Chapter 054 – Mysterious doll

Xu Muhai walked away, muttering under his breath.

Xue Qianbai chuckled and shook his head, then continued to write something in the snow with a broken tree branch.

A cold wind blew, and snowflakes fluttered down, covering the words he had written on the ground.

Xue Qianbai didn’t mind, and wrote two more characters.

Qin Yang.

Looking at these two characters, Xue Qianbai seemed slightly lost in thought.

Just then, a snow eagle flew down from the sky. It was hidden in the white snow, making it hard to spot.

It landed near the snow pavilion, and Xue Qianbai walked over to retrieve a letter from the eagle.

He opened the letter, and there was only one sentence.

‘Trouble is brewing, do not come.’

Upon reading these six characters, Xue Qianbai’s eyes narrowed slightly. He casually put the letter into his pocket and stood up.

As a gust of wind and snow blew past, Xue Qianbai’s figure disappeared.

Only the lonely snow pavilion was left, as if no one had ever been there.

The next morning.

As the first ray of sunlight shone on the Dao Mountain Ancient Land, the door of Li Hengsheng’s cultivation room on Qingyu Mountain was pushed open.

Li Hengsheng walked out of the door.

He closed his eyes, feeling the warmth of the sunlight on his body.

Li Hengsheng was different from yesterday, there was a noticeable vitality radiating from his body.

His vitality was vigorous, and his strength had increased.

Transcendence Realm was a process of shedding the mortal body and rebirth.

The first four stages were merely an enhancement of one’s strength and speed, but the real transformation began at the fifth stage.

Only by enhancing the overall strength with the vitality of the five organs, and having abundant vitality and organs that can support the physical body, can one generate qi.

Only then can one step into the postnatal realm.

Therefore, the fifth stage of Transcendence Realm was the real beginning of the cultivation path.

It took a whole Jin Yu Dan to enter the fifth stage of Transcendence Realm, which Li Hengsheng felt was somewhat extravagant.

However, since he had entered the fifth stage, Li Hengsheng was qualified to comprehend the cultivation methods.

“Good morning, Uncle Xu.”

As he walked out, he saw Xu Kui watching the servants work, and Li Hengsheng greeted him.

Xu Kui didn’t seem to be a talkative person, he just nodded at Li Hengsheng.

He noticed at a glance that Li Hengsheng had stepped into the fifth stage of Transcendence Realm, but he didn’t say anything.

Xu Kui suddenly remembered something, walked over and took out a golden token from his sleeve and handed it to Li Hengsheng: “This is the token for the personal disciples of the young master. You will need it when you travel in the Ancient Land. Don’t lose it.”

“Thank you, Uncle Xu.” Li Hengsheng took the token. The token was heavy, and it had the word ‘Heng Zi’ written on it.

“Breakfast is ready, the young master can eat at any time.” After saying this, Xu Kui continued to watch others work.

After eating, Li Hengsheng was planning to go for a walk, but he suddenly remembered the box that Xu Muhai had given him.

That secret treasure.

Li Hengsheng quickly returned to his cultivation room.

He wanted to see what it was.

He closed the door, made sure no one was outside, and gently opened the box.

A golden cloth was wrapped around something. Li Hengsheng picked it up and weighed it. It wasn’t very heavy.

He unwrapped the cloth, and what appeared in front of Li Hengsheng was… a piece of wood?

Although it was wood, it was carved into the shape of a person.

“What a beautiful thing!” Just one glance, and Li Hengsheng was shocked by the object in front of him.

It was a person.

So detailed that even the eyes could be clearly seen.

How was such a masterpiece created?

The person was an old man, leaning against the corner of the wall, holding a wine gourd in his left hand, as if he was drunk, and a pen in his right hand.

Suddenly, Li Hengsheng felt something was wrong.

For some reason, looking at this old man, Li Hengsheng felt a strange and mysterious feeling in his body.

It was an attraction.

It made Li Hengsheng couldn’t help but want to comprehend this wooden carving.

Could it be that the method of comprehension could be applied to things other than paintings?

Li Hengsheng subconsciously comprehended it.

The image of the old man appeared directly in Li Hengsheng’s mind, as if the figure had come to life from the endless river of time.

Li Hengsheng seemed to see the old man’s life.

The feeling was very strange.

Even incredible.

It made Li Hengsheng forget the time, forget where he was, and even eventually made Li Hengsheng forget himself.

“What kind of treasure is this!”

After who knows how long, Li Hengsheng came back to his senses. He sat on the ground, the wooden carving was still lying there quietly, as if nothing had happened just now.

“Is it already dark?” Li Hengsheng looked back at the outside, surprised to find that the sky had dimmed.

Li Hengsheng put the wooden carving away and put it in the cabinet.

Then he opened the door and walked out.

“Young master, have you finished your retreat?” Xu Kui saw Li Hengsheng come out and asked.

“I didn’t go into retreat.” Li Hengsheng laughed and said, “Didn’t we just meet this morning?””Morning?” Xu Kui said with a strange expression, “If I remember correctly, the last time we met was five days ago.”

“Yes, five days ago, in the early morning.” Xu Kui nodded.

“Five days?”

Li Hengsheng was stunned.

But Xu Kui didn’t seem to be joking, and it was clear that Xu Kui was not a person with a sense of humor.

He rarely spoke, how could he possibly joke?

“Zhou Jun came once during this period, but when he knew you were in seclusion, he left.” Xu Kui said.

“I see.” Li Hengsheng returned to his room in a daze, still unable to understand how five days had passed so quickly.

He only felt as if a moment had passed.

And what exactly was that piece of wood?

Who was that old man?

He had never heard of such a person in the Cangyuan Realm.

Moreover, in just such a short time, Li Hengsheng could hardly remember the things he had seen before, as if his memory was fading. All he could remember now was the old man’s name.

It seemed to be called Wu Daozi.

This name was very unfamiliar.

Li Hengsheng pondered all night but still couldn’t figure out what kind of treasure this was.

It had taken up five days of his time, and there seemed to be no change.

His cultivation level was still the same as before, at the fifth level of the Transcendence Realm.

His aptitude was still as poor as ever.

It seemed that he would have to ask his master when he had the chance.

Li Hengsheng planned to go to the Floating Image Pavilion after dawn to comprehend a cultivation method.

Li Hengsheng also set a small goal for himself, within three months, he must comprehend a cultivation method.

After breakfast in the early morning, Li Hengsheng set off for the Floating Image Pavilion.

The Floating Image Pavilion was located on Floating Image Peak, fortunately not far from Mu Haifeng’s place. It took Li Hengsheng a stick of incense’s time to get there on an ordinary horse.

There were people coming and going on Floating Image Peak, bustling with activity.

It was like visiting a temple fair.

This was Li Hengsheng’s first time here, and he found it very fresh.

At this time, the conversation between two disciples on the roadside caught Li Hengsheng’s attention.

“Have you heard? The Peak Master of Mu Haifeng has taken a new direct disciple, who is only at the Transcendence Realm!”

“I heard, our Brother Han said yesterday that he will definitely challenge him in half a year.”

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