Chapter 055 – He is actually the direct disciple!

"I've heard before that he was originally a disciple of the Peak of Ten Thousand Slaughters."


"Wasn't he a menial disciple at the Peak of Ten Thousand Slaughters? How did he become a direct disciple?"


"I heard his aptitude is very poor too, I can't figure it out."


"Looking at it this way, he probably won't even be able to enter the Postnatal Realm in half a year. If that's the case, it will be difficult to challenge him."


Hearing these discussions, Li Hengsheng knew that the news of him becoming a direct disciple had already spread.


Those who wanted to challenge him were already rubbing their hands in anticipation.


There was no time to lose.


He had to hurry up and improve himself.


At least half a year later, he had to step into the Postnatal Realm.


Li Hengsheng passed through the surging crowd, all of whom had come to the Floating Image Pavilion to comprehend the scrolls.


From a distance, Li Hengsheng could see the location of the Floating Image Pavilion.


This was the first time Li Hengsheng had seen the Floating Image Pavilion, and he was genuinely surprised.


The size of the Floating Image Pavilion far exceeded his imagination.


He had originally thought it would be just a building, but now it seemed to be a colossal entity.


Comparable to a large mountain.


The construction of such a huge building must have consumed a lot of manpower and resources.


The massive Floating Image Pavilion, like a towering mountain, bore down with an imposing momentum. On the square in front of the Floating Image Pavilion, countless disciples were already waiting.


They were lining up to enter the Floating Image Pavilion.


Despite the size of the Floating Image Pavilion, space was still limited, so they needed to queue up.


To comprehend the scrolls, some people couldn't comprehend the Martial Arts even after one or two attempts, so they didn't know how many times they had to come.


And even if they had comprehended the Martial Arts, it was not a process that could be completed in one go. It was a long and arduous process to fully comprehend a scroll.


However, what differed from person to person was that some people needed to constantly comprehend the scrolls to improve their Martial Arts realm.


Some geniuses, on the other hand, could comprehend the Martial Arts by borrowing the power of heaven and earth and their strong comprehension after one attempt.


The Floating Image Pavilion had six entrances, and there were many people lined up in front of almost every entrance.


But there was no one queuing at the sixth entrance.


Although Li Hengsheng was curious, he knew there must be a reason why no one was there, so he joined a queue at the back.


Looking ahead, there were at least hundreds of people.


He didn't know when his turn would come.


"Huh, I haven't seen you before." At this moment, a disciple in front of Li Hengsheng turned around and saw him.


He had a long sword at his waist and a straw stick in his mouth, giving off a somewhat frivolous impression.


"I'm new here." Li Hengsheng replied.


"Which peak are you from?" The disciple asked.


"Mu Haifeng." Li Hengsheng answered truthfully.


Hearing that he was from Mu Haifeng, the disciple's eyes lit up, and he said excitedly, "What a coincidence, I'm also from Mu Haifeng. I didn't know that Mu Haifeng had new people."


"My name is Wu Santong, I'm also an outer disciple of Mu Haifeng, your senior brother." The disciple said proudly, "Since you're a new junior brother, I should take care of you. If anyone bullies you in the outer sect, just mention my name. They might go easy on you when they beat you."


Li Hengsheng was somewhat surprised as he looked at Wu Santong, "You're also in the Transcendence Realm, are there Transcendence Realm disciples in the outer sect?"


"Why can't there be Transcendence Realm disciples in the outer sect? Aren't you in the Transcendence Realm?" Wu Santong was taken aback, "Disciples with good aptitude, even if they are in the Transcendence Realm, can be accepted into the outer sect. Don't tell me you didn't come in directly?"


"I was at the Peak of Ten Thousand Slaughters before." Li Hengsheng said.


"The Peak of Ten Thousand Slaughters? Indeed, you need to step into the Postnatal Realm to qualify to enter the outer sect. Hey, you were able to come in, you must have some connections, right?"


Wu Santong was clearly interested in Li Hengsheng.


"By the way, Senior Brother Wu, how long do we have to queue?" Li Hengsheng changed the subject.


"Well… about seven or eight hours." Wu Santong said with a bitter smile, "It's not easy to get your turn. You'll get used to this kind of life."


"That long." Li Hengsheng frowned.


Just then, a gust of wind swept over from a distance.


A figure, using a peculiar footwork, came directly to the square.


It was a woman.


The woman was dressed in a fiery red outfit, which was particularly eye-catching.


She walked directly towards the sixth entrance and then entered the Floating Image Pavilion.


"Who is that person, and why can she go in directly?" Li Hengsheng was somewhat puzzled.


Wu Santong seemed to be used to it and explained to Li Hengsheng, "The sixth entrance is prepared for direct disciples. That woman is called Lin Tong, a direct disciple of the Distant Peak, so naturally, she can go in."


"I see." Li Hengsheng said, then he walked out of the queue and headed towards the sixth entrance.


"Hey, where are you going, kid? Don't go there, you'll get scolded." Wu Santong quickly warned.


"Didn't you say that direct disciples can go there?" Li Hengsheng smiled, "I'm also a direct disciple, so I should be able to go in without queuing. Thanks, Senior Brother Wu."


With that, Li Hengsheng walked towards the sixth entrance without looking back."Has he gone mad?" Wu Santong's grass stick fell from his mouth, "Does this kid have delusions?"


Quite a few people in line also saw Li Hengsheng's actions and began to snicker.


The guards there were known for their bad temper. Previously, a new disciple who didn't understand tried to enter from that side and was scolded.


Since waiting in line was boring, they decided to treat it as a spectacle.


At the sixth entrance stood a guard. He glanced at Li Hengsheng, who was merely at the Transcendence Realm, assuming he was another ignorant newcomer. He was about to scold him when Li Hengsheng took out his personal disciple token.


The guard took a closer look and realized it was indeed a personal disciple's token.


A personal disciple at the Transcendence Realm, this was his first time seeing such a thing.


Although he was a bit surprised, he didn't make things difficult and let Li Hengsheng in.


Seeing Li Hengsheng enter, everyone was dumbfounded.


A personal disciple at the Transcendence Realm?


"Holy shit, he's Li Hengsheng!" Wu Santong suddenly understood something and exclaimed.


"What, he's Li Hengsheng? The menial worker from the Peak of Ten Thousand Slaughters who became a personal disciple at the Transcendence Realm?"


Li Hengsheng had no idea that after he entered the Floating Image Pavilion, the entire Floating Image Plaza was in an uproar because of him.


After passing through a dark corridor, Li Hengsheng entered the interior of the Floating Image Pavilion.


However, after entering, Li Hengsheng found it to be extremely quiet, with secret rooms all around.


Ahead, Lin Tong, who had entered earlier, was talking to a man.


Feeling Li Hengsheng's arrival, the two turned their heads to look.


"Transcendence Realm?"


Lin Tong was taken aback, then couldn't help but say to Li Hengsheng, "You must be Mu Haifeng's new personal disciple, right?"

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