Chapter 058 – Pride of Heaven

Only a thousand years ago did someone comprehend martial arts from the “Zhao Mountain Gazing at Immortals Painting”.

For nearly a thousand years, no one has been able to affect the “Zhao Mountain Gazing at Immortals Painting” in the slightest. Even I have personally tried, but it was of no use.

Unexpectedly, now someone has comprehended new martial arts from the “Zhao Mountain Gazing at Immortals Painting”.

This is simply inconceivable.

When Li Hengsheng came to the Floating Image Pavilion, I could tell that his aptitude was very average, even saying it was poor would not be an exaggeration.

Yet, he managed to do what everyone else couldn’t.

It can only be described as a miracle.

The direct disciples in the Floating Image Pavilion also stood dumbfounded on the spot when they saw the room on the seventh floor.

Someone created a miracle today!

Who was it?

Outside the Floating Image Pavilion, it was already in an uproar.

Because people gradually realized that something was wrong.

More than a decade ago, a disciple in the Dao Mountain Ancient Land also comprehended new martial arts, but the fluctuation only lasted for half an incense stick’s time before it ended.

What’s going on today?

It’s been almost an incense stick’s time, and the fluctuation hasn’t weakened at all, but has become even more intense.

With this, the Peak Masters of Hundred Li Peak and Nihe Peak who were still arguing outside also stopped.

They stared intently at the Floating Image Pavilion.

For a moment, they didn’t even know what had happened.

“What’s going on?”

At this moment, several more Peak Masters arrived.

They also felt that this matter was extraordinary, so they all rushed over to see what was happening.

More and more people gathered on Floating Image Peak.

The noisy outside gradually became incredibly quiet, they all stared at the Floating Image Pavilion, watching the spiritual power that soared into the sky from the Floating Image Pavilion gradually change from light blue to golden.

Just like a volcanic eruption.

As if venting.

The strength of that spiritual power made people feel oppressed.

“This is no ordinary painting.” The Nihe Peak Master said solemnly, “Could it be a painting by the Painting Sage?”

Others nodded involuntarily, in their view, only a painting by the Painting Sage could give birth to such intense spiritual power.

Originally, they thought it was just an ordinary painting that inspired new martial arts, but it turned out to be very likely a painting by the Painting Sage.

At this moment, a figure walked out of the Floating Image Pavilion.

“Master Li!”

The many Peak Masters present stepped forward and bowed respectfully.

The person who came out was the Pavilion Master of the Floating Image Pavilion.

Their eyes were all filled with eagerness, wanting to know which painting had caused such a sensation.

“Everyone, disperse. There’s nothing to see. This kind of thing has happened before.” The Pavilion Master of the Floating Image Pavilion said calmly at this moment, as if it was a trivial matter.

“But this time is completely different from before, this painting is obviously not ordinary.” A Peak Master said, staring at the pillar of light.

They were even more certain that this must be a painting by the Painting Sage.

“Where is Xu Muhai?” The Pavilion Master of the Floating Image Pavilion glanced at the people present, did not answer, but was looking for Xu Muhai.

“He seems to have gone out.” The Nihe Peak Master said, “He wasn’t here yesterday.”

“Could it be, a disciple of Mu Haifeng?” At this moment, a Peak Master came to his senses and said in surprise, “Could it be Zhou Jun?”

“Who called me?”

At this moment, a lazy voice came.

Everyone looked in the direction of the voice, only to see Zhou Jun swaggering over.

“Greetings to all the Peak Masters.” Zhou Jun stepped forward and said respectfully.

After saying that, Zhou Jun looked around, but did not see Li Hengsheng’s figure, then he smiled and said to the Pavilion Master of the Floating Image Pavilion, “Master, my junior brother should have come to the Floating Image Pavilion today, but I didn’t see him. Has he already gone in?”

“Yes, he’s inside.” The Pavilion Master of the Floating Image Pavilion nodded.

“The commotion today is a bit big.” Zhou Jun also felt the oppressive force of this spiritual power, knowing that this matter was not simple.

“Zhou Jun, your master is not here, you stay here and guard your junior brother.” The Pavilion Master of the Floating Image Pavilion glanced at Zhou Jun and said, “After all, it seems that your junior brother won’t be able to come out for a while. He’s caused such a big commotion, when he comes out and finds that no one from Mu Haifeng has come to pick him up, he will inevitably feel cold-hearted.”

With that, the Pavilion Master of the Floating Image Pavilion also looked back at the top of the Floating Image Pavilion, where the soaring spiritual power showed no signs of weakening.

This was also the first time he had encountered such a big commotion.

Zhou Jun was stunned at first, not understanding what was going on.

But the next moment, Zhou Jun’s face changed.

“The one who comprehended the new martial arts, is my junior brother?” Zhou Jun’s jaw almost dropped.

His voice also raised a bit.

As a result, this sentence directly stirred up a huge wave!

The one who comprehended the new martial arts is Zhou Jun’s junior brother?

Who is Zhou Jun’s junior brother?

It’s probably known to everyone, the person who has been the most talked about these days.

The worst direct disciple in history, Li Hengsheng!

The Peak Masters of the other peaks were also shocked in their hearts, because they had also heard about Li Hengsheng.

He had been in the Peak of Ten Thousand Slaughters for many years and had not reached the fifth level of the Transcendence Realm, it wouldn’t be too much to call him a waste.

But now he has actually comprehended new martial arts.

And such powerful martial arts.

Xu Muhai really has a good eye!

Did he actually find a treasure in the trash heap?

Zhou Jun was even more stunned as he looked at the Floating Image Pavilion. He didn’t understand why his master did this before, Li Hengsheng’s aptitude was not enough to qualify for entry.

But now it seems that he was shallow!

Just by this comprehension of the painting.

One in ten thousand.

Among all the disciples in the Dao Mountain Ancient Land, who can compare?”I didn’t expect that even I would be mistaken.” The Pavilion Master of the Floating Image Pavilion knew he couldn’t hide this matter, as the four direct disciples within the Pavilion had all witnessed it.

But he could at least keep it under wraps for a little while longer.

Simply letting the outside world know that Li Hengsheng had comprehended a new Martial Art wouldn’t cause any trouble.

However, if people found out that what Li Hengsheng had understood was the “Zhaoshan Gazing at Immortals Picture”, then the trouble would be significant.

A thousand years ago, the peerless genius who had comprehended the “Five Gazing Shaking Immortal Seals” in the Dao Mountain Ancient Land was ultimately killed in his cradle due to attracting too much attention.

Therefore, this matter should be kept as secret as possible.

Only a few people should know about it.

At this moment, Li Hengsheng had no idea about the storm he had stirred up in the Dao Mountain Ancient Land.

Because right now, Li Hengsheng was completely immersed in the teachings of the immortals.

Various Martial Arts transformations directly evolved into countless Dao rhythms in Li Hengsheng’s eyes, and he found it surprisingly easy to understand.

This understanding of the painting even exceeded Li Hengsheng’s own imagination.

Li Hengsheng increasingly felt that his ability to do this was entirely related to the wooden man that Xu Muhai had given him.

Especially that person called Wu Daozi.

Who exactly was he?

Was the shadow the immortal mentioned on him Wu Daozi?

This storm lasted for a full three days before it finally dissipated.

Zhou Jun had been waiting outside the Floating Image Pavilion for three days.

The four direct disciples who knew the truth were also ordered by the Pavilion Master to keep their mouths shut.

They absolutely could not spread what they had seen in the Floating Image Pavilion.

Even to their own Peak Master, they could not speak.

In short, they should keep it a secret for as long as possible.

On the fourth day, Li Hengsheng finally emerged from the Floating Image Pavilion.

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