Chapter 061 – Overlord Immortal Spear Technique

This wasn’t his first time at the Floating Image Pavilion, he was already familiar with the place.

However, when Li Hengsheng appeared on the peak of the Floating Image Pavilion, he still attracted a lot of attention.

This Transcendence Realm martial artist with average cultivation.

Was actually a direct disciple of Mu Haifeng.

The one who had comprehended the powerful Painting Sage Martial Arts on his first visit to the Floating Image Pavilion.

Therefore, Li Hengsheng’s arrival caused quite a stir, and he even noticed that many female disciples were looking at him with affectionate eyes.

“Senior Brother!”

From afar, a loud voice could be heard. Li Hengsheng saw someone running towards him.

It was Wu Santong.

Wu Santong ran excitedly to Li Hengsheng and said joyfully, “Senior Brother, you’re here! Last time I didn’t know you were my senior brother, I was disrespectful.”

“It’s okay.” Li Hengsheng smiled and said, “I came to Mu Haifeng later, it’s normal that you don’t know me, and I didn’t mention my name either.”

“Are you here to comprehend martial arts again today, Senior Brother?” Wu Santong looked at Li Hengsheng in front of him, not knowing why, Li Hengsheng was just a sixth-level Transcendence Realm cultivator, but he felt a strong pressure from him.

“Yes.” Li Hengsheng nodded.

“Then you go ahead, Senior Brother, we’ll talk next time.” Wu Santong quickly said.

“Okay, we’ll talk next time.” Li Hengsheng naturally understood that Wu Santong was being polite because of his status.

But Li Hengsheng didn’t mind such people.

Those who live at the bottom know that seizing opportunities is the key to grasping life.

Just like himself in the past, when he learned that he could join Mu Haifeng, didn’t he also want to seize this opportunity?

He entered the Floating Image Pavilion through the sixth entrance amidst the envious gazes of everyone.

“Pavilion Master.” Seeing the Pavilion Master of the Floating Image Pavilion, Li Hengsheng bowed respectfully.

He had a good impression of this Pavilion Master.

The Pavilion Master of the Floating Image Pavilion looked at Li Hengsheng for a while before saying with some surprise, “The power of the Transcendence Realm Sixth Level is indeed extraordinary.”

The Pavilion Master could see the changes in Li Hengsheng at this moment.

It could be said to be very astonishing.

“Are you here today to choose a matching martial art?” the Pavilion Master asked.

“Yes.” Li Hengsheng nodded and said, “Although the martial arts I comprehended from the Painting Sage are strong, they are too difficult to master. I still don’t have any offensive means.”

“Haha.” The Pavilion Master laughed and said, “Powerful martial arts are like that. What kind of martial arts do you want to choose? The old rule, you pick.”

With that, the Pavilion Master handed the roster to Li Hengsheng again.

“Pavilion Master, I want to choose a spear technique.” Li Hengsheng said truthfully.

“Spear technique?” The Pavilion Master raised his eyebrows, then nodded approvingly, “Indeed, with your current body, it is indeed suitable to choose heavy weapons or long weapons, which can exert a very powerful force.”

“But I also have to make it clear to you.” The Pavilion Master’s voice became serious, “Weapons accompany a person for a lifetime. In the entire Cangyuan Realm, short weapons are the majority, and swords are respected. There are countless strong people who have emerged.”

“There are easier paths laid out by predecessors. Like some heavy weapons and long weapons, there are fewer strong people who can carve out their own path, so there may be fewer references.”

“Do you understand what I’m saying?”

“I understand.” Li Hengsheng nodded, but he had already made up his mind.

“Good, since you understand, I won’t say much. Among the martial arts of our Dao Mountain Ancient Land, there are sixty-two spear techniques that have been comprehended, all of which are here.”

After saying that, the Pavilion Master pointed to the names on the roster for Li Hengsheng to see.

Li Hengsheng looked carefully and found that it was very detailed. The Pavilion Master even ranked these spear techniques.

The first one was called the Void God Spear.

The second one was called the Tiger Nineteen Spears.

Li Hengsheng looked down little by little.

He looked at all the spear techniques, all of which were marked, explaining the strengths and weaknesses of this spear technique.

Li Hengsheng looked at it for half an hour.

But the Pavilion Master was very patient, just quietly drinking tea on the side, letting Li Hengsheng look slowly.

This roster, apart from the direct disciples, even the inner disciples were not qualified to see.

Just when Li Hengsheng was almost dazzled, he suddenly saw that there was another category at the bottom of the roster.

It was called the Forbidden Category.

There were also some martial arts inside. Li Hengsheng also saw a spear technique in the Forbidden Category.

“Overlord Immortal Spear Technique.”

The name was very domineering.

“Pavilion Master, what kind of spear technique is this Overlord Immortal Spear Technique? Why is it classified into the Forbidden Category?” Li Hengsheng asked curiously.

“Because all the people who learned this spear technique died without exception.” The Pavilion Master glanced at the roster, then said lightly, “This spear technique is indeed very strong. Four disciples of our Dao Mountain Ancient Land have practiced it, but none of them ended well.”

“They all died?” Li Hengsheng was somewhat surprised.

What kind of martial arts was this?

Could it actually kill people who practiced it?”The Overlord Immortal Spear technique is indeed very powerful. It’s a spear technique that allows one to explode their own strength through cultivation. Its power is needless to say, it can be considered the most powerful among all spear techniques.”

“However, each time it explodes, it consumes a vast amount of one’s internal energy or true essence, and it also has a strong consumption on the physical body.”

“Among the four disciples, one of them became a waste due to the irreversible physical exhaustion caused by using the technique too many times. Unable to accept the blow, he hanged himself on a cliff.”

“Two other disciples also died of exhaustion due to using the technique too many times.”

“The last disciple reached his limit after killing six enemies with the Overlord Immortal Spear technique during a battle. He was exhausted and dried up, and was eventually killed by the last enemy.”

“Therefore, this Overlord Immortal Spear technique has become a forbidden technique.” The Pavilion Master of the Floating Image Pavilion shook his head, “Don’t practice it lightly.”

“I see.” But Li Hengsheng became interested in this Overlord Immortal Spear technique.

Li Hengsheng was curious whether his Sun-Moon Immortal-Demon Divine Body could control this Overlord Immortal Spear technique.

“Want to give it a try?” Seeing Li Hengsheng’s thoughts, the Pavilion Master of the Floating Image Pavilion smiled and said, “Second floor, the room at the very end.”

“Go and feel it.”

“Thank you, Pavilion Master.” Li Hengsheng went upstairs and walked to the room at the end of the second floor.

There was a name written on the door.

“Overlord Immortal Spear Diagram.”

Li Hengsheng pushed the door and entered.

The layout of the room was similar to the others. As soon as he entered, Li Hengsheng saw the picture hanging on the wall.

In the picture was a long spear.

Just by taking one look, Li Hengsheng couldn’t help but take a step back, because he actually felt a king-like domineering aura from this spear diagram!

An overwhelming domineering aura!

A suffocating domineering aura!

The domineering aura was like a wave of air, engulfing him in a sea of dominance.

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