Chapter 064 – Methods for dealing with the Yan family

“Can it be air transported?”

Li Changqing looked at the man in purple with surprise.

“Yes, our Cangyuan Escort Agency has specially trained flying spirit beasts that can transport goods. If we fly, it should take about three days.”

The man in purple explained to Li Changqing.

“Hey, instead of calling it Cangyuan Escort Agency, how about calling it Shunfeng Escort Agency?” Li Changqing couldn’t help but tease.

“Huh?” The man in purple looked confused.

“Let’s go with air transport then.” Li Changqing took out twenty taels of silver and handed it to the man in purple, asking him to deliver the letter to Medical King Valley as soon as possible.

Jinhong Tower.

Today, Jinhong Tower was not open to the public, and there were some cultivators guarding the entrance.

Those who came to dine were all turned away.

At this moment, a carriage stopped.

A fat man in luxurious clothes got off the carriage, looked around, and then entered Jinhong Tower.

“Master Xue, everyone has been waiting for a long time.” The shopkeeper of Jinhong Tower greeted him as soon as he saw him.

“I see.” Master Xue looked up at the second floor, then leisurely walked up. The second floor was already filled with people waiting, and they led Master Xue to a private room.

Upon opening the door.

The room was already full of people, more than a dozen of them.

Their gazes all focused on the newcomer.

“Sorry for being late, everyone.” Master Xue apologized politely.

“Master Xue, you really take your time.” A middle-aged man sitting in the innermost part spoke in a deep voice: “Now that the situation is urgent, you can still be so calm, I, Bai Jingfei, am impressed.”

“Bai brother, you’re joking. I was just delayed by some matters.” Master Xue quickly apologized.

“Alright, take a seat.”

A man with sharp eyes sitting next to Bai Jingfei spoke.

As soon as this man spoke, Master Xue sat down.

Those sitting here were all influential figures in Changting Town.

“I believe you all know why I called you here today.” The sharp-eyed man spoke.

“Master Zhao, we understand. Recently, the Yan family has indeed been too aggressive, but we are powerless. We can only rely on the Zhao and Bai families to counter the Yan family.” A family master spoke respectfully.

“Humph, our three families were originally living in peace.” Bai Jingfei said coldly: “We run our restaurant, Zhao Yiqiu’s cloth business is also doing well, and the Yan family’s mining business has always been separate from ours.”

“Who knew that the Yan family would suddenly act so recklessly, causing us serious damage.” Bai Jingfei was burning with anger.

“Exactly, even our business has been affected!” Another family master also complained angrily.

“Xue Hong, what do you think?” Zhao Yiqiu, the head of the Zhao family, asked the last to arrive, Master Xue.

“Me?” Master Xue was taken aback, not expecting the topic to turn to him.

But Xue Hong also slammed the table and said angrily: “Exactly, the Yan family has gone too far! They must be punished!”

Everyone looked at Xue Hong with strange eyes, as if they thought his act was a bit too much.

Xue Hong looked at everyone and said somewhat guiltily: “Why are you all looking at me like that?”

“Xue Hong.” Someone sneered: “It seems that your Xue family’s medicinal herb business hasn’t been affected that much, and you even went to the Yan family’s restaurant for breakfast this morning, didn’t you?”

“And look at your clothes, they’re all ‘Qingyan’ brand from the Yan family’s cloth shop.”

Everyone looked and sure enough, wasn’t it?

On the clothes was a blue swallow embroidered with the unique embroidery technique of the Yan family.

This was the brand of clothes recently launched by the Yan family.

Originally, the Zhao family also wanted to follow suit, but the brand market had already been opened by the Yan family. When the Zhao family entered later, the effect was not very good.

The market was no longer very receptive.

Xue Hong laughed awkwardly and said: “I can’t help it, the Yan family’s cloth business is too popular now, and these clothes are also very popular among the nobles in our Changting Town. They’re very prestigious to wear, so naturally, I couldn’t resist buying a few.”


“I invited Xue Hong.” Bai Jingfei said indifferently: “The Xue family has some connections with our Bai family, and naturally, they should contribute to this matter.”

“How to contribute?”

Everyone looked at Bai Jingfei in surprise. The Xue family was just a small family in Changting Town, what could they do?

“Xue Hong, I called you here, you should understand.” Bai Jingfei looked at Xue Hong and said: “Now that the Yan family is treating us like this, we naturally have to fight back. If I remember correctly, your cousin’s husband knows someone from Zhanhe Residence and has some connections with them, right?”

“Ah, yes.” Xue Hong nodded.

“Zhanhe Residence?”

Everyone heard this name and couldn’t help but look at Xue Hong with higher regard.

Xue Hong’s cousin’s husband had this connection?

Zhanhe Residence was not in Minghong Prefecture, but it was a powerful force in its own right. Although it couldn’t compare to the super sect of Dao Mountain Ancient Land, its strength was not weak.

There were innate masters in the residence.

“Then contact your cousin’s husband, all our families will contribute money, and invite an innate master from Zhanhe Residence. We want to negotiate with the Yan family!” Bai Jingfei said firmly.

“Invite an innate master?”

Xue Hong was also taken aback.

Was it that easy to invite an innate master?

“Invite an innate master just for negotiation?” A family master couldn’t help but say: “Why don’t we go all out and eliminate the Yan family? Then not only will the business return to our hands, but even the Yan family’s mining business will be ours!”

“No.”Zhao Yiqiu said indifferently, “The Yan family has a profound foundation, it’s not so easy to eliminate. Moreover, the main reason is that Yan Botao’s little daughter is a disciple of Dao Mountain Ancient Land.”

“Although his daughter is just an ordinary disciple of Dao Mountain Ancient Land and can’t possibly invite a congenital expert to avenge the Yan family, it’s hard to say what the future will bring.”

“We should nip the problem in the bud, but we can’t let that congenital expert go to Dao Mountain Ancient Land to kill his daughter. We are not land immortals.”

Hearing Zhao Yiqiu’s words, everyone fell silent.


If they could invite a congenital expert to teach the Yan family a lesson, it would be great.

“Alright, I’ll contact my cousin-in-law right away.” Xue Hong nodded.

“The cost of hiring will be covered half by the Bai and Zhao families, and the rest will be shared equally among you. Any objections?” Bai Jingfei looked at everyone, “This is in our common interest, I hope you all can be more proactive.”

With Bai Jingfei saying this, they could only agree.

However, they were still shocked in their hearts. To invite a congenital expert to take action.

The success rate of this matter would be very high.

Yan family…

You have truly provoked public anger.

Zhao Yiqiu didn’t say anything. On the way back, he sat in the carriage with his eyes closed, because he always felt that things were not that simple.

If you touch everyone’s interests.

You will be targeted by everyone. Yan Botao, such a cunning and deep-thinking person, can’t he understand this principle?

What is he relying on?

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