Chapter 056 – Zhao Mountain Gazing at Immortals

“Senior Sister Lin Tong, you know me?”

Li Hengsheng stepped forward, bowing his fist to Lin Tong and the man beside her who was also looking at him.

“It’s impossible not to know. Your name, Li Hengsheng, is known throughout the Dao Mountain Ancient Land now.” Lin Tong said with a smile.

Even seeing that Li Hengsheng’s aptitude was very poor did not surprise her, as rumors had already spread outside.

“Who is this senior?”

Li Hengsheng looked at the man next to him.

The man appeared to be in his forties or fifties, exuding the demeanor of a Great Scholar. Dressed in a blue and white long gown, he looked like a scholar.

“This is the Pavilion Master of the Floating Image Pavilion.” Lin Tong introduced.

“Pavilion Master.” Li Hengsheng greeted respectfully.

“No need for formalities.” The Pavilion Master of the Floating Image Pavilion said calmly: “Since it’s your first time here, let me explain the rules of the Floating Image Pavilion.”

“Yes.” Li Hengsheng listened attentively.

“The Floating Image Pavilion is where we keep treasured paintings in the Dao Mountain Ancient Land.”

“There are two types of paintings, originals and imitations. The spiritual charm contained in a painting is limited, it’s impossible for it to be passed down from ancient times to the present.”

“So there are painters who create imitations. The function of an imitation is the same as the original, but it certainly can’t express the artistic conception of the original as clearly.”

“That is to say, the Martial Arts comprehended from the imitation are not as complete, this depends on individual comprehension.”

“Outer disciples and inner disciples can only comprehend from imitations, but direct disciples can comprehend from the originals. Each time, they can only stay for three hours, not longer.”

The Pavilion Master of the Floating Image Pavilion said a lot in one breath, and Li Hengsheng understood it all.

If one could comprehend from paintings, the originals would certainly be better.

It’s not easy for the Dao Mountain Ancient Land to have preserved so many originals after so many years of inheritance.

“Well, Junior Brother Li, I’m going to practice now. If you have the chance, come and visit me.” After Lin Tong finished speaking, she stomped on the ground, her figure soaring into the sky.

Stepping on a few footboards, she reached the fifth floor and entered a room.

She closed the door.

“This girl, always so impulsive.” The Pavilion Master of the Floating Image Pavilion shook his head.

She had a perfectly good staircase but chose to fly up instead.

“You’re at the fifth level of the Transcendence Realm, you’re here to comprehend your first Martial Arts, right?” The Pavilion Master said: “Body refining is a crucial step for martial artists. This is a list of body refining techniques, see which one you’re interested in, you can try.”

After speaking, the Pavilion Master handed Li Hengsheng a book.

Li Hengsheng opened the book and looked at the dense Martial Arts inside, his breath involuntarily halted for a moment.

There were too many.

At a glance, there seemed to be thousands.

“There are a total of 1,304 body refining Martial Arts comprehended from all the scrolls in the Dao Mountain Ancient Land.”

“But Martial Arts also have their rankings. The Martial Arts that can be comprehended from different paintings are also different. Over a thousand of these Martial Arts come from ordinary painters, and over two hundred are painted by advanced painters.”

“The rest are from some unknown painters, and the rest are all painted by masters at the level of Painting Sage.”

The Pavilion Master introduced.

Li Hengsheng was dazzled. Some of the more powerful Martial Arts were also marked out.

Li Hengsheng’s first choice was naturally to comprehend from the paintings painted by masters at the level of Painting Sage.

These paintings contain very strong Dao, although comprehension is quite difficult, but one must try.

Or to be able to witness the style of the Painting Sage’s works, if his father knew, he would probably be envious.

As for the Martial Arts on this list, Li Hengsheng was also prepared to try his luck and attempt the strongest ones in the Dao Mountain Ancient Land.

“I choose this ‘Zhao Mountain Gazing at Immortals’.” Li Hengsheng said decisively.

The Pavilion Master of the Floating Image Pavilion was not surprised by Li Hengsheng’s choice, as almost all the direct disciples who came to the Floating Image Pavilion would choose to try this painting.

This painting is also one of the unknown authors in the Dao Mountain Ancient Land.

It has been passed down for countless years.

However, a thousand years ago, a genius in the Dao Mountain Ancient Land actually comprehended a set of Martial Arts from this ‘Zhao Mountain Gazing at Immortals’, named ‘Five Gazing Shaking Immortal Handprints’.

Practicing this Martial Arts, the genius was invincible at the same level.

He was a standout among the younger generation of that era.

But because he was too high-profile, he was killed before he could truly grow.

Since then, for a thousand years, almost no one has comprehended any Martial Arts from this ‘Zhao Mountain Gazing at Immortals’.

The ‘Five Gazing Shaking Immortal Handprints’ was completely lost.

It was a great pity for the Dao Mountain Ancient Land.

Countless direct disciples have also come to comprehend, but no one has ever comprehended anything from that painting.

“On the ninth floor, there is the ‘Zhao Mountain Gazing at Immortals’.” The Pavilion Master of the Floating Image Pavilion said: “You have three hours, go and try.””Thank you, Pavilion Master.” Li Hengsheng turned and walked towards the staircase, slowly ascending to the seventh floor.

Each floor had different rooms, with the names of the paintings inside written on the doors.

Only after arriving did Li Hengsheng realize that this was a pavilion exclusively for direct disciples. The outer and inner disciples did not come here, but to another place.

The treatment of direct disciples truly exceeded the imagination of the weak.

The entire seventh floor had only a few rooms.

Because these rooms contained the top-tier paintings from the Dao Mountain Ancient Land.

Some paintings had inspired three types of Martial Arts.

Some had inspired four.

All were of top-tier quality.

Ordinary disciples were not qualified to access these paintings, only direct disciples could. The paintings that ordinary disciples could access were merely imitations. The hope of comprehending top-tier Martial Arts from them was extremely slim.

Arriving at the door of “Zhao Mountain Gazing at Immortals”, Li Hengsheng took a deep breath and pushed the door open.

The room was very quiet and elegant.

The incense burner was still emitting a fragrance, and the elegant room made people feel comfortable. Li Hengsheng’s gaze, however, was fixed on a scroll in the distance.

The scroll was not unrolled, it was sealed.

But just by looking at it from a distance, Li Hengsheng felt a sense of familiarity.

Even Li Hengsheng himself didn’t know why he felt this way about the painting.

Walking over, Li Hengsheng untied the silk thread, and the painting fell straight down.


“Zhao Mountain Gazing at Immortals” appeared before Li Hengsheng!

Looking at the painting in front of him, Li Hengsheng’s pupils contracted!

It depicted a mountain range, with purple clouds filling the sky, covering half of the horizon.

Within those purple clouds, one could vaguely see a gigantic figure walking in the air.

The figure was incredibly large, as if it was holding up the sky!

It was many times larger than the giant race he had seen in the Long Night Ancient Nation.

“Could this really be an immortal?”

Li Hengsheng was incredibly shocked in his heart. The gigantic figure brought a heavy pressure.

And below the painting, there was also a sentence written.

Walking on Zhao Mountain, as if gazing at immortals.

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