Chapter 062 – My son has sent a letter

Looking at the spear again.

The spear tip was serrated, the shaft was long, and its aura was all-encompassing, like a roaming dragon.

It was as if some ferocious beast was sealed within the spear, struggling to break free.

Just one glance, and Li Hengsheng fell in love with this spear.

“I wonder where the real body of this spear is.” Li Hengsheng murmured.

He knew that this spear must exist in the world, otherwise, no one could have drawn it.

Li Hengsheng took a deep breath and sent his divine consciousness out to comprehend the image!

His love for this spear made him instinctively feel it.

He also wanted to see how terrifying this Overlord Immortal Spear was.

The four practitioners all died, which shocked Li Hengsheng deeply.

Immersed in the Overlord Immortal Spear, Li Hengsheng felt as if he was holding the long spear, as if the world was under his feet.

Then, a horrifying power burst out from the spear in his hand.

The sudden eruption of this power shocked Li Hengsheng!

He seemed to lose control!

The power of his blood surged, and the long spear was like a huge vent. When Li Hengsheng wielded the spear!

The power broke mountains and rivers!

As he executed this spear, Li Hengsheng felt his blood rolling all over his body, and he could hardly suppress it.

Li Hengsheng immediately understood why people would die from exhaustion after using the Overlord Immortal Spear.

This thing was really too exhausting.

Although the spear contained a strong explosive power, the consumption was also terrifying.

Not only that, the sudden explosion of numerous blood powers, even the meridians could not bear it. If the physical strength of the practitioner was not enough, the meridians could burst after multiple uses.

Li Hengsheng was also grateful that he practiced the Sun-Moon Immortal-Demon Divine Body. If it were an ordinary Transcendence Realm sixth layer, that spear just now would have been enough to make them understand why the flowers are so red.

Just half an hour later.

Li Hengsheng had fully comprehended the true meaning of the Overlord Immortal Spear from this painting.

Li Hengsheng was sure this time that the wooden man Xu Muhai gave him was really useful.

He actually comprehended the Overlord Immortal Spear in one go.

The Overlord Immortal Spear was indeed a very terrifying martial art, containing thirty-three layers of waves.

One layer of mountains and seas, one layer of barriers.

Thirty-three layers of waves, a total of thirty-three spears can be executed.

Each spear’s power was particularly explosive, but at the same time, the requirements for the physical body were also very perverted. Because the power of one spear was extremely astonishing, the second spear was even more consuming.

So far, no one has been able to execute thirty-three spears.

The four people who had practiced the Overlord Immortal Spear probably couldn’t execute a few spears.

Knowing this, Li Hengsheng knew how they died.

This spear technique should indeed be considered a forbidden technique.

Normal people really can’t practice it, it’s completely life-threatening.

But at this moment, Li Hengsheng felt that the Overlord Immortal Spear was tailor-made for him.

Such a domineering spear technique, he can try to challenge.

So Li Hengsheng decided to practice the Overlord Immortal Spear, and temporarily not consider other spear techniques.

When Li Hengsheng came out of the room, the Pavilion Master of the Floating Image Pavilion was stunned when he saw Li Hengsheng’s eyes. He knew from Li Hengsheng’s eyes that Li Hengsheng had made a decision.

“Have you really decided?” The Pavilion Master of the Floating Image Pavilion couldn’t help but advise: “The Overlord Immortal Spear is indeed strong, but the side effects are also great, have you thought it through?”

“I have made up my mind.” Li Hengsheng said firmly.

“Well, since you have decided, I won’t say much.” The Pavilion Master of the Floating Image Pavilion said: “It’s not easy for me to see someone comprehend the Zhao Mountain Immortal Painting in my lifetime. I’ll give you a small gift as a sponsorship.”

With that, the Pavilion Master of the Floating Image Pavilion took out a small bottle from under the table.

“What is this…” Li Hengsheng was a bit curious.

“This is the Spirit of the Primordial Water.” The Pavilion Master of the Floating Image Pavilion said: “There are three drops of the Spirit of the Primordial Water in it. When you forge your weapon later, let someone add these three drops of the Spirit of the Primordial Water to it, which can enhance the toughness of your weapon.”

“A strong weapon is one aspect, if it can add a good toughness, the power is stronger, and it is not easy to damage.” The Pavilion Master of the Floating Image Pavilion said.

“Thank you, Pavilion Master!” Li Hengsheng was overjoyed.

With the Starlight Iron and the Spirit of the Primordial Water, the weapon he forged would certainly not be bad.

Li Hengsheng now needs to prepare, and then carefully forge his first spear.

Changting Town.

Recently, Li Changqing’s life has been thriving.

The status of the Grand Offering of the Yan family was simply worshipped by the Yan family as if he were their ancestor.

And the Yan family’s business has been making a lot of money recently.

With the help of Li Changqing, the Yan family’s business in Changting Town, whether it’s catering or other industries, has greatly improved.

Li Changqing originally thought that the food at Jinhong Tower was average and expensive.

So he simply helped the Yan family’s restaurant improve the menu.Not only that, Li Changqing had the Yan family focus on one aspect of their business, such as breakfast.

Because Li Changqing found that the breakfast here was actually quite scarce, with very few varieties.

Small dishes, white porridge, and then soy milk, fried dough sticks, buns and the like.

So Li Changqing directly launched a new breakfast at the restaurant under the Yan family.

There were rice noodle rolls, hot dry noodles, shrimp dumplings, and pepper soup, etc.

He introduced a variety of breakfast options.

And also paired it with tea to drink at breakfast.

In addition, he arranged for people to tell stories in the restaurant to attract customers.

Many people in the morning were drinking tea, leisurely eating breakfast, listening to the storyteller telling interesting stories they had never heard before.

Of course, these stories were also copied by Li Changqing from his previous life, such as “Cao Cao’s Three Visits to the Thatched Cottage to Invite Wuya out of the Mountain” and “Tianlong Babu’s Jiumo Zhi’s Angry Confrontation with Pan Jinlian”.

Anyway, no one in this world had heard of them.

Li Changqing had Fei catch a very difficult to catch Purple Crystal Chicken from the nearby mountains.

This was a chicken with the bloodline of a Spirit Beast, it moved swiftly, was very difficult to catch, and most people couldn’t catch it, but in front of Fei, it was nothing.

A Purple Crystal Chicken would be auctioned off every seven days.

The Yan family even promoted the effects of the Purple Crystal Chicken as miraculous, such as it could nourish the kidneys when eaten.

Not only that, it could nourish the kidneys when eaten.

And it could… nourish the kidneys when eaten.

This had a great attraction for some of the nobles in Changting Town, not only because of its effects, but also because it had become a symbol of status.

The Yan family’s restaurant business immediately took off.

The cloth shop’s business was also the same.

Li Changqing personally designed some finished clothes for sale in the shop, and gave the clothes a brand effect, contacted a few famous courtesans in the brothels, and gave the clothes to them to wear.

To serve as live advertisements.

At the same time, with some marketing methods from his previous life, the Yan family’s cloth shop business also picked up.

The Yan family’s income skyrocketed, which was a great thing for Li Changqing.

And Li Changqing continued to nest in the Yan family’s Wanshu Tower to read books.

He hadn’t finished reading the books here yet.

“Great Steward.”

One day, as Li Changqing was reading, Yan Botao’s voice came from outside.

Now all matters concerning Li Changqing were personally handled by Yan Botao.

This showed the importance he placed on Li Changqing.

Li Changqing came out of the Wanshu Tower and saw Yan Botao smiling and saying, “Great Steward, there’s a letter for you, it’s from Dao Mountain Ancient Land.”

“Oh? My son has sent a letter?”

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