hard for you. I hope you don’t resent your father.

The dark night will always pass, and our father and son will have better days in the future.

Writing to this point, Li Changqing pondered for a moment, and then wrote out the question in his heart in a different way.

Now that life is getting better, your father is starting to miss your mother.

Is your mother dead or gone?

Li Changqing really wanted to know. He had tried to inquire indirectly before, but it seemed that no one in Changting Town knew.

When Li Changqing first came to Changting Town, he was alone with his son.

No one even knew where Li Changqing came from, and no one cared.

This made Li Changqing a little headache, so he could only ask Li Hengsheng in this way.

Not long after, Yan Hanzhou came to Li Changqing and brought him the Silver Tickets.

The income of the Yan family and Li Changqing was split fifty-fifty. This month, the mine had just recovered, and the business of the restaurant and cloth shop had also improved, so Li Changqing received more than five hundred thousand taels of silver.

Such a harvest made Li Changqing quite satisfied.The people from Cangyuan Escort Agency were summoned to deliver five hundred thousand taels of silver and a letter to Li Hengsheng.

Li Changqing also breathed a sigh of relief.

Just as the people from Cangyuan Escort Agency were about to leave, they were stopped by Li Changqing.

“Wait a moment for me, I need to write another letter.” Li Changqing quickly took out a piece of paper, pondered for a moment, wrote a letter, and then handed it to the people from Cangyuan Escort Agency.

“Is this letter also for Dao Mountain Ancient Land?” The man in purple asked.

“No, it’s for Mu Qingge of Medical King Valley.” Li Changqing asked, “How long will it take to deliver this to Medical King Valley from here?”

“Probably less than a month.” The man in purple replied.

“That’s too slow.” Li Changqing shook his head.

“If you are willing to pay more, it can be faster. We can avoid land transport and use air transport instead.” The man in purple said, “An extra twenty taels will do.”

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