Chapter 057 – In the eye, all are the charm of the Tao!

Just these eight words.

Li Hengsheng’s heart inexplicably tightened. Indeed, within the purple clouds, there was a massive figure, resembling an immortal.

But after all, it was just an illusion.

Even so, this painting was still a masterpiece.

The illusion, whether it was an immortal or not, actually allowed one to comprehend such powerful martial arts.

“Are there really such extraordinary people in the world?” Li Hengsheng looked at the painting with deep feelings.

Li Hengsheng carefully observed the painting in front of him, with an appreciative attitude.

Because Li Hengsheng didn’t originally expect to comprehend any martial arts from this painting of “Zhaoshan Gazing at the Immortal”.

The Dao Mountain Ancient Land had experienced thousands of years, countless peerless geniuses had appeared, but none had ever comprehended powerful martial arts from it.

How could he, with his poor aptitude, achieve that?

Coming here was merely to ‘witness the immortal’s grace’.


However, at this moment, Li Hengsheng was surprised as he looked at the painting.

Because he seemed to have just seen the massive illusion within the purple clouds move its arm.

Li Hengsheng doubted his own eyes.

How could it move?

However, at this moment, Li Hengsheng felt all the hairs on his body stand on end.

The massive immortal figure within the purple clouds slowly turned around.

The shadow was facing Li Hengsheng.

This made Li Hengsheng feel numb all over.


Why could this painting move?

At the same time, Li Hengsheng’s consciousness involuntarily probed into the painting.

A mountain, a river, the vast sky, and purple clouds.

More importantly, the figure of the immortal within the purple clouds.

Everything was so realistic.

Li Hengsheng felt as if his eyes were not his own, he could see the flow of Dao in every trace of the painting.

What’s going on?

The world has become so different.

Every flower and grass was filled with traces of life, and the sound of the distant river flowing was filled with rhythm.

That rhythm was completely a note integrated into the world.

Li Hengsheng seemed to see countless rules and changes.

More importantly, the immortal looked down, and his eyes actually met Li Hengsheng’s.

“You can see through me.”

“No wonder, you have such a powerful shadow on you.”

A voice appeared in Li Hengsheng’s ear.

Li Hengsheng’s heart was shaken like a thunderclap.

Was the immortal speaking?

Did he actually hear the voice of an immortal?

I have a shadow on me?

What does that mean?

“We are destined, I will teach you a method, how much you can feel, depends on you.”

After saying that, the world in front of Li Hengsheng changed.

He saw the burly figure as if stepping through a world, and on the vast immortal body of a million miles, a picture of the sun and the moon emerged.

Half body as the sun, half body as the moon.

The sun and the moon mourn, gods and demons dance together, the Milky Way surrounds them.

Li Hengsheng was dumbfounded at the sight.

Is this the legendary immortal?

He actually met an immortal!

Li Hengsheng saw all the changes of the immortal, his eyes seemed to see through everything.

He slowly immersed himself in the display of the immortal.


A slight tremor, the tremor became more and more intense, and finally even the entire Floating Image Pavilion began to shake.

“What’s going on?”

Many disciples who were comprehending the paintings in the Floating Image Pavilion woke up, and the disciples on the square of the Floating Image Pavilion were also a little dumbfounded.

Was it an earthquake?

But it seemed that only the Floating Image Pavilion was shaking.

The Pavilion Master of the Floating Image Pavilion also put down the book in his hand, stepped out of the room in one step, he looked up at the entire Floating Image Pavilion, his face was very solemn.

“This is…”

A hint of surprise appeared in the eyes of the Pavilion Master of the Floating Image Pavilion.

“Someone has comprehended a new martial art.” The Pavilion Master of the Floating Image Pavilion said in surprise.

Not only did the Pavilion Master of the Floating Image Pavilion feel it, but all thirty-six Peak Masters of the Dao Mountain Ancient Land also felt the strong aura coming from the direction of the Floating Image Pavilion at this moment.

They had felt this kind of fluctuation before.

It was the fluctuation of someone comprehending a new martial art from a painting, the birth of a painting.

“Someone has comprehended a new martial art?” On the Hundred Li Peak, a man with a hooked nose looked into the distance: “It’s been thirteen years since the last time someone comprehended a new martial art, I wonder which genius of our Dao Mountain Ancient Land it is.”

“A new martial art, a new martial art has been born, I wonder which painting it is.”

Someone was also murmuring curiously.

“Huh.” On a mountain peak, Zhou Jun was feeding his horse, Purple Lightning looked into the distance, Zhou Jun also felt the increasingly strong fluctuation at this moment.

“There’s a monster in the Floating Image Pavilion.” Zhou Jun clicked his tongue: “Fourth Brother went to the Floating Image Pavilion today, I didn’t expect to encounter such excitement as soon as he arrived.”

“Someone really comprehended a new martial art!”

“My God, the martial arts in a painting, weren’t they almost all comprehended by people? How could there be any new ones? Someone was actually able to open up a new path? That’s quite powerful.” A disciple said with a look of envy.

“Senior Brother, how can one comprehend a new martial art? Why haven’t I heard of anyone comprehending a new martial art in so many years, they are all comprehended by others.” An outer disciple asked his senior brother curiously.

The senior brother cleared his throat and said, “Imitating others’ paths is actually quite simple, but carving out your own path is much more difficult.”

“The first person to achieve this is truly a peerless genius.”

“But to comprehend a new form of Martial Arts from a painting, from nothing to something, requires a deep understanding of the painting. This is something that ordinary people simply cannot achieve. Such people are naturally gifted.”

The senior brother shook his head helplessly and said, “Don’t be fooled by the fact that we, Dao Mountain Ancient Land, have thousands of Martial Arts. The ones truly comprehended by our own disciples are probably less than a hundred. These are accumulated by countless predecessors over many eras.”

“Although I don’t know which senior brother has comprehended a new Martial Art from within, I dare say, this person will definitely be the pillar of our Dao Mountain Ancient Land in the future!” The senior brother said with a smile.

Everyone was stunned.

But they all understood that starting from scratch was indeed the most difficult.

To understand a painting to such a profound degree, this person must also have a certain level of accomplishment in painting.

Their curiosity was piqued.

Who was this naturally gifted genius?

At this moment, several figures flew in from a distance.

“It’s the Peak Master of Hundred Li.”

“And the Peak Master of Nihe.”

“Hahaha, the sect has given birth to another genius. This is truly a joyous occasion. I want to see who it is. Is it a genius disciple from my Nihe Peak?”

The Nihe Peak Master, patting his plump belly, said with a laugh.

“Don’t be shameless. With those goods from your Nihe Peak, how is it possible!” The hawk-nosed Hundred Li Peak Master sneered, “My personal disciple, Zhao Wuyin, came to the Floating Image Pavilion today to comprehend new paintings. I think it must be him.”

However, at this moment in the Floating Image Pavilion, the Pavilion Master had a look of solemnity and shock on his face.

The fluctuations were getting stronger and stronger.

So strong that everyone could see the source of the fluctuations.

If it were any other room, it would be fine.

But the source of the fluctuations was on the seventh floor.

The Zhaoshan Wangxian Painting!

“It’s Mu Haifeng, that new personal disciple…” The Pavilion Master of the Floating Image Pavilion could hardly believe his eyes. If it were anyone else, it would be fine, but it was that little guy in the Transcendence Realm?

Comprehending a new Martial Art was one thing.

But that was the Zhaoshan Wangxian Painting!

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